When you visit a foreign country you want to get to know as much as possible of its culture and traditions. One way of doing that is choosing to stay in traditional hotels, built in the local architectural style and offering mainly local foods. Obviously, you’ll also want to enjoy all the comforts of a good hotel. Here are a few choices that might help you make your stay in Iran as authentic as possible.

Visiting a foreign country doesn’t have to blow a hole in your budget. If you want to enjoy yourself and explore new places, you need to be smart and choose your accommodations carefully. And, no, a cheap hotel doesn’t mean a bad one. The right term would be affordable. You need to look for a place that offers you all the comfort you need at a decent price. And there are plenty of such hotels in Iran.
Here are a few cheap and budget-friendly hotels in Iran that will offer you a very pleasant experience without denting your budget.

If you’re a history buff or if you simply want to explore priceless architectural remains of the past, Iran is just the place for you. Anyone can visit the Versailles Palace in Paris or the Colosseum in Rome, but who of your friends has pictures of the amazing Falak-ol-Aflak Castle in Iran? If you’re planning your trip to Iran make sure to include visiting Iran wonderful castles and fortress in your schedule.

Foreign tourists visiting Iran need to be aware of the public holidays in this country. During such days many services, including banking, may be closed, and this might cause some inconveniences. On the other hand, such holidays are a great opportunity to observe the local traditions and culture.
Here’s a look at the most important public holidays in Iran. The dates of these holidays are based on the Persian calendar and Georgian calendar as well. Totally you can expect 25 public holidays in Iran. We went through the 9 most important ones, however you can find the complete holiday table at the end of this article.

When they think about the Middle East, most people imagine wide sandy deserts and unbearable heat. Few pay attention to the word gulf, as in Persian Gulf. Where there’s a Gulf you have water and beaches. You will be surprised to hear of the wonderful beaches that you can find in Iran. After visiting the famous cities and all the historical monuments this beautiful country has to offer, why not head for the beach and relax for a few days. Here are the best beaches around the Persian Gulf that you should include on your travel list.

Iran is a big country and if you want to make the most of your trip there it might be advisable to hop on a plane to avoid long car or bus travels. If it’s your first time in the country, you might be surprised that you can book online Iran domestic flights ahead of your trip with your credit card. Airfares are quite low, at least as compared to Western standards, so you’ll find flying from one part of the country to another quite convenient. The main Iranian domestic airlines offer flights between 59 cities and airports in the country, with the most popular cities being Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kish Island, Tabriz and Yazd.

Tehran may not be a street food lover’s paradise but that would probably be a unique experience since you will immerse local culture in the most possible way. Tehran’s street cuisine is varied and wonderful, prepared with fresh ