The next best city after Shiraz, according to a lot of tourists and even natives, worth visiting is the great Yazd. Yazd is considered a historic city with excellent five-star luxury hotels where you can stay while you are in Yazd.

The city is right in the center of the Iranian plateau, just about 270 kilometers southeast of the Isfahan province.

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Just visit their official website, and you will never regret doing so.  Let us read further to know more about the fantastic five-star hotels in Yazd that allow you to have a safe and memorable stay while you are in Yazd, providing you will all that you need and comfort.

Dad Hotel Yazd

Yazd Dad Hotel

The Dad hotel is one of the gorgeous hotels you can stay and enjoy while in Yazd.  The entire hotel is based on traditions and history.  You will be able to see how old Iranian houses looked ages ago through the look of the Dad hotel.

An enormous hotel with a vast sitting area outside where you can sit back, have a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the beauty of the day under the sun or the glam of the stars and the moon at night.  Such is the beautiful Dad luxury hotel in Yazd.

The great news is that the hotel is located close to the historical memorial of the province, like the Zoroastrian Fire Temple, the Jame Mosque, and the Eskandar’s prison.

The good news for those who stay at Dad hotel is that the airport is only 20 minutes away from the hotel.  Do not worry about traveling as the hotel provides travel services to the airport for all its visitors.

Parsian Safayieh Hotel Yazd

Parsian Safayieh Hotel Yazd

Good food, great ambiance, fantastic behavior, and excellent services are all that you will notice while you are staying at the luxury hotel of Parsian Safaiyeh hotel in Yazd.

Luxury hotels in Yazd have different stories to tell.  Some are new yet historical, and some are old and have maintained their tradition, look, and history. The five-star luxury hotel has 200 rooms to accommodate all the visitors easily.

You can enjoy complimentary breakfast, ATM services, a pool, and anything else you desire while staying at Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel in Yazd.

Yazd Arg e Jadid Hotel

Yazd Arg e Jadid Hotel

A great hotel located near the historical landmarks in Yazd.  You see, Yazd is not only s a beautiful place to visit, but it has incredible luxury hotels, beautiful visiting places, and ample opportunities where you can create unlimited memories.

The Arg -E- Jadid hotel has 138 rooms to accommodate guests.  This luxury hotel has ceremonial halls, a birthday Hall, a boot camp, and even twin restaurants where toy can celebrate a birthday or notable events while you are in Yazd.

How Much Does A Yazd Luxury Hotel Cost Per Night?

The cos today the hotels in Yazd highly depends on the season you visit.  It is not a secret that during the peak seasons, the cost of hotels and even tickets rises.

But giving a general look at the cost of the hotels in Yazd we can say that it starts from 60 to 120 euros per night.  Remember that the price can vary based on the services, room types, and the number of days you plan to stay.

Can I Rent a Car from Yazd Luxury Hotels?

In some cities, the cost of taxis can be high.  It is an additional cost which we do not like often.  The best idea is to rent a car from the Yazd luxury hotels.  In some cases, the hotels provide rent vehicles, and some don’t.

There is nothing to worry about as there are special agencies engaged in providing rental cars.  Hence you can easily ask them to arrange a car for you which will help you save the extra cost and helps you be more comfortable.

How Far Is Yazd Luxury Hotels from Historical Monuments?

Yazd luxury hotels are close to historical monuments.  For example, the Dad hotel is close to the Zoroastrian Fire temple and the Chakhmagh Complex. The Arg -E- Jadid hotel will be a good choice for you if you want to visit the Zoroastrian museum, which is also a fantastic museum worth visiting.

While you are in Yazd, the city of mud bricks, you will enjoy every minute of it. The city has a lot to offer all the visitors.  At first, you will be amazed at the look of the mud bricks, not to forget the jewel in the crown, the famous gorgeous Masjed-e Jameh.

Make sure you visit the Amir Chakhmaq square, the one-time great opportunity to see the sunset on the Yazd rooftops and finally capture images from the great Dowlat Abad garden. Yazd has a lot to offer apart from its excellent five-star luxury hotels.  Make sure to enjoy the fullest while you are in Yazd.


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