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Frequently Asked Questions

  1- What types of credit cards are accepted for hotel booking?

We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and PayPal. Your booking at Exotigo is a secure instant booking, Exotigo is secured by GeoTrust, a well-known digital security certificate provider.

  2- How can I find my booking confirmation after my online hotel reservation?

If your hotel was an exclusive pre-paid property, a voucher will be generated upon payment and will be emailed to you. This voucher is your hotel confirmation. Exclusive customer service will be assigned for your booking 24/7 for your enquiries.

  3- How can I cancel/change my hotel reservation?

You will be charged upon cancellation as per Exotigo and Hotel cancellation policies reflected on the hotel page. You can either cancel your hotel via your account panel or contact us via [email protected]

  4- When does hotel charge after my reservation?

If you have reserved an exclusive pre-paid property, your credit/debit card will be charged at the time of booking which includes most taxes and fees. Those who book via PayPal will be treated as per PayPal policies.

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Finding hotels in Iran can sometimes be misguiding, and it's easy to book the wrong hotel in Iran. Hotels in Iran range from luxury juggernauts to down-to-earth motels and cultural lodges. Yet, don't worry; we will get you stationed, no matter your preferences. You can look through dozens of Iranian hotels here and make a mad dash to book Iranian hotels in a split second.

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