Iran is mainly known for its grand monuments, rich history, Mosques, Gardens and etc. Most people come to Iran for exploring these diverse architectures and cultural places. Apart from this, there is another part of Iran that must also be explored at the same time.

The adventure and tourists activities in Iran are quite lucrative and interesting. One of the most interesting parts of these types of adventures is that they will refresh your soul and mind. It can add some extra thrill to your life. So, if you are still waiting for something new on your trip, then it is best to try adventure tours in Iran.

From a mysterious desert camping and trekking an ancient underground water supply (Qanat) to skiing on Damavand Mountain and trekking in Golestan National park, all are just a glance of a long list of adventures and things to do in Iran. Let’s stack up out more activities and adventures in this post:

  • Skiing in Damavand Mountain
  • Exploring the Persian Gulf islands
  • Safari and Camel riding in Iran central desert
  • Living a day with Qashqai Nomad
  • Climb to the summit of Damavand Mountain
  • One-night camping in the desert
  • Trekking in Golestan national park
  • Trekking Persian Qanat in Yazd
  • Varzaneh desert exploration
  • Live in Stair-stepped traditional village

According to world tourism organization stats, Iran is one of the most budget-friendly destinations in the world. That is good news for broke backpackers who love exploring exotic destinations like Iran on budget.

It takes time to become an experienced traveler, but if you’re prepared with the appropriate travel tips, techniques, and hacks, as well as a general understanding of how to backpack, you’ll have an advantage while you gain new life experiences in Iran.

Let’s get pumped on the greatest hiking tips and techniques for your trip to Iran, in no particular order! These travel guidelines will make your trips smooth and your landings gentle.

With so much to see and do in Iran, you won’t want to spend all of your money on lodging. Instead of looking at luxury hotels, consider staying in one of Iran’s hostels. They’ll give you more bang for your buck, which is ideal for a longer journey! Not only that, but you’ll have the opportunity to meet other travelers and build lifelong connections and experiences!
In light of this, we’ve chosen to assist you. We’ll look at the top hostels in Iran in this post! We considered your travel style, personality, and, most crucially, your budget. So don’t worry, your ideal Iran hostel is somewhere on our list!
Allow our knowledgeable travel writers to lead you to Iran’s top hostels. You won’t find a more detailed guide about where to stay in this amazing country anywhere else!

  • Best Hostels in Tehran
  • Best Hostels in Yazd
  • Best Hostels in Shiraz
  • Best Hostels in Isfahan
  • Best Hostels in Kashan

The number of yearly tourists to Iran has increased in recent years, and the removal of economic sanctions is likely to draw many more.

Iran is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations, so there are plenty of sights to explore. There are 24 cultural and natural sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran.

This list is dominated by palaces, bazaars, sites of worship, old water systems, and remains of the historic Persian Empire. here is the list of Top 24 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran:

1- Chogha Zanbil9- Armenian Monasteries17- Susa
2- Persepolis10- Shushtar Hydraulic System18- Tabriz Bazaar
3- Naqshe Jahan Square11- Tabriz Bazaar19- Takht-e Soleyman
4- Takht-e Soleyman12- Sheikh Safi al-din Shrine20- Chogha Zanbil
5- Bam Citadel13- The Persian Garden21- Persian Garden
6- Pasargadae14- Sheikh Safi al-din Shrine22- Persian Qanat
7- Soltaniyeh15- Shushtar Hydraulic System23- Hyrcanian Forests
8- Bisotun16- Soltaniyeh24- Lut desert

If there is one thing that travelers are more likely to do now than in the past, it is traveling by car. The thrill of embarking on a road journey in search of a hidden treasure or an unusual find is exceptional. Whether you’re driving a high-end 4WD vehicle or a low-cost minivan, the open road is one of life’s great levelers. Fresh air, beautiful landscape, what else could be better than freedom in the trip.

Iran is quite a big country. Although exploring popular cities is great by itself, skipping some off-beaten would be a big regret. You can have road trip in Iran either rent a car and drive yourself which is cheaper, but you need to take care of car matters, or you hire a tour guide driver and let him do the rest, which is more expensive, less privacy but quite hassle-free. Either way, you are doing a true thing, the road is calling you!

If you love hitting the open road every now and then, you’re at the right place. Here’s an ultimate list of the 9 best road trips in Iran for your bucket list recommended by travel experts.

