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Iran is mainly known for its grand monuments, rich history, Mosques, Gardens and etc. Most people come to Iran for exploring these diverse architectures and cultural places. Apart from this, there is another part of Iran that must also be explored at the same time.

The adventure and tourists activities in Iran are quite lucrative and interesting. One of the most interesting parts of these types of adventures is that they will refresh your soul and mind. It can add some extra thrill to your life. So, if you are still waiting for something new on your trip, then it is best to try adventure tours in Iran.

From a mysterious desert camping and trekking an ancient underground water supply (Qanat) to skiing on Damavand Mountain and trekking in Golestan National park, all are just a glance of a long list of adventures and things to do in Iran. Let’s stack up out more activities and adventures in this post:

  • Skiing in Damavand Mountain
  • Exploring the Persian Gulf islands
  • Safari and Camel riding in Iran central desert
  • Living a day with Qashqai Nomad
  • Climb to the summit of Damavand Mountain
  • One-night camping in the desert
  • Trekking in Golestan national park
  • Trekking Persian Qanat in Yazd
  • Varzaneh desert exploration
  • Live in Stair-stepped traditional village