A city filled with fantastic tourist attractions, a city that belongs to poets, literature, and even flowers. A city of gardens and love. Yes, we are talking about the fantastic city of Shiraz.

Annually thousands of natives and tourists both visit Shiraz. Out of these numbers, some are newcomers; the rest are visiting Iran for more than a second or third time. You are not going to get enough of this city. It’s people, its culture, and food habits.

Not to forget the fantastic visiting sites and the restaurants that leave part of them in your heart once you leave the city.

You should know which time of the year is suitable for visiting Shiraz. To understand the best time, you can search the internet and get the details about the fantastic hostels, their costs, and even their distances from your desired tourist destination.

Not all of us desire to visit Shiraz and stay at hotels. It’s not always about the money; sometimes, we feel more comfortable staying in hostels to be closer to the culture of the people. Don’t we?

In this regard, read between the lines till we tell you all about the fantastic hostels in Shiraz where you can stay and create an evergreen memory from Shiraz.

What Are the Best Shiraz Hostels?

In the same way, Shiraz has many excellent hotels; in the same manner, it has many great hostels that you will also love staying at. It’s all about hygiene, food behavior, and great ambiance. All Shiraz hostels have all these mentioned. So why not choose hostels?

Some of the best hostels in Shiraz where you can enjoy staying we have mentioned below such as:

Sohrab Traditional Hostel

Sohrab Traditional Hostel, Shiraz

As its name suggests, it is a traditional hostel in Shiraz that welcomes all with its arms open.

The good news is that this particular hostel provides all its visitors with a value package budget, and it will accommodate you in the central location in Shiraz. We are sure you will choose this hostel as it is in one of the historical sites of Shiraz.

Additional facilities that the hostel provides to make your stay more comfortable are laundry services and access to Wi-Fi so you can be connected, just a small walking distance from the central locations in Shiraz. Do you need anything more than all these mentioned?

It is a hostel that you must visit at least once while in Shiraz.

Tuti Hostel in Shiraz

Tuti Hostel, Shiraz

Another fantastic traditional hostel in Shiraz traces back to the era of Qajar as it was an old Qajari house. The hostel has a long history of around 200 years, has been maintained and restored with modern techniques and materials, and welcomes all to it.

You will find this fantastic hostel right in the heart of Shiraz. About a 15-minute walk from this hostel, you will reach the famous Pink Mosque in Shiraz, and just a 5-minute walk will take you to one of the best gardens known as Narenjestan.

While you are in this hostel, you will have all you need. The comfort, peace, and good service are all they provide, along with spacious rooms and a small pool right in the middle.

You can enjoy your daily cup of tea or coffee beside the pool in the open air and enjoy the beautiful view of the garden and the hostel. Don’t you think all these are just what we need to have a great vacation in Shiraz?

BB Hostel in Shiraz

BB Hostel Shiraz

One of a kind. A great traditional hostel in Shiraz, which was initially an Iranian house, has been converted into this magnificent hostel in the heart of a historical city. The hostel is just 10 minute’s walk from Shah Cheragh holy shrine and the Vakil bazaar. So this means that while you stay at BB hostel Shiraz, you are close to two of the most visited places in Shiraz. Isn’t it awesome?

The best part is that the rooms here are built around the courtyard and are well decorated with flowers. It has a welcoming sense to it. Would you like to pay a visit here and stay in Shiraz?

Homayouni House in Shiraz

Homayouni House Shiraz

Last but not least, we are happy to share some facts about the Homayouni hostel in Shiraz. It is also a house that belongs to the era of Qajar. It is a Qajar hostel that has melted the hearts of thousands of tourists so far.

The hostel is a walking distance of the main points, so it means you can save a lot on travel expenses. It has a pool, a fantastic courtyard, and a great atmosphere that makes you feel at home.

You will get all the facilities in hotels in the Homayouni house. So why not try this hostel and settle in Shiraz while you are on your tour?

How Much are Shiraz Hostels?

Often we look for cheap hostels in Shiraz. Hostels are inexpensive compared to hotels. Looking at it precisely, we can say that the cost of hostels in Shiraz, on average, is around $14 for a dormitory.

But if you are looking for private rooms, they can cost you around $28, depending on the hostel you choose while in Shiraz. Again, if you want to know the exact cost of the hostel you are planning to choose, you can easily find the best on the internet and read about the details of the hostels. The prices are also mentioned in some cases.

How to Book Shiraz Hostels?

Iran Hotel Booking

There are many ways by which you can book your hostel in Shiraz. One of the ways is to ask those who have been to Shiraz and have stayed in hostels.

Or you can visit the site of the hostel and book your hostel from trustworthy sources and plan your trip accordingly. Go ahead and find hostels and even book them soon. Anything else do you need?

How Far Are Shiraz Hostels to Historical Monuments?

As we read earlier, approximately all the hostels are located in the heart of Shiraz. It means you need not worry about the historical monuments around Shiraz’s heart.

Returning to the famous Shiraz historical monuments such as Pasargad and Takhte Jamshid, we should add that they are far from any hostel or hotel you take.

Generally, visiting these two unique places is undoubtedly in your package if you take a tour, so the headache of traveling is not yours. But if you are not on tour and have gone alone, you can take a taxi to these places.

Shiraz is so beautiful that if you visit it once, you are sure to come back. It maybe takes years for you to come back, but you are sure to come back, and we guarantee you.

Now that you know about so many great pocket-friendly Shiraz hostels, why don’t you plan your upcoming trip soon?


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