With so much to see and do in Iran, you won’t want to spend all of your money on lodging. Instead of looking at luxury hotels, consider staying in one of Iran’s hostels. They’ll give you more bang for your buck, which is ideal for a longer journey! Not only that, but you’ll have the opportunity to meet other travelers and build lifelong connections and experiences!
In light of this, we’ve chosen to assist you. We’ll look at the best hostels in Iran in this post! We considered your travel style, personality, and, most crucially, your budget. So don’t worry, your ideal Iran hostel is somewhere on our list!
Allow our knowledgeable travel writers to lead you to the best Iran hostels. You won’t find a more detailed guide about where to stay in this amazing country anywhere else!

  • Best Hostels in Tehran
  • Best Hostels in Yazd
  • Best Hostels in Shiraz
  • Best Hostels in Isfahan
  • Best Hostels in Kashan

Best Hostels in Tehran

1- Iran Cozy Hostel, Tehran-Iran

Iran Cozy Hostel, Tehran-Iran

Iran Pleasant Hostel is a modest and cozy hostel (guesthouse) in Tehran with a family feel and a reputation for making long-term friendships. Everything is simple and tidy in this thoroughly restored ancient house.

The US embassy and two important metro stations are both within walking distance of Iran Cozy Hostel, which is located in the heart of Tehran. It is close to a large mall, numerous nice restaurants, cafés, and parks.

Another interesting option in Iran cozy hostel is, they provide you with very useful and interesting information about famous Iranian recipes to gain experience and taste new dishes.

2- Hi Tehran Hostel, Tehran-Iran

Hi Tehran Hostel, Tehran-Iran

Hi Tehran Hostel is a cost-effective, eco-friendly hostel, founded in 2016 and is the first hostel in Tehran owned and operated by women. It is located in a vibrant neighborhood of Bahar, which borrows its name from the famous Iranian poet, Malek osh-Sho’arā Bahār. If you are looking for an intimate, well-designed hostel with lots of character, it is your place.

Although Hi Tehran Hostel is in the downtown area of Tehran, it is located in a calm and peaceful alley, so you are away from all that hustle and bustle of the city. It is within walking distance of local restaurants and shops, and most importantly metro station, which in a vast city like Tehran is a necessity. In addition, Haft-e Tir Taxi and bus stand makes all the city’s attractions accessible for you, for a minimum of price and time.

3- Zee Hostel, Tehran-Iran

Zee Hostel, Tehran-Iran

At Zee hostel, you will experience a cosy and friendly environment, While visiting the fascinating and busy Tehran. you may stay in a 75-year-old beautiful building in the heart of the city, yes that is how special is this hostel.

The rooms are spacious with lots of natural light and windows to observe the daily life in the city. The whole building was completely renovated just a few months ago, so upon arrival you will be happy to find new beds, mattresses, sheets and towels, in a clean and fresh space.

Zee hostel is strategically located at the heart of the city Tehran, only a few minutes from Public Transport and Subway and very close to so many exciting attractions within the city that will be at your reach, maybe even walking distance.

Best Hostels in Yazd

4- Good Feeling Hostel, Yazd-Iran

Good-Feeling-Hostel-Yazd (3)
Good Feeling Hostel, Yazd-Iran

In the lovely city of Yazd, there is a clean and affordable hostel. The Good Feeling hostel is located on Ghiam Street in the city’s historical district. This hostel dates back to the Qajar dynasty and is more than 150 years old. This hostel has also just been renovated.

Good Feeling Hostel has a fantastic roof facing to Yazd skyline, quite unique and relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, a lovely staircase will lead you to the roof. There is a lively little garden in the middle of the yard, and all rooms are in its surrounding.

You can explore a variety of tourist sites in the area because you are in the center of the city. As a result, you may visit the Khan Complex, Alexander’s Prison, Yazd’s Jameh Mosque, and Amir Chakhmaq Square, among other tourist sites.

Best Hostels in Shiraz

5- Panjdari Traditional House, Shiraz-Iran

Panjdari Traditional House, Shiraz_Iran

Panj Dari Traditional House is one of the most beautiful historic houses in Shiraz, which recently opened its doors to travelers. The house was built 120 years ago during the Qajar era. After its reconstruction in the Persian calendar year 1396 (2016-2017), the Panj Dari Traditional House has become one of the most pleasant attractions in Shiraz.

Despite their traditional structures, the rooms are equipped with modern facilities like an indoor fridge, TV set, closet, private bathroom with shower, western toilet, and toiletries. Free and delicious breakfast served free of charge every day.

The house is near to Karim Khan Citadel, Nasir al Molk Mosque, Atiq Mosque, Zinat Al-Moluk House, and Vakil Complex, Tomb of Hafez (Hafezieh), and Tomb of Saadi (Saadieh). Also, the house overlooks the shrine of Shahcheragh. The atmosphere of this residence inspires the vibrancy of traditional life to the guests.

6- Mahmonir Traditional House, Shiraz-Iran

Mahmonir Traditional House, Shirza-iran

Mahmonir is a very cozy traditional house in the historical texture of Shiraz. This hotel is built on Zandieh Street, one of the oldest streets in Shiraz during the Qajar era. The architecture is Qajar-Pahlavi with a beautiful pool in the center of the yard.

This house is close to Zinat al-Muluk House, Vakil Bazaar, Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, Citadel of Karim Khan, the Shrine of the Abdolazim and Vakil Bath. Reach to these places, you can walk and enjoy the pleasurable climate of Shiraz. The feeling of living with an Iranian family, exploring the beauty of nature and culture through some local tours and also taking part in art workshops are what Mahmonir provides to the guests.

Best Hostels in Isfahan

7- Ragrug Hostel, Isfahan-Iran

Ragrug Hostel, Isfahan-Iran

Rag Rug is a modern hostel in the Iranian city of Isfahan. A young Iranian entrepreneur founded this hostel. The Hostel has a 24-hour reception, a rooftop with panoramic views of Esfahan streets, and a plants-filled side yard for a coffee talk. In addition, the hostel boasts constant hot water, an all-season central heating system, and, of course, air conditioning.

RagRug is located in a peaceful area with trees and plants over the streets, making it a great location to run. Esfahan’s Jameh mosque is just 5 minutes away, Naqshe Jahan square and other sights are 10 minutes away, and Esfahan’s flower garden and bankside are 8 minutes away.

8- Narcis B&B Hostel, Isfahan-Iran

Narcis B&B Hostel, Isfahan-Iran

Narcis B&B is a comfortable hostel apartment in the heart of Isfahan and close to the main tourist attractions. You can stroll to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Naghsh-e Jahan Square and other historical buildings in less than 15 minutes while sleeping peacefully at night away from noisy streets.

You have the chance to experience true Iranian hospitality by being welcomed into Narcis’s family! This includes a delicious traditional home-cooked breakfast.

Narcis offers free pickup, free Isfahan city Tour, and you can buy 4G SIM Card and exchange your money at the place. During the Persian Night event at the hostel, you can taste local foods and drinks, learning about some of the Persian art, Iranian warm company, listening to Persian music, and watching Persian dance in local clothes.

9- Saraye Safir Hostel, Isfahan-Iran

Saraye Safir Hostel, Isfahan-Iran

Saraye Safir hostel offers excellent value budget accommodation in the most central location of Isfahan. The hostel with excellent location in downtown And close to all the historical places of the city of Isfahan, including the magnificent Ali Qapu, Square of Naqshe Jahan, the Chehelsoton Palace. It is a 80 years old building and it belongs to the second Pahlavi’s ambassador at that time.

Some of the hostel facilities that make your stay more comfortable: a coffee-shop, a restaurant, Free WIFI and tea, laundry and money exchange services. Renovating the traditional style and employing experienced personnel to make an exceptional staying experience in Isfahan for all travellers.

This hostel has 7 rooms and 21 beds, choose between the double room which can easily be converted to twin rooms, family rooms, or our dorm accommodation. The property has 2 types of dormitories; mixed and female dormitory. All the rooms have air conditioning and heater.

Best Hostels in Kashan

10- Sana Historical House

Sana Historical House, Kashan-Iran

The eye-catching feature of Agha Bozorg Mosque in Kashan, by its minarets and large inner courtyard and tall entrances, attracts the attention of each passer-by. At the direction side of the mosque on a narrow alley, we reach the 200-year-old traditional house which is named Sana historical House.

The old house located in the traditional texture of the city and only a few minutes walks to visit houses like Tabatabai, Boroujerdi, Abbassian, and Ameriha, also see the great bath of sultan Amir Ahmad as well as Bazzar and Timche Amin al- Dawlah.

Sana historical house offers special tours for all travelers who are interested in such as hot spring tours, Natanz tour, desert tour, Isfahan tour, Abyaneh village tour and Niassar tour.


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