If there is one thing that travelers are more likely to do now than in the past, it is traveling by car. The thrill of embarking on a road journey in search of a hidden treasure or an unusual find is exceptional. Having road trips in Iran will turn the table. Whether you’re driving a high-end 4WD vehicle or a low-cost minivan, the open road is one of life’s great levelers. Fresh air, beautiful landscape, what else could be better than freedom in the trip.

Iran is quite a big country. Although exploring popular cities is great by itself, skipping some off-beaten would be a big regret. You can have road trip in Iran either rent a car and drive yourself which is cheaper, but you need to take care of car matters, or you hire a tour guide driver and let him do the rest, which is more expensive, less privacy but quite hassle-free. Either way, you are doing a true thing, the road is calling you!

If you love hitting the open road every now and then, you’re at the right place. Here’s an ultimate list of the 9 best road trips in Iran for your bucket list recommended by travel experts.

Chalus Road (Mountain forests region) – Road trip in Iran

Chalus road, Iran best road trips - Exotigo
Chalus road, Iran best road trips – Exotigo

The 163-kilometer Chalus Road connects the city of Karaj and Chalus. This road, which was built more than 80 years ago in Alborz province, is known as one of the most popular roads in Iran due to its attractions such as roadside gardens, green and foggy mountain views, beautiful views of Amirkabir Dam (Karaj Dam) and roadside restaurants.

Usually, during the spring holidays, many people choose this route to travel to the north of Iran, and many people use this road as a destination to enjoy the attractions on Chalous Road, such as Morad Ice Cave or Dizin Ski Resort.

Asalem to Khalkhal Road (Mountain forests region)

Asalem to Khalkhal road, Iran best road trips - Exotigo
Asalem to Khalkhal road, Iran best road trips – Exotigo

The other most beautiful road in Iran is the 70-kilometer Asalem-Khalkhal road. This road starts from Asalem city in Gilan province and reaches Khalkhal city in Ardabil province.

Due to the weather conditions in the region, tourists prefer to travel on this road during the hot seasons. The pristine scenery of the forest and flowers around the road, the herds of horses and other animals, the rivers and the villages where life takes place, along with the cloudy and foggy weather, depict a paradise on earth.

On one of the side roads, there is a beautiful waterfall that is a good place to relax. There are side restaurants and wooden huts along the local road for travelers to relax and unwind.

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Hajij to Uraman Takht Road (Mountain forests region)

Hajij to Uraman road, Iran best road trips - Exotigo
Hajij to Uraman road, Iran best road trips – Exotigo

Hajij road to Uraman Takht is one of the most unique roads in Iran, which leads to two beautiful villages in the provinces of Kurdistan and Kermanshah in a mountainous way. The Uraman villages are famous due to stepped houses (as you can see above picture).

The most prominent natural attractions of Hajij-Uraman road are Shahu peak and Sirvan river. The length of Hajij-Uraman Takht road is about 40 km on shorter route and most of it is located in Kurdistan province. The longer route is about 50 km and most of it passes through Kermanshah province. The longer road is much more beautiful than the shorter one.

Due to the pristine nature of this area, the road facilities on these routes are limited and the roads are not of good quality, but the beauties of this area attract the attention of tourists. To go to Hajij-Uraman Takht road, you can go to Paveh city in Kermanshah. Hajij village is located 30 km northwest of Paveh city.

Chabahar to Gwatr Port Road (Beach and Desert)

Chabahar to Gwatr, Iran best road trips - Exotigo
Chabahar to Gwatr, Iran best road trips – Exotigo

Chabahar road to Gwatr port is located on the coastal route of Makran Sea in southern Iran. This road is about 100 km long and passes through the most beautiful rocky shores of Iran.

The beauties of this road start from the west of Chabahar city before entering it and continue to Gwatr port on the easternmost coast of southern Iran. At the beginning of this road, you will reach Ramin beach. This beach is located near the pier and “Ramin village” and its sands are covered with shells. “Lipar lake”, whose pink color of its water attracts many tourists, is located next to the Chabahar road to the port of Goater.

