Ecotourism, in general, combines a desire to visit the world’s natural regions with a desire to conserve them at the same time. Ecotourism aids in the preservation of the areas you like visiting. This concept, which is at the heart of the sustainable tourism movement, is now reshaping the worldwide travel business. Let’s go straight forward to our interesting topic: Best Iran ecolodges

Ecolodges contribute to the preservation of cultural and natural heritage, the promotion of environmentally friendly practices, and the provision of economic and social advantages to local residents. As people grow more conscious of their environmental effects, they are seeking out new and non-traditional kinds of lodging that prioritize sustainability. As a result, ecolodges are growing in popularity.

Here are the best 8 of Iran’s spectacular and sustainable ecolodges to stay. We are highlighting these properties because they are deeply rooted in Iran local communities and dedicated to protecting surrounding ecosystems and cultures. Don’t miss this unique experience in Iran trip.

Nartitee Ecolodge, Yazd Iran – Best Iran Ecolodges

Nartitee Ecolodge Taft Yazd Iran, Best Iran Ecolodges - Exotigo
Nartitee Ecolodge Taft Yazd Iran, Best Iran Ecolodges – Exotigo

Nartitee Ecolodge, meaning pomegranate blossom, is the first ecolodge in Taft, a city 20 kilometers northeast of Yazd. The city is famous for its juicy pomegranate, and likewise, Nartitee has a garden filled with pomegranate trees, while clay walls surround it. The house is run by a couple who inherited it from their great grandfather and renovated it to accommodate guests.

The house has traditional Iranian architecture in a desert climate. After passing through a vestibule, there is a yard with two rooms and a kitchen. This is also where guests can hang out. There is a second yard where the rest of the rooms are located. Each room is named after a Zoroastrian ceremony.

A total of 9 bedrooms with a capacity of 30 persons that have internet access and Shared bathrooms are available. Laundry service is also provided. Guests can enjoy homemade food by request. A shop named Dokan is where you can buy handmade products, like Zoroastrian clothes and handcrafts.

Noghli House, Kashan Iran – Best Iran Ecolodges

Noghli House Kashan Iran, Best Iran Ecolodges - Exotigo
Noghli House Kashan Iran, Best Iran Ecolodges – Exotigo

This ecolodge is a 150-year-old Qajar house and shows all the architectural features of desert houses from the inner and outer courtyards to the crypts and corridors and the wind catcher.

In Noghli house, which is the smallest registered historical house in Iran, only local food is served. Even guests who love new experiences can bake local bread and food with the host.

The rooms are simple and cozy and the interesting option in summer is that you can sleep on the rooftop lodge, under the desert sky.

Matin Abad Eco Camp, Isfahan Iran

Matin Abad Isfahan Iran - Exotigo
Matin Abad Isfahan Iran, Best Iran Ecolodges – Exotigo

The Matin Abad eco-camp and organic farm is located 60 km from Kashan city. The eco-resort is in the heart of an Iranian desert, one side facing the highest central mountains of Iran, the Karkas Mountains, and the other side facing the Dasht-e Kavir Desert and Salt Lake.

Rug, mattress, pillow, blanket, and sheets are available according to the number of people that have reserved the tent. Electricity is available for tents. During the hot days’ mosquito nets are used as a natural air conditioner to get air circulation and for the cold season, a heater or Korsi (traditional Iranian heater) makes the air in the tent pleasant. There is enough space between nomad tents to provide adequate privacy for guests and they are located close to the main complex, bath, and restrooms.

In Matin Abad eco camp, you have the opportunity to experience a variety of desert activities and adventures close to nature such as camel riding, riding, biking, and desert walking on beautiful star-lit nights. Located between the dunes and vast semiarid grass-covered plain is the camp with modern facilities.

Negaar traditional guesthouse, Varzaneh Iran

Negaar Traditional Guesthouse Varzaneh Iran - Exotigo
Negaar Traditional Guesthouse Varzaneh Iran – Exotigo

Negaar Varzaneh Traditional Guest House is a newly renovated as historic structure from the Pahlavi era with excellent rooftop views of the Jame Mosque and Varzaneh town.

the guesthouse provides a common area where to relax and meet other travelers, you feel truly like your home due to the friendly environment. they provide lunch and dinner at a small extra cost, all the food is prepared with local ingredients and 100% homemade. they also organize tours, which, besides helping you to discover the beauty of this area, support the local community too.

They have a special sustainability scheme for Negaar traditional guesthouse; including preparing food with local ingredients and is 100% homemade, feeding the leftover foods to animals, reducing plastic consumptions, avoid making light and noise pollution during their tours and etc.

Parviz Lodging, Qeshm Iran

Parviz Lodging Qeshm Iran - Exotigo
Parviz Lodging Qeshm Iran, Best Iran Ecolodges – Exotigo

Parviz Lodging is an accommodation in Tabl village of Qeshm, Hormozgan Province. From the moment you walk into the house, you can feel the exotic atmosphere of southern Iran culture, with a building made of earthen plaster and a yard full of palm trees.

There are two kinds of rooms in Parviz Lodging; one is traditional rooms on the first floor and the other non-Traditional rooms on the second floor. By your request, local homemade meals can be served. You can sit, relax, and have a drink in the yard.

One of the best features of this accommodation is its accessibility to the wonders of the pristine island. As one of the first areas in Qeshm to be involved in the tourism industry, Tabl city encloses some of the most significant attractions of the island.

You can walk just 20 minutes to find yourself at Tabl mangrove forest or having a 20-minute ride to the Chahkooh Canyon and Tandis Valley. With experienced guides and drivers, Parviz can arrange sightseeing and activity tours for you. To summarize, all you need to see and do on the island, he can help you.

Durna Eco Camp, Ardabil Iran

Durna Eco camp Ardabil Iran, Best Iran Ecolodges - Exotigo
Durna Eco camp Ardabil Iran, Best Iran Ecolodges – Exotigo

Durna Eco camp is located in 20 km south of Meshgin Shahr, Ardabil province Iran. Sabalan mountains, green plains and mountainous climate surround this beautiful eco camp.

Durna nomadic eco camp includes 2 nomadic tents, 4 mountain huts and 2 hobbit huts, all made out of stone materials, as well as inspired by the history and culture of the Azeri Turks and the Shahsavan nomads. tourists can use Qinarjeh hot spring by walking a distance of 2 km.

As an ecolodge and sustainability targets, the camp operators have not provided air conditioning and refrigerator for each unit; though the Sabalan area is quite chilling and mild even in the warm seasons.

Gileboom Ecolodge, Ramsar Iran

Gileboom Ecolodge Ramsar Iran, Best Iran Ecolodges - Exotigo
Gileboom Ecolodge Ramsar Iran – Exotigo

This ecolodge is located in Ramsar Iran and you can feel authentic taste of a village in northern Iran. they provide cultural, musical, gastronomic and adventure activities for all ages. Gileboom offers traditional guesthouse accommodation (on roll-up mattresses) as well as a separate self-contained cottage.

The lodge is an excellent spot to experience Gilan cuisine, which is wonderfully diverse and seasonal. The terrace is lovely, and you may enjoy your meal there while sipping Iranian pure loose-leaf tea.

Yet to come; lodge operators provide tours at cheap prices; include farm visits, fruit and tea picking, peak bagging, overnight treks and swimming in the Caspian.

Ghaleganj hotel, Kerman Iran

Ghaleganj-kapari-hotel Kerman Iran, - Exotigo
Ghaleganj-kapari-hotel Kerman Iran – Exotigo

Established in April of 2016, four-star Parsian Ghaleganj Hotel Kapari is located in one of the southernmost cities of Kerman province, Qaleh Ganj, about 400 km away from Kerman. The hotel is in the form of Kapar (hut), which is a species of shady residence in southern Iran from the trunk of a date tree.

Also known as the Ball Hotel, it consists of 30 Kapars (huts), which are in fact single and double rooms. The rooms have TV sets, refrigerators, telephones, and private bathrooms with showers. The hotel has a coffee shop and a hut restaurant with a variety of traditional and special cuisine that is located in the middle of the complex.

You can also experience a lot of activities like camel riding, playing local games like Ramaza, and enjoying traditional music and local dance while staying at the hotel. The rooftop of the hotel has a delicate view of the forest and the desert.


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