Kashan is a well-known city known for its beautiful manufactured carpets, silk, and even other admirable textiles.

Today Kashan is w city with many visitors, be it national or international. You may ask why since it is an old city known to be one of Iran’s mechanized carpet weaving factories. Don’t be surprised that Kashan also has an active marble and copper mining industry. Isn’t it amazing?

Do not get lost in the beauty of the city. In Kashan, you can pleasantly walk in the streets and get lost due to its glam and the heart-touching laneways. You can even get to the famous rooftops in Kashan and enjoy the beauty there. 

If you desire to know the city’s age, we should add that Kashan dates back to the period of Elamite. It is how old Kashan is. Tourists visit Iran, especially Kashan, and they desire to stay in hostels or guest houses instead of hotels.

It is mainly because Kashan has cheap hostels, and visitors desire to be more close to the culture and heritage of the country. Hotels provide the same services wherever you go on earth, but to be able to enjoy the friendly behavior of the natives once you stay in hostels and to make new friends with them is an out-of-the-world feeling.

In this regard, glue your eyes to the screen until we highlight details about Kashan’s hostels that are cheap but worth trying.

What are the Best Kashan Hostels

Among the best hostels in Kashan, you can try the following and never regret choosing hostels instead of hotels while you are in Kashan.

Hostel Green House in Kashan

Green House Hostel, Kashan

Among the best hostels in Kashan, we can say that Hostel Green House is an amazing one that welcomes all with its arms open. You can stay here with your friends and family and create a bundle of unforgettable memories ever.

The hostel is in one of Kashan’s traditional houses, built around 150 years ago and successfully refurbished about one or two years ago. The hostel is a perfect choice for all as it provides an ideal accommodation base for all those travelers who like to experience the feeling of a traditional Iranian way and their lifestyle.

You can quickly accommodate yourself here with your friends and family members, create an unforgettable memory while you are in Kashan, and take back a bundle of joy and memories.

Saye Saray Hostel, Kashan

Saye Saray Hostel, Kashan

Another fantastic hostel you can enjoy getting accommodated is the Saye Saray hostel in Kashan.

It is a hostel that has a newly renovated building, but it was initially built in the 19th century. You will love the hostel more because it has a traditional and local ambiance and the resort features all the required amenities and services that you as a traveler need.

Once you settle here, you will get all the hotel’s services: friendly staff, exceptional services, and a lovely atmosphere.

Do not worry about the distance from your hostel to the visiting sites. The hostel is just a five minutes walk to Agha Bozorg Mosque and five minutes from the Bazaar of Kashan. What do you think? Is it a great option to try?

Kooshk E Honar Hostel, Kashan

Kooshk e Honar Hostel, Kashan

The hostel’s building is 180 years old, and it is considered a fantastic place for all visitors while they are on their way to discovering the beauty and the hidden secrets of Kashan.

The hostel offers all visitors immaculate, hygienic, comfortable, and private or dorm-like rooms. You can choose your room type according to your choice and need.

Do not worry about the language and communication as the members there are very fluent in English and can help you in any matter you want.

Sarva House, Kashan

Sarva House, Kashan

The last but not least hostel worth mentioning is Sarve House in Kashan. The hostel has super friendly people in it where you will feel like you are at home and not in a foreign land.

Amiable nights are waiting for you here at Sarva House, Kashan. The hostel is located right in the central part of Kashan and is just a two-minute walk from the famous historical houses worth seeing.

So far, we have noticed that hostels are close to the visiting places and even bazaars. It means that you can save a lot of money on transport. Don’t you think so?

How Much Are Kashan Hostels?

Hostels are generally cheaper than hotels, but this does not mean they are not good or they do not provide good services.

Hostels are for all types of budgets, individuals who love simplicity or like to stay there to be closer to the culture of Iranian people. In this regard, we must add that Kashan hostels are cheap, and they range around € 9.99 and above.

The cost can vary based on the time of the year and other factors. In this regard, if you desire to know the exact details of the cost of the hostels in Kashan, feel free to book it from trustworthy sources and get more informed about the cost of the desired hostels.

How to Book Kashan Hostels?

Iran Hotel Booking

Booking hostels in Kashan is very easy. All you need to do is sit back in your comfort zone, search the internet, and book your hostel from there.

Now you do not have to waste time surfing the internet to find the best hostels in Kashan. You can get to the Exotigo and book your hostel while sitting at home enjoying your cup of tea or coffee with a single click.

How Far Are Kashan Hostels to Historical Monuments?

As we read earlier, hostels in Kashan are located in the center of the city and are almost close to the historical monuments and the bazaars where you can enjoy shopping.

The good news is that if you are staying in Kooshk E Honor hostel in Kashan, then you are just a three minutes walk from Kashan’s one of the most beautiful historical monuments, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse.

On the other hand, the Sarva House is just a few walks from the grand bazaar in Kashan, where you can take back souvenirs for your loved ones back home. You see, there is a tremendous advantage to Kashan’s hostels.

They help you save money that you were supposed to waste on traveling. You can easily walk in the streets, see more of Kashan from close, enjoy its beautiful places, the friendly nature of people and finally save the rest for yourself.

Now that you know so much about this fantastic and authentic city with its beautiful visiting places and historical monuments, don’t you think it is a great place to visit and get the feat of the unique Persian culture, architecture, and heritage?

Kashan is a city that provides magnificent insights into the lives of the Iranian people far from the capital of Iran, Tehran.

Apart from visiting the bazaar and the incredible Agha Bozorg Mosque, take your time and visit the places such as Fin Garden, which is considered a peaceful place by the locals, and tourists love it in the same manner.

It is one of the oldest gardens in Iran, and it goes back to the year 1590. To be added, the famous king Amir Kabir was assassinated here in this place. Next, make sure to visit the Rose Water Factory and other sites as much as you can.

You see, traveling to Kashan, and living in Kashan’s excellent hostels is a unique feeling and being able to visit all these places is a different feeling altogether. So complete your traveling with a positive mood and great energy after seeing all these brilliant historical places.


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