Due to the travel restrictions for Covid-19, Iran Tourist Visa is NOT issued by Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the moment.

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How can you obtain an Iranian tourists visa?

Visa Type

Foreign nationals other than those who come from visa exempt countries or countries eligible for an Iran Visa on Arrival should get an Iranian visa from one of the Iranian diplomatic missions in order to visit Iran.
A few number of nationalities can get Iran visa under specific conditions they either 1) should apply in person directly at an Iran embassy/consulate or 2) needs some extra documents about their trip to Iran.
Nationals of the exempt countries can stay in Iran from 14 to 45 days without obtaining visa. For longer stay that the visa-free travel program allows them, they need to get a visa.


What type of visa do I require?
Based on the purpose of your trip to Iran, you may need a different type of visa (including tourist, business, education, transit, or pilgrimage visa). Please be noted that you can only apply for a tourist visa if you apply through an Iranian travel agency. Tourist visa is for a 30-day stay in Iran and you can easily get a visa extension while you are in the country.
How can I obtain an Iranian visa?
You can easily apply for a tourist visa on Exotigo and after filling in the visa form, uploading the required documents (passport scan and your personal photo), and making the payment for the visa application service fee, we will send your visa request to the Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and provide you with an 18-digit code issued by the MFA after in 3-7 working days. Afterwards, you can collect your visa at one of Iran embassies or consulates or at one of the international airports throughout Iran.
What is a tourist visa?
To visit Iran for sightseeing or VFR (visiting friends and relatives) purposes, all foreign nationals need to get a tourist visa (single entry) to enter the country. The maximum duration of stay in Iran with a tourist visa is 30 days which can be extended for another 2 months while you are in the country.
What is an authorization code?
After getting your application, we will apply for your visa and the MFA will provide us with an 18-digit code within 3-7 working days. Known as authorization code or visa reference code, this 18-digit code means your visa is ready and you just require to collect it at the chosen place (Iran embassy or consulate in different parts of the world or Iranian international airports throughout the country).
Which Nationalities are Visa-Free?
Passport holders of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Syria, Armenia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Egypt do not require to get a visa for their tourist travel to Iran. The duration of stay is up to 30 days for all except for the nationals of Malaysia and Egypt whose travel duration should be less than 15 days. The duration extension can be done while they are in the country.
Is it possible to get Iran visa upon arrival (VOA)?
Yes, nationals of most countries including EU can get their visa upon arrival at the airport. There are a few countries as exceptions including the US, the UK, Canada, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. To be on the safe side, we suggest you apply for a tourist visa before arriving in Iran through valid travel agencies to get your authorization code and later collect your visa at your selected place. It is also more time-saving, easier and safer to do so.
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