According to world tourism organization stats, Iran is one of the most budget-friendly destinations in the world. That is good news for broke backpackers who love exploring exotic destinations like Iran on budget. It takes time to become an experienced traveler, but if you’re prepared with the appropriate travel tips, techniques, and hacks, as well as a general understanding of how to backpack, you’ll have an advantage while you gain new life experiences in Iran.

Let’s get pumped on the greatest hiking tips and techniques for your Iran budget travel, in no particular order! These travel guidelines will make your trips smooth and your landings gentle.

1- Set out a rough budget

Set out a rough budget for Iran trip

It’s usually good to have a basic estimate of how much you can afford to spend, but keeping to a strict budget might take all the pleasure out of your vacation. Trips on the spur of the moment, adrenaline-pumping excursions, posh meals, and late-night parties all cost money.

You don’t want to lose out on a once-in-a-lifetime memory or a life-changing event merely to save money. Those are invaluable and just what you’ve been saving your hard-earned cash for. By all means, know how much you want to spend, but instead of feeling bad when you go over budget, enjoy it.

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2- Travel during the Iran off-seasons

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque Shiraz - Pink Mosque - Exotigo
Nasir al-Mulk Mosque Shiraz – Pink Mosque – Exotigo

Take advantage of off-season pricing, which is one of the most tried and true foreign travel ideas out there. Seriously, some of the world’s most recognized cities may take on an entirely different appearance during the off-season. Museums will be vacant, streets will be populated by locals rather than visitors, and prices will be significantly lower.

March, April, and May are peak tourist months in Iran, with beautiful weather for sightseeing – but higher pricing, particularly in April. In early June, you might be able to obtain a better bargain.

3- Book your Iran plane tickets early – Iran budget travel

The optimum time to buy airplane tickets is usually 1.5–3 months in advance. In terms of pricing and flexibility, booking airplane tickets a year in advance is not a smart idea.

Of course, waiting until the very last minute will not earn you the greatest deal. It’s difficult to find that sweet spot. Airline rates are always changing, and there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for getting the greatest deal.

Iran Domestic Flight

4- Stay in Iran hostels with free breakfasts

Free breakfasts may often offer the full nourishment necessary for one day of adventure, which is a critical hack for the broke traveler and a top recommendation for first-time hikers. So make a reservation at a hostel that includes a complimentary breakfast.

The good news is almost all Iran accommodation and hotels, serve free breakfast. Serving free breakfast is so common in Iran hostels as well. Just look for those hostels that clearly mentioned breakfast included in the booking price. Free hostel breakfasts can come in the form of muesli and milk, plain white toast and jam (shit), or a full spread including pancakes, eggs, and coffee!

Iran Hotel Booking

5- Ask locals for suggestions

If you’re ever lost for ideas, searching for a place to dine, or just want something new to do than the typical tourist traps, find a local and ask them.

Generally, everywhere in Iran you go, people are quite friendly, hospitable and always happy to show off their city and help a guest in need. Chances are they’ll know some hidden gems their city has to offer and would love to share them with you.

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Iranian hospitality
Iranian hospitality

6- Food and Beverage – Iran budget travel

persian food

In Iran, you can try delicious food at very affordable prices. You can find tasty sandwiches and snacks at $1. A mid-range restaurant provides you with food at $3 to $5. Dining in top restaurants costs from $7 and higher.

You can buy bottled water 10,000 rials (about $0.07). Other eats are about one dollar. Spending some hours in a coffee shop and order some drinks or snacks costs you about $5.

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7- Transportation within city


If you have an Iranian SIM card, you can download one of the Iranian ride-hailing apps on your smartphone. Uber is not active in Iran however Snapp and Tapsi are renowned apps that work just like Uber.

Rideshare apps like Snapp or Tapsi make getting around cities both affordable and a lot more pleasant. Almost it works in all Iran cities. Each trip depends on distance and timing is as cheap as 2-3 Euros

Public transportation like Bus and Metro/subway are other alternatives even cheaper than rideshare apps but not as available as them. Most cities in Iran have bus transportation system. In big cities like Tehran there are Bus Rapid Transportation (BRT) system as well. In big cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, and Mashhad there is subway.

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8- Transportation between cities

public transporation in iran

To travel from one city to another one you can use public transportation including bus (available in most cities), train (limited availability) and flights (available in most big cities).

Another budget-friendly news about Bus/Train ticket prices in Iran is that, you can easily obtain your VIP Bus/Train ticket for a 300 km ride as low as 2 Euro. Yes that is how incredible is Iran.

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9- Visit the free attractions – Iran budget travel

The entrance fee is different for different attractions. For example, the entrance fee for Iran National Museum and Archive in Tehran costs 1,000,000 rials for foreigners which equals about $5. The price for visiting Persepolis is 200,000 rials, which equals less than 1$ for foreign tourists.

As you can see the cost of the entrance while visiting Iran is very low. Hence, the entrance fee is a small share of your budget for traveling to Iran.

Free walking tour is another great idea to not only explore and sightseeing for free but interact with locals and gain some awesome experience socializing with them


10 – Pack all the medication you could ever need

You may become sick, and being able to go inside your luggage and take whatever medication you need will be far more convenient than attempting to find the local drugstore, getting out of bed, and learning and accurately pronouncing the Persian word for “throat lozenge.”

Bring a variety of basic medicine that you trust to tackle any sickness. Even if you don’t use it, it’s way better to be safe than sick. Antibiotic, First aid kit, pain killers, Cold stop all are good ideas to be with you.


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