Yazd is a city that never gets old. People love to visit Yazd as much as they love visiting Shiraz and other cities. Yazd has excellent visiting sites and historical monuments that attack people from all corners of the world to it.

Besides its unique sites, Yazd is famous for its brilliant, high-quality silk and carpets. Apart from all these, are you aware that the city you plan to visit is one of the leading centers for textiles in Iran?

We are sure it has even added more to your enthusiasm and curiosity to visit Iran faster than you can even think of. Isn’t it? Not to forget that if you visit Yazd, you are visiting the second most historical city in the world that you can be proud of. Isn’t it amazing?

If you are interested in the weather and climate of Yazd, we should add that the province has a hot and dry desert-like climate. It is the land of Aryans, whose descents and official language are Persian but with a sweet Yazdi accent.

Do not worry about where you will stay in Yazd. There are excellent hotels and hostels. If you do not want to stay in hotels, you can choose hostels instead and accommodate yourself there. Yazd hostels are as good as its hotels and will provide the same excellent services you desire.

In this regard, let us read till the end to find out more about the great Yazd hostels that are cheap hostels where you can enjoy and save both.

What Are the Best Yazd Hostels?

Among the best hostels in Yazd, we are glad to share details about the following and inform you about the services and their location. We hope it will help you in choosing your ideal hostel in Yazd while you are there.

Qanat Hostel in Yazd

Qanat Hostel, Yazd

To start with, we will read about the Qanat hostel in Yazd. The hostel goes back around 500 years ago and is an excellent traditional residence that welcomes all to it warmly.

It goes back to the era of Zandiyeh, and in 1396, once the refurbishment was completed successfully, the area became a traditional hostel for guests in Yazd.

You will find this unique traditional hostel in Imam street, and you as a guest are lucky as you will have easy access to the famous Alexander’s prison and Lari’s house that you can visit.

Khesht Abad Hostel, Yazd

Khesht Abad Hostel, Yazd

Another fantastic hostel where you can find comfort and peace is the Khesht Abad hostel in Yazd. Did you know that this hostel is one of the significant characteristics of ecotourism in the province of Yazd?

It has brilliant architecture, is well equipped with traditional properties, and is constructed of fabulous rooms that create a nostalgic atmosphere for you. It sounds very tempting and demanding already.

Do not worry about the distance of this hostel as it is very close to the tourist attraction of Yazd, so you can walk in the streets of Yazd and find out more about the city yourself. Six rooms have private bathrooms, and the rest are for public services.

Rooms services are even in French, so you do not have any language issues while you stay here. Do you need anything else to keep you here?

Yazd Oasis Hostel

Yazd Oasis Hostel

Yazd Oasis Hostel is a 120-year-old house from the Qajar period. After being rebuilt as a residential community, this hostel reopened in 2015. The Oasis hostel includes two courtyards, an exterior and an inner courtyard, both of which are nice places to have tea or eat meals. An antique kitchen sits to the left of the courtyard, its only source of light a round window in the ceiling.

The Yazd Oasis Hostel features a modest underground basement where various pickles, jams, nuts, and other items have been preserved. Oasis Hostel’s main courtyard is a huge courtyard with a broad passageway running between the narrow walls. The courtyard also has kitchens and restrooms.

Good Feeling Hostel, Yazd

Good Feeling Hostel, Yazd

In the lovely city of Yazd, there is a clean and affordable hostel. The Good Feeling hostel is located on Ghiam Street in the city’s historical district. This hostel dates back to the Qajar dynasty and is more than 150 years old. This hostel has also just been renovated.

Good Feeling Hostel has a fantastic roof facing to Yazd skyline, quite unique and relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, a lovely staircase will lead you to the roof. There is a lively little garden in the middle of the yard, and all rooms are in its surrounding.

How Much Are Yazd Hostels?

Hostels, in general, are more pocket friendly and economical. They provide the same services as hotels, but they help you save as much money as possible.

Hostels in Yazd are excellent, and they welcome all, regardless of where you are and how many people you travel with.

The cost of the hostels in Yazd varies, but generally, they start from $10 for dormitories; the hostels in Yazd that have private rooms cost nearly $37.

Isn’t it too cheap for you? Knowing that foreign currency has a high value in Iran makes it easier and more affordable. So choosing hostels in Yazd for your trip is a great idea.

How to Book Yazd Hostel?

Iran Hotel Booking

Thanks to unique sites you can find on the internet, booking the best hostels in Yazd is very easy. The rates, comments, and feedback can help you choose your desired hostel.

All you need to do is find a good and trustworthy site from which you can search for the hostel you desire according to your budget and the number of people traveling with you. Technology has made life easier for all, so take the help of the internet and find the best to complete your trip with a positive vibe.

How Far Are Yazd Hostels to Historical Monuments?

So far, we have read about the different types of hostels and that they are almost located in the heart of the city.

It makes it clear that these hostels are only a walking distance from the historical monuments in Yazd, making it even more demanding as it helps you save money and energy.

Don’t you think the Yazd trip can be fun if you stay in the friendly hostels of Yazd and get more engaged with the nature and culture of the people living there? It can be a new experience but a memorable one.


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