Iran Authority stated that: ” A preliminary agreement has been reached with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health to reopen the country’s borders to foreign tourists.”

They added that: ” Tourist visas will be issued again from 6th of July 2021 based on preliminary arrangements with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of the Interior.” On Wednesday, deputy tourism minister Vali Terymouri made the announcement.

Sistan-Baluchestan, Iran’s large southeastern region that has long been associated with instability, is now taking the initial steps toward becoming a popular tourist destination, but the initiatives will take several years to completely pay off.

The local authorities have made efforts to identify and promote potential attractions, including Chabahar with so many exceptional natural wonders, like Darak Beach where the desert meets the sea and the Martian Mounts, Mud Volcano and stunning Beris Bay. Shortly we will provide all information you need about the Chabahar travel guide and tourist attractions.

Chabahar is a free economic zone with a bustling port. Chabahar is one of the key east-west corridors, according to the United Nations, and it is located in the southernmost portion of the corridor. It is also Iran’s only oceanic port, positioned on the Makran Sea (Oman Sea) and the Indian Ocean’s coastlines.

Iran is home to some of the most historically important and beautiful mosques in the world. For travelers interested in art, architecture, culture, or heritage, visiting a few Iran mosques should be high on the things to do list during your Iran travels.
There are historic and beautifully designed mosques across the country. Some of the best surviving examples of the Safavid era in Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz and Tabriz are well worth seeking out.
Visitors should be dressed modestly and take off shoes before entering the indoor area. Mosques are open for visitors, most of the year except for some public holidays. The entrance fee is usually quite cheap around 2-3 Euros for international travellers, some mosques like Jameh mosque of Yazd are free of charge to visit.
Begin your journey into the rich heritage of Islamic art with our list of the most beautiful mosques in Iran.