Kashan is a fantastic city in Iran located in the northern part of Isfahan. An excellent place to visit and have fun in Iran is, without any doubt, Kashan. Before traveling, you need to be aware of the hotels and their costs to plan your trip well.
Kashan is known for producing carpets, silk, and other textiles. Today, Kashan is home to most of Iran’s mechanized carpet weaving factories, with an active marble and copper mining industry. Kashan and its suburbs have a population of 400,000.

The city dates back to Iran’s Elamite era. Sialk Ziggurat still stands on the outskirts of Kashan, 7,000 years later. Following famous Iranian historic cities like Isfahan and Shiraz, Kashan is a popular destination for foreign tourists due to its many historical sites.
It is why tourists often choose this city and stay in luxury hotels. The best option would be to look at the Exotigo official website and see the best luxury hotels in Kashan where you can easily visit and enjoy with your family.
Read till the end till we elaborate more about Kashan’s luxury hotels and some very frequently asked questions about Kashan that can help you arrange your travel in a better way.

Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel, Kashan


No words can explain how good and luxurious this particular hotel in Kashan is. You can see the glam and glory of the luxury hotel for its seven beautiful yards, along with the fantastic windward in the entire city.

As its name suggests, Saraye Ameriha boutique hotel where you can book your rooms according to the number of people you are. The hotel accepts credit, debit, and even master cards. So you have no issues with the payment. 

Beautiful hotel with the friendly and best staff who work day and night to provide you with whatever you need while you stay in the hotel. If you ever desired to sit in a quiet corner and have a cup of coffee, we should say that the hotel has a cafe made of hand-woven carpets.

You may be curious to know why it is named so. The reason behind the hotel’s name is Mr. Moqtadaei, who was the first architect of the hotel, and as a tribute to him, the hotel was named so in his memory.

Falahati House in Kashan


A great place where you can find peace and harmony. The Falahati house has been renovated recently but has kept its glam and luxury looks since then.

Tourists can find this hotel easily while they visit Kashan. The Falahati hotel is right in the heart of the city, and the best part about it is that the airport is just 22 km away from it. It saves you from the extra burden and tension of traveling from the hotel to the airport.

The fantastic city is well known for its rosewater fragrance, which is why it is one of the main tourist attractions.

Tourists visit Kashan a lot and stay in luxury hotels. You will find the hotels packed throughout the year. So if you are planning to visit Kashan shortly, go ahead and visit the official website of Exotigo to learn about the luxury hotels in Kashan and how you can book them.

Morshedi House Boutique Hotel

Morshedi Boutique Hotel, Kashan

Another elegant yet luxury hotel in Kashan is the Morshedi House boutique. This hotel is for you if you love old houses with a long history.

The hotel has a history that goes beyond 200 years. It has a warm, welcoming atmosphere that attracts all to it. Pay a visit here. You are sure to fall in love with it.

The four-star Morshedi Historical House, 250 years old historic house on Mullah Habibollah Sharif Street Kashan, this historic aristocratic house decorated and designed with exquisite handmade carpets, traditional furniture, antiques.

How Much Does a Kashan Luxury Hotel Cost Per Night?

We know that the cost of luxury hotels can vary based on many factors. Factors include the type of room, number of members, and even the time of the year you visit Kashan.

Keeping it simple and short, in Kashan, luxury hotels start from €115 per night. But it is still not an exact cost as it can vary.

Can I Rent a Car from Kashan Luxury Hotels?

Some say renting a car in a foreign land is not a good idea. Some others like the idea of renting a car because they find it more comfortable and affordable.

In a way renting a car in a different country is a good idea to get rid of the taxi fares and the headache with the transport, but you should be aware of the norms and laws in that particular country.

In the case of renting a car from the luxury hotel you stay in Kashan, we have to say that it is better to clarify from the hotel staff as soon as you reach the hotel. Some Kashan hotels provide cars for their visitors whereas some don’t.

If your hotel does not provide you with a car, you can search for agencies engaged in the process of giving cars for rentals. It will be a great help to you while you are in Kashan.

How Far Is Kashan Luxury Hotels to Historical Monuments?

One of the main historical places of Kashan is the famous Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse. If you are staying in Saraye Ameriha Boutique hotel, you are lucky as it is just 0.3 miles away from where you are. Make sure you visit the place. It is a place worth visiting.

Just about 0.7 miles from the same hotel, you will be able to see the bazaar of Kashan. Go ahead and visit this Bazar and take back some fantastic souvenirs for your loved ones.


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