Iran is mainly known for its grand monuments, rich history, Mosques, Gardens and etc. Most people come to Iran for exploring these diverse architectures and cultural places. Apart from this, there is another part of Iran that must also be explored at the same time and that is Iran adventure tours.

The adventure and tourists activities in Iran are quite lucrative and interesting. One of the most interesting parts of these types of adventures is that they will refresh your soul and mind. It can add some extra thrill to your life. So, if you are still waiting for something new on your trip, then it is best to try adventure tours in Iran.

From a mysterious desert camping and trekking an ancient underground water supply (Qanat) to skiing on Damavand Mountain and trekking in Golestan National park, all are just a glance of a long list of adventures and things to do in Iran. Let’s stack up out more activities and adventures in this post:

  • Skiing in Damavand Mountain
  • Exploring the Persian Gulf islands
  • Safari and Camel riding in Iran central desert
  • Living a day with Qashqai Nomad
  • Climb to the summit of Damavand Mountain
  • One-night camping in the desert
  • Trekking in Golestan national park
  • Trekking Persian Qanat in Yazd
  • Varzaneh desert exploration
  • Live in Stair-stepped traditional village

1- Skiing in Damavand Mountain – Iran Adventure Tour

Tochal Ski Resort, Tehran – Exotigo

Among all the 16 ski resorts of Iran, Dizin Ski Resort is the most well-known one by Tehranis. Located in Alborz Mountain Range, it’s close to the capital city of Tehran. During this one-day experience tour, you will have the opportunity to go skiing in a standard piste which is suitable for both beginner and intermediate skiers.

Tour Itinerary:
Start: The tour starts by picking you up from your location in Tehran and driving to Dizin Ski Resort.
Skiing in Dizin resort: Arriving in the ski resort, we will enjoy skiing with the accompany of our professional skiing guide.
Finish: At the end of the tour, you will be transferred to your location in Tehran.

2- Exploring the Persian Gulf islands – Iran Adventure Tour

Red Beach Hormoz island

One of the incredible Iran adventure tours is visiting the two most stunning Islands in the Persian Gulf, Qeshm & Hormoz. The largest island in the Persian Gulf and also the largest non-independent island in the world. Visit a wonderful ancient cave, get dazzled by the fantastic natural attractions, the star valley, the beautiful sea birds, Hara Jungle. Savor flavorful traditional bread and delicious seafood. Relax while watching birds and the sunset. You will not want to leave this place!

Tour Itinerary:
Day1: Drive to Berke Kholaf village and explore Stars Valley the geological destination. Visit Naz Islands in route to Khurbas caves (carved by human long time ago.) After visiting the caves Drive into Crocodile park and meet these animals. Drive to The west of Qeshm Island, Start the Journey to the Center of the Earth into the Namakdan Cave under the enormous Salt Dome.
Day2: Drive to Hara Jungle and excursion into this Mangrove jungle, explore the jungle and see some rare birds. Drive to Chahkooh canyon and visit this geological destination after that enjoy of the valley of Statues. Then Drive to Laft and Goran village and visit the largest handicraft that you ever seen (Lenj: a kind of wooden ship).
Day3: Sailing the Strait of Hormuz by ferry to Explore the Colorful Island in a day. First Drive to Portuguese castle and visit this historical heritage. After that Drive to Colorful Mountain and enjoy this geological miracle. Visit the Red clay mine and red beach with the chance of visit the Gazals. Excursion in the Statuses Valley of Hormuz Island and stop at the Rug lake to visit the rug made by the various colored clays of Hormuz Island. Exploring the wonderful nature of Hormoz: Salt godets, cliff beach, Doctor Naadalian museum, snowy mountains, Rainbow Valley. Afternoon go back to Qeshm.

3- Safari and Camel riding in Iran central desert

Camel riding in Iran desert

Famous for its arid climate, Iran owns some of the most wonderful deserts to enjoy your time in! During this one-day experience, we have the chance to go deep into the Maranjab Desert and get engaged in desert activities. Safari, quad biking, camel riding and exploring the natural beauties of the desert have all their own charm for different tastes. The amazing sand dunes of the Maranjab Desert and the breathtaking sunset are among the bests to do photo shooting or taking landscape photographs.

