Apart from planning the trips, the tickets, and the destination country, we focus more on the place we desire to stay. For many, the site is a hotel, whereas some decide to stay with their relatives.

Finding a great hotel is s very critical step. The hotel has to be close to historical monuments or visiting places; it should be spotless and pocket-friendly. Finally, we focus more on the room structures, the number of beds in a room, and whether the hotel is a five-star luxury hotel or not.

Keeping all this in mind, you can always visit the 5-star hotels in Shiraz while traveling to Shiraz. You will enjoy your stay here, with friendly personnel, a great atmosphere, and delicious cuisine.

Finding the best luxury hotels in Shiraz might seem complicated, but if you have Exotigo, you need not worry about anything. Plan your destination, by looking at the great options that are available in Shiraz in Exotigo.

Zandiyeh Hotel Shiraz

Zandiyeh Hotel Shiraz

To start with the details of the five-star hotels in Shiraz, we should add that all the hotels we mention are great and worth staying in. The Zandiyeh hotel is a brilliant choice for all who love to travel to Shiraz.

The hotel is said to be constructed right in the heart of the historical city of Shiraz. You will be amazed to see how elegant the hotel is. The hotel’s attractive and unique appearance grabs the viewers’ attention.

A significant part of Zandiyeh hotel is close to visiting places such as the Vakil Bazar and the Zand Royal Palace, along with the jaw-dropping gorgeous mosques.

Hurry, this hotel is all you need while in Shiraz.

Shiraz Grand Hotel

Shiraz Grand Hotel

The second best luxury hotel is the Shiraz hotel. The hotel is standing tall right in the birthplace of the Persian culture. You will find this excellent hotel about ten minutes from Shiraz’s main tourist attraction.

You can enjoy your stay in this hotel with free unlimited Wi-Fi. Good news for all the fitness freaks, you can even enjoy exercising in the hotel’s fitness center, followed by a relaxing sauna and a pool.

Shiraz hotel has five excellent restaurants, and they even offer all the visitors a rooftop terrace that is big enough to fit all. Do not be surprised to see the hospitality of the Shiraz hotel. It is unbelievable yet true. Didn’t it set your foot tapping already?

Homa Hotel Shiraz

Homa Hotel Shiraz

We are sure you have heard of or seen this brilliant hotel. Homa hotel is a gem. It is also an intercontinental hotel in Shiraz and an excellent choice.

Do not worry about anything. the Homa hotel Shiraz is close to the business centers and malls. It saves you a lot of transport costs and allows you to walk in the streets more and enjoy your trip.

Enjoy walking among friendly citizens, and do not forget to taste the delicious faloodeh while walking under the sun. It is a delight to the soul.

Chamran Hotel Shiraz

Chamran Hotel Shiraz

Hotel Chamran is one of the tallest among all the hotels in this historical city. This hotel stands tall right in the district of Ghasrodasht and has heart-taking beautiful gardens.

The Chamran Grand hotel has been successful because they used their resources and knowledge wisely and the great hoteliers to make their hotel a unique one for all. The Chamran hotel Shiraz, has international standards, and it’s beyond compare.

Make your trip better with the best hotels and tasty food in Shiraz. Shiraz 5-star hotels are worth every penny we pay.

How Much Does a Shiraz Luxury Hotel Cost Per Night?

The cost of the hotels in Shiraz is significantly less compared to the excellent services they provide. You, a visitor with foreign currency, should know that the cost of the hotels per night can be significantly less for you as compared to the price for the natives based on the currency’s value.

Approximately the hotels in Shiraz can start from €49 to up to €140 in some cases. Still, you can know the exact cost details based on the time of the year you travel from Exotigo.

Can I Rent A Car From Shiraz Luxury Hotels?

Some of us love to have our car and travel throughout the city the way we like it. It is the main reason we opt for renting cars from the agencies or the hotels we stay at.

While you are in Shiraz, due to lack of time and unlimited visiting places, renting a car and traveling wherever you desire is a great idea. You can ask the hotels for car rentals or visit any agency that is ready to give you a car based on time or day.

Remember it is better to be safe, so even if you get a car, drive safe and stay away from any arguments. You are a guest in a foreign land. So make sure to enjoy it more.

How Far Is Shiraz Luxury Hotels from Historical Monuments?

The historical sites in Shiraz are not far from downtown except Persepolis, which needs a pick-up drive.

Rest you can enjoy walking or taking a car or taxi and visit the Nasir Al Mulk Mosque, which has a lot of fans and tourists who love its incredible architecture and site. From Shiraz Hotel, the distance to Nasir Al Mulk mosque is just about 15 minutes and not more.

Life gets boring when we stop adding excitement and joy to it. Plan your next trip to Shiraz, stay in its 5-star luxury hotels and make the best of your time and trip there.


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