Iran Destinations


The number of yearly tourists to Iran has increased in recent years, and the removal of economic sanctions is likely to draw many more.

Iran is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations, so there are plenty of sights to explore. There are 24 cultural and natural sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran.

This list is dominated by palaces, bazaars, sites of worship, old water systems, and remains of the historic Persian Empire. here is the list of Top 24 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran:

1- Chogha Zanbil9- Armenian Monasteries17- Susa
2- Persepolis10- Shushtar Hydraulic System18- Tabriz Bazaar
3- Naqshe Jahan Square11- Tabriz Bazaar19- Takht-e Soleyman
4- Takht-e Soleyman12- Sheikh Safi al-din Shrine20- Chogha Zanbil
5- Bam Citadel13- The Persian Garden21- Persian Garden
6- Pasargadae14- Sheikh Safi al-din Shrine22- Persian Qanat
7- Soltaniyeh15- Shushtar Hydraulic System23- Hyrcanian Forests
8- Bisotun16- Soltaniyeh24- Lut desert