Tour Itinerary:
Start: The tour starts by picking you up from your location in Kashan and driving toward Maranjab Desert.
Enjoy and Experience: Visiting Salt Lake and spending some time on amazing sand dunes of the desert, we will also experience camel riding, quad biking, and desert safari. Depending on the season, we will have lunch or early/late dinner in the desert and enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunset.
Finish: You will be transferred to your location in Kashan at the end of the tour.

4- Living a day with Qashqai Nomad – Iran Adventure Tour

Live with Qashqai Nomad

Nomads’ lifestyle is of great interest for most people especially tourists who have always lived in big cities. During this one-day experience tour, we will drive to a nomadic village in the suburbs of Shiraz to live a day just like a local person living there. Qashqai nomads have an amazing lifestyle that depends heavily on natural resources and is of course a healthy one compared to the lives of the majority of the world population.

Tour Itinerary:
Start: The tour starts by picking you up from your location in Shiraz.
Enjoy and Experience: We will drive towards Kazerun (a distance of about 140 km) to meet the nomad family whom we are going to spend the day with. En-route, we will visit Ardeshir Babakan Palace dating back to Sassanid Empire and well-known for its unique architecture. Later on, we will drive to the nomad family place to have lunch and live the rest of the day with them.
Finish: After sunset and having our dinner, you will be transferred to your location in Shiraz.

5- Climb to the summit of Damavand Mountain

Hiking Damavand Mountain

Ascending to the mountains is loved by climbers all around the globe and this tour gives you the chance to climb Damavand mountain with the help of a professional mountain guide. With a height of 5610m, mount Damavand is considered the highest mountain in the Middle East and many climbers wish to ascend it. Located in northern Iran, Mt Damavand is close to the capital city of Tehran and in the southern lands of the Caspian Sea, in the central part of Alborz Mountain Ranges. The temperature in the higher altitudes can reach minus 60 degrees centigrade in winter. The best time to climb Damavand to the summit in summer and early fall, however February, March and April are not good times due to sudden storms and much colder weather.

Tour Itinerary:
Day1: The tour starts with picking you up from your location in Tehran and driving to Polour Village in northern Tehran. After having our lunch end enjoying some time in the mountains, we will start climbing to get to Third Bargah Shelter and camp for the night.
Day2: Getting up early in the morning, we will have our breakfast and then start hiking to reach the summit. We will have our lunch up in the mountains and in the afternoon, get back toward the shelter to spend the overnight.
Day3: Having our breakfast in the morning, we will descend to the mountain foot, have our lunch and drive back to Tehran. You will be transferred to your location at the end of the tour. Enjoy the Iran adventure tour with us.

6- One-night camping in the desert – Iran Adventure Tour

Desert Camping in Iran central desert

Desert experience is one of those unmissable Iran adventure tours. While traveling from Isfahan to Yazd, one of the best things you can do is spending a night in the central desert of Iran. This tour provides you with a unique experience of visiting an oasis village with all its natural and cultural beauties, unique local lifestyle and spending a quality time in the desert. Visiting Chak Chak temple and Kharanaq village on next day, makes this tour one of our best tour packages.

Tour Itinerary:
Start: The tour starts by picking you up from your location at noon and driving towards the deserts in the suburbs of Isfahan.
Tour: Heading towards an oasis village, we will visit its pigeon tower, oasis and fire temple situated on a mountain. Later on, we will visit Salt Lake and the sand dunes. Overnight, we will camp in the desert with full facilities and dinner. For the next day, after some time in the desert, we will drive towards Yazd, visiting the Chack Chack Fire Temple and Kharanaq Village en route.
Finish: You will be transferred to your location in the city of Yazd at the end of the tour.

7- Trekking in Golestan national park

Golestan national Park Iran

As a nature-interested traveler, you will surely enjoy spending time in the north-eastern part of the country and visiting the region’s national parks and wildlife. Also, there are some really rare locations to be visited like the amazing cemetery of Khalid Nabi where you have the opportunity to visit a sacred shrine and the cemetery with its unique gravestones in a truly scenic view. The best time to visit is from April to May, however in other months during the year it’s also beautiful but less green. One of the most exquisite parks to be visited is Ghorogh Forest Park where is the main habitat for red deer.