  • Chalus road (Mountain forests region)
  • Asalem to Khalkhal road (Mountain forests region)
  • Hajij to Uraman Takht road (Mountain forests region)
  • Chabahar to Gwatr port road (Beach desert region)
  • Parsian to Mogham road (Beach desert region)
  • Tehran to Shiraz road
  • Shahrekord to Izeh road
  • Shiraz to Kazeroon road
  • Yazd to Nayband road (Desert region)

After a time of traveling, every hotel starts looking the same. Most reputable hotel brands provide the same facilities, from soft mattresses and flat screen TVs to minibars and continental breakfasts. The only thing that changes is the hotel view. But every now and again, you’ll come upon a unique hotel that genuinely sticks out.

Your bucket list deserves much more unusual place to stay. more than just four walls of the same old boring hotel stay. From glamping yurts in the middle of Lut desert in Kerman and amazing Caravanserai in Yazd to a rocky hotel in Tabriz and Nomad tent surrounded by wildlife in Ardabil. we’ve been fortunate to stay in quite a few unusual hotels.

We’ve found that amazing hotels and accommodations can help to make a good trip great, and turn a great trip into a once-in-a-lifetime experience. in order to make this list as unique and unusual as possible, we enlisted our travel experts to review Iran’s most unique hotels based on their personal experiences:

  • Parsian Ghaleganj Hotel Kapari, Kerman – Iran
  • Kandovan Laleh Rocky Hotel, Tabriz – Iran
  • Toranj Hotel, Kish – Iran
  • Zein O Din Caravanserai, Yazd – Iran
  • Matinabad Desert Eco-Camp, Isfahan – Iran
  • Durna Eco Camp, Ardabil – Iran
  • Barin hotel, Shemshak – Iran
  • Lut Star Eco camp, Kerman – Iran

Ecotourism, in general, combines a desire to visit the world’s natural regions with a desire to conserve them at the same time. Ecotourism aids in the preservation of the areas you like visiting. This concept, which is at the heart of the sustainable tourism movement, is now reshaping the worldwide travel business.

Ecolodges contribute to the preservation of cultural and natural heritage, the promotion of environmentally friendly practices, and the provision of economic and social advantages to local residents. As people grow more conscious of their environmental effects, they are seeking out new and non-traditional kinds of lodging that prioritize sustainability. As a result, ecolodges are growing in popularity.

Here are the best 8 of Iran’s spectacular and sustainable ecolodges to stay. We are highlighting these properties because they are deeply rooted in Iran local communities and dedicated to protecting surrounding ecosystems and cultures. Don’t miss this unique experience in Iran trip.

One of the popular tourist activities and things to do in Iran, is visiting Iranian Historical houses. Almost in all Iranian cities you can find some amazing examples of Persian Historic houses from Tabatabei house in Kashan to Qavam house in Shiraz. All shows the fact how skillful were Iranian in architecture and construction.

Iranian houses usually come with Persian gardens, meaning ancient Iranian liked to surrounded their house with beautiful gardens. the architecture makes use of abundant symbolic geometry, using pure forms such as the circle and square, and plans are based on often symmetrical layouts featuring rectangular courtyards and halls.

You may be surprised if you know that the design of the Taj Mahal in India is significantly inspired by Persian architecture. Let’s do not wait and take a look at 9 Historical houses in Iran.

Middle Eastern cuisine to many people, is about charcoal-grilled meat, Kebab and giant food portions, designed for sharing and sometimes come with Shisha and sweet dessert especially at traditional restaurants.

Iranian food is one of the enduring highlights of any visit to this beautiful country. Iran is a fascinating mix of ancient and modern culture, complete with a dining scene to match. From traditional Persian dish Chelo Kabab, to globally inspired food.

Almost all meals here are dominated by kebabs and stews accompanied by nun (breed) or berenj (rice). Desserts are also present aplenty. There are some good choices for vegetarians as well. So here’s a rundown of some of the best restaurants in Iran to eat at. Hope you try and enjoy it.

For those who know Iran as a dry climate with some famous deserts, knowing about Iran ski resorts might be surprising. Iran is a four-season country and you can experience cold and freezing weather in the northern part of Iran while there is mild weather in the south. The winter ski resorts of Iran are mostly located in the northern area of Tehran and operating from December to April.

For some travelers, skiing has become a popular winter sport. Ski resorts have responded by expanding hotels, restaurants, and a variety of indoor and outdoor activities to meet the demand. But for skiers, it’s all about the snow, as well as the geography of the mountainsides where it falls.

Most of Iran’s ski resorts are designated as International Ski Resort by the International Ski Federation (FIS). meanwhile you can find either recreational or professional ski resorts. Usually the resorts provide some stalls to rent ski gears at a low price; the entrance ticket is also cheap.

Let’s take a look at the 5 top-rated ski resorts in Iran.