Following the route, you will reach the village and “Beris Beach”. This part of the Makran Seashores is also one of the most beautiful areas there. Beris Rock cliffs have a beautiful place to watch the view of the Makran Sea. Then you will reach Goatherd Bay by passing Pasabandar. If you are interested in exploring the piers of southern Iran and buying souvenirs from locals, do not miss the opportunity to walk in this port.

Parsian to Mogham Road (Beach and rocky mountain region)

Parsian to Mogham road, Iran best road trips - Exotigo
Parsian to Mogham road, Iran best road trips – Exotigo

The Parsian road to the port of Mogham is known as the Bostanu road. This coastal road is one of the most beautiful rocky shores in the south of Iran on the Persian Gulf, which leads to the sea from one side and to the beautiful rocky mountains from the other side.

From the city of Parsian, if you move towards the port of Mogham, you will first reach the port of Bostanu, which is also named after this city. In the following, you will reach the villages of “Ziarat” and “Moghdan”, and visiting these villages and their attractions is not without merit. There are eco-lodges for those interested in staying there overnight. The historical ponds of Moghdan are also located near this village.

Before reaching the port of Maqam, there are the rocky beaches of Mogham, which are examples of the most beautiful tourist areas in the world. You can spend hours and enjoy the unspoiled area. To go to Bostanu Road, you have to go to Mogham port or Parsian city in Hormozgan province.

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Tehran to Shiraz Road (Iran classic route) – Road trip in Iran

For those who prefer to explore Iran touristic cities from Tehran to Shiraz or vice versa, this route can be the best choice. Start from Tehran and end in Shiraz, along the way you can pass by Iran well-known cities like Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Qom, Kerman as well.

The total distance is around 1000km. however, the route definitely will be longer in case of exploring off-beaten places nearby, from salt lake and deserts near Kashan and Isfahan to nomad tribe living area near Shiraz.

Shahrekord to Izeh Road

Shahrekord to Izeh road, Iran best road trips - Exotigo
Shahrekord to Izeh road, Iran best road trips – Exotigo

Many parts of the Shahrekord-Izeh road are located in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. This small province is located in the center of the Iranian plateau in the Zagros Mountains. The road from Shahrekord to Izeh passes through the most beautiful mountain routes and beautiful plains.

The best time to visit the beauties of Shahrekord-Izeh road is in spring and autumn. To go to this beautiful road, you can enter the Helen plain road from the right exit after Qamar Bani Hashem square in the south of Shahrekord.

Shiraz to Kazerun Road

The road from Shiraz to Kazerun is one of the most beautiful roads in Iran in Fars province, which is about 140 km long. One of the most beautiful attractions of this road, which has made it famous, is “Dasht Arjan”. Arjan is located on this road and at a distance of 60 km from Shiraz. This plain is located in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains and its beautiful nature and unique scenery attract many tourists to this area. Arjan waterfall, known as “Charab waterfall” among the locals, is five kilometers away from this plain. The waterfall freezes in winter and its icy crystals have a unique beauty.

َAnother attraction of this road is the existence of a rare species of Persian deer in the “protected area” near the Arjan plain. Beautiful oak forest and Parishan lake all are must-go places in this route.

The best time to travel to Shiraz-Kazerun road and Arjan plain is in spring and especially in May. Overturned tulips cover the entire plain at this time. To go to this beautiful road, you can go to Shiraz and move from the west to Kazerun.

Yazd to Nayband Road (Desert route) – Road trip in Iran

Yazd to Nayband road, Iran best road trips - Exotigo
Yazd to Nayband road, Iran best road trips – Exotigo

If you are interested in the desert, you will definitely enjoy a road trip in Iran on the way from Yazd to Nayband village. Start your journey by seeing the beautiful city of Yazd and from there continue your way to Nayband, a desert village along the Kerman road.

This beautiful multi-storey village, is full of palm and citrus trees and the pleasant smell of fresh bread that can be smelled throughout the village. The wildlife of Nayband region is also very amazing. Do not miss the trip on this road.

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