Tour Itinerary:
Day1: After pick-up at your location, we’ll drive to the domestic airport of Mehrabad and fly to the north-eastern city of Gorgan. Upon arriving in Gorgan, we will drive to the unique cemetery of Khalid Nabi, located in the Gokcheh Dagh hills of Turkmen Sahra. We will explore the area while you have some time at leisure. In the afternoon, we’ll drive to the town of Minoudasht to stay overnight at a 4* hotel.
Day2: Driving towards the Golestan National Park, we’ll have our breakfast en route and also pay a visit to Ghorogh Deer Park. We will also have an excursion to the wildlife museum of Maral where our lunch will be served at a local house. In the afternoon, we’ll continue our journey to the National Park of Golestan and will visit the Golestan and Aghsou Waterfalls. Spending time close to nature and having some tea, we will visit the habitat of goats and have dinner. Overnight will be camping in the national park.
Day3: After breakfast, we will spend some time on the plain and do some trekking for about two hours. In the afternoon, we will drive to Mirzabaylou region to visit the wildlife in its neighborhood. Dinner will be served at a local house where will also be our overnight stay accommodation.
Day4: We will have our breakfast early in the morning (at about 6:00) and drive towards Tangeh Gol Jungle. There will also be a visit of the waterfall of Adamchagheran and trekking for about three hours in nature. After having lunch, we will drive back to Gorgan. If there will be enough time, we will visit the historical tower of Gonbad-e Qabus en route. Arriving back in Gorgan, we will take our flight to Tehran. Enjoy the Iran adventure tour with us.

8- Trekking Persian Qanat in Yazd

The Persian Qanat, UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran

Qanat or Kariz, is an ancient water provision technology and it’s also one of UNESCO world heritage site of Iran. This method is mostly found in central Iran provinces like Yazd, Kerman, Semnan and Isfahan and consist of underground tunnels which collects water from the source.

Tour Itinerary:
Start: Departure from Yazd hotel at 8 AM
Qanat Exploring: On this unique experience we go to one of the most beautiful desert cities in Iran, Ardakan, trek the routes of old Qanats and learn about their architecture & engineering. An experienced Qanat guide who has been mainly a Qanat digger accompanies us so you hear real Qanat stories while trekking in a safe and secure path. Moreover, you will have the chance to stay in a lovely historic guesthouse, try local foods, taste Ardakani pastries and enjoy a night excursion around the old Ardakan neighborhoods.
Finish: You’ll be dropped off at your hotel at about 8 PM

9- Iran adventure tour in Varzaneh desert

Varzaneh Desert Exploring

Desert tours and spending the night under the starry sky of the central desert of Iran, is among those unique lovely experiences of your trip to this ancient beautiful country. During this one-night desert tour, we will pass through Varzaneh (located at a distance of about 100 km from Isfahan) to get to the city of wind-catchers, Yazd. There’s the possibility of experiencing all the desert activities along with an overnight stay in a local guesthouse.

Tour Itinerary:
Start: The tour starts by picking you up from your location in Isfahan.
Desert exploring: We will drive to Varzaneh Desert, visiting the Salk Lake and the amazing sand dunes of the central desert of Iran. Also, we can do desert activities like sandboarding. The breathtakingly beautiful sunset can also be watched in the late afternoon. Overnight will be in a lovely guesthouse with a homemade meal for dinner. The next morning, we have the chance to spend some more time in the desert before leaving for the next destination in Iran.
Finish: In the afternoon, we will finish the tour by transferring you to your location in Yazd.

10- Live in Stair-stepped traditional village

Sar Agha Seyed Village

Village-life experience is among those unforgettable ones whose memory will last forever. During this short tour to Sar Agha Seyed Village, you will enjoy one of the best Iran adventure tours. we will travel to a stair-stepped village which stuck in time and its residents’ lives are not touched by modernism. The village is about 600 years old with limited access to electricity and no internet. Their culture and lifestyle are like their ancestors with authentic simplicity. Parents work together to keep the house warm and provide whatever is needed by the children.

Tour Itinerary:
Start: The tour starts by picking you up from your location in Isfahan.
Enjoy and Experience: We will start the tour by driving toward Kuhrang County with an en-route visit to some attractions including Sheikh Alikhan Waterfall. We will drive a dirt road for the rest of the trip to reach the historic stair-stepped village of Sar Agha Seyed. Overnight stay is in a local home and enjoying our evening with a local family, engaging in their deep untouched culture.
Finish: After having our organic breakfast and exploring the rest of the village, you will be transferred to your location in Isfahan.


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