Not all desire to stay in hotels while they travel and travelers don’t consider staying in hotels the best option.There are fantastic luxury hotels in Tehran, and there is no doubt about it. There are cheap hostels in Tehran that provide the best services to all visitors.

Hostels in Tehran have never failed to surprise visitors with their unique interior, outstanding services, and friendly staff. Hostels are much cheaper than hotel rooms and usually have a kitchen, so you can make your meals and save even more money.

It turns out that staying at a hostel is a great budget option, and it is often possible to get a stagnation that is even cheaper than the advertising price.

In this regard, let us read further about the best hostels in Tehran and a bit more about them in detail that will help you decide whether you want to stay there or not.

What are the best Tehran Hostels?

The Cozy Iran Hostel

Iran Cozy Hostel

A comfortable yet unique hostel in Tehran is the cozy Iran Hostel. The hostel faced hard days during the pandemic, as with other businesses. But now, as the situation has calmed worldwide, businesses have started growing and going forward with more power.

The hostel has western toilets, clean rooms, and a friendly atmosphere. You will get all the other necessities you are looking for in a hotel.

So a Cozy hostel is a fantastic option if you plan to visit Tehran but don’t want to stay in a hotel. Save some money for your trip while staying in a Cozy hostel in Tehran.

Tehran Heritage Hostel

Tehran Heritage Hostel

Another excellent hostel worth staying in Tehran is the Tehran Heritage hostel. The hostel is new and one of the largest in Tehran, the capital of Iran. The hostel offers all visitors a private or even a dormitory based on their choice and preference.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a bag packer or a budget traveler, the Tehran heritage hostel will not fail to surprise you, and it serves its best to people with different economic conditions.

Feel free to visit the reception; you will find them ready to help you 24 hours a day. Pay a visit here, and you will not regret doing so.

Zee Hostel

Zee Hostel Tehran

Zee Hostel is the next best option for visitors connecting to Rooberoo Mansion, one of Tehran’s most vibrant cultural centers.

Here you can feel the authentic lifestyle of Iranian youth. Zee Hostel is located in the historic center of Tehran, just a few minutes’ walk from the metro. A voluminous hostel with dormitories and private rooms, a roof terrace, a large garden, and venues for events and performances.

Hi Tehran Hostel

Hi Tehran Hostel
Hi Tehran Hostel

Hi Tehran Hostel I is a cost-effective, Eco-friendly hostel in the vibrant neighborhood of Bahar, downtown Tehran. As the first hostel in Tehran initiated by two women, it offers you the modern spirit of the city a with convenient access to the city’s hot spot.

Hi Tehran Hostel has one of the most experienced hospitality staff among all other Tehran hostel as they run this hostel so many years. Most of their customers confess that their quality is comparable to other touristic countries’ hostels.

How Much Are Tehran Hostels?

Once you know about the right hostel in Tehran that you desire to stay in, it’s time to check the cost of the hostel. Everything can affect our choice of choosing a particular hostel in Tehran.

The cost can also vary based on the amenities, facilities, and location. The general price of hostels in Tehran can vary something between $ 10 to even $ 40.

So before booking, take a look at Exotigo, and you will be able to check the cost of the Tehran hostels before you even plan further.

How Far Are Tehran Hostels to the Airport?


Tehran is a big city, and the airport is slightly far from the capital. It takes approximately two hours from the capital to reach the airport.

The Tehran Cedar Hostel, in this case, lies right in the heart of the city, so you can say that it will take you approximately two hours to reach the airport taking into consideration the traffic you will face while you are in Tehran.

In the case of the Rooberoo hostel, we can say that it is just 2.8 km from the city center and 10.5 km from the airport. We hope these details can help you decide which hostel you want to book and stay in while in Tehran.

Generally speaking, Tehran is a beautiful city to visit. Choosing Tehran hostels can also be a good idea if you are not a fan of hotels and you are thinking of saving a bit more.

Whatever the reason for traveling to Teheran, finding suitable accommodation for tourists, transportation, business meetings, etc., is an important issue. The excellent news is that Tehran offers a variety of accommodation options to fit every budget.

Hostels in Tehran are always lively. Like hostels worldwide, Tehran Hostel offers travelers a unique opportunity to meet locals and interact with fellow travelers in a relaxed environment.

You will also get the same standard services in hostels, such as air conditioning, reception to answer your queries, washing machine, parking space, access to Wi-Fi, and anything you desire.

Find the answer to your questions here easily without even having to search the net for hours and still get confused about which one you should choose.


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