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Flight FAQs

  1- What is standard for Iran domestic flight baggage allowance?

Normally Iranian Airlines let to have one check-in luggage with following conditions: Check-in baggage: our recommendation is that the dimensions of the luggage, should not exceed 158cm or 62 inches in total length + width + height and the maximum weight of each luggage should not exceed 30 Kg. Cabin luggage: Our recommendation is a handbag or small package of 23cm x 40cm x 55cm size with maximum weight of 5 Kg.

  2- How to cancel my reservation?

Most airline tickets issued are non-refundable, and non-transferable. Name changes are not permitted. However, you may be able to exchange your tickets for different dates. Penalty fees apply and not all tickets are changeable. Please contact us: [email protected] or call/WhatsApp us at +65-9123-6404.

  3- Should I reconfirm my reservation in Iran before fly?

After booking a flight via, you will receive a confirmation email from Exotigo that contains your Exotigo booking number and 6-character airline confirmation code. Review this email to verify that your travel details are correct. Your domestic flight reservations in Iran don’t need for reconfirmation. There is no need to call us or Iranian airlines to reconfirm this reservation.

  4- What do system ticket and chartered ticket means in Iran domestic flight?

There are different between scheduled and chartered ticket in Iran flights. The 'system ticket' which is fully refundable, is the scheduled flight ticket sold by travel agents. while the chartered ticket, which is less expensive, is usually Non-refundable.

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