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How can you obtain an Iran tourist visa?

Iran Visa for Different Nationalities

Visa on Arrival:
Iran visa on arrival is available to citizens of almost every countries (more than 180 countries), except those countries that need to apply Iran visa in advance. You can pick up Iran VOA (Visa On Arrival) either from international airports in Iran or Iran embassies in your countries. To avoid the risk of rejection and facilitate the procedure of picking up the visa, it is recommended to apply for Iran visa authorization code, before travelling to Iran. Having the code, you have an electronic receipt of your visa. So you can collect your visa and it is ready.
Visa in Advance:
The citizens of following countries need to apply for Iran visa in advance and pick up the visa at Iran embassies. These citizens are not eligible for an Iran visa on arrival: Canada, USA, UK, Colombia, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Somali. Citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada (the ABC countries) are obliged to travel with a certified tour guide.
Visa-free Countries:
Passport holders from 11 countries can currently visit Iran without obtaining a visa for varying periods of time, depending on their nationality: Armenia (90 days ), Azerbaijan (30 days), Bolivia (30 days), Egypt (30 days), Georgia (45 days), Lebanon (30 days), Malaysia(15 days), Oman (30 days), Syria (90 days), Turkey (90 days), Venezuela (15 days), China (21 days).

Visa FAQs

What type of visa do I require?
Based on the purpose of your trip to Iran, you may need a different type of visa (including tourist, business, education, transit, or pilgrimage visa). Please be noted that you can only apply for a tourist visa if you apply through an Iranian travel agency. Tourist visa is for a 30-day stay in Iran and you can easily get a visa extension while you are in the country.
How can I obtain an Iran visa on arrival?
You can easily apply for a tourist visa on Exotigo and after filling in the visa form, uploading the required documents (passport scan and your personal photo), and making the payment for the visa application service fee, we will send your visa request to the Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and provide you with an 18-digit code issued by the MFA after in 3-7 working days. Afterwards, you can collect your visa at one of Iran embassies or consulates or at one of the international airports throughout Iran.
What is a Iran tourist visa?
To visit Iran for sightseeing or VFR (visiting friends and relatives) purposes, all foreign nationals need to get a tourist visa (single entry) to enter the country. The maximum duration of stay in Iran with a tourist visa is 30 days which can be extended for another 2 months while you are in the country.
What is an Iran E-Visa or visa authorization code (visa grant notice)?
Iran E-Visa or Iran visa authorization code is meant to make getting visa easier and risk-free especially for tourists. Iranian MFA launched E-Visa service in early 2017 to facilitate submitting Iran visa. By applying Iran E-Visa, you will get an 18-digit authorization code. Having this code means your visa is already approved and you just need to go embassy (in case you are not eligible for visa on arrival) or Iran airports (in case you are eligible for visa on arrival) to pick up the visa.
Is it possible to get Iran visa upon arrival (VOA)?
Yes, nationals of most countries including EU can get their visa upon arrival at the airport. There are a few countries as exceptions including the US, the UK, Canada, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. To be on the safe side, we suggest you apply for a tourist visa before arriving in Iran through valid travel agencies to get your authorization code and later collect your visa at your selected place. It is also more time-saving, easier and safer to do so.
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Chiara Pirlo

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Iran visa

Iran is issuing visa from 23 October 2021. I already planned my trip from November 10th and applied for the visa

Atkins Geida

10/06/2021 06:33

when Iran visa will issue again?

After a long 12 months wait, finally seems Iran gonna lift the travel restrictions in October 2021. Can't wait any more dear government, please don't postpone this time

Berry Gwan

07/01/2021 07:30

Iran visa issue again

I asked them when can apply for Iran visa, as I heard Iran visa will issue from early July. They replied from 6th July 2021 onward. Seems you either should be vaccinated or have negative PCR test. I am coming my lovely IRAN

adamm farhat

05/30/2021 12:13

Iran Visa

We have been submitted our visa to their waiting list. currently there is no tourist visa for Iran, so they supposed to send us our approved visa as soon as it gets available. Meanwhile, we receive the latest Iran travel advice and Iran covid news in our Email regularly which is helpful.

Olga petrovich

05/16/2021 14:09

Iran Visa application

They keep updating me about my Iran visa application and I appreciate it, but still my visa is pending due to Covid and I hope everything settles ASAP.
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All you need to know about Iran Visa

Questions surrounding the Iran visa are unending. And, it seems that they get a bit of a shake of uncertainty every now and then that a new political discourse rages out. Yet, it’s safe to say that acquiring an Iran e-visa doesn’t pose that much of problems still. Generally, the Iran visa policy regarding outsiders marking Iran as the next travel destination stays relatively straightforward through all the ups and downs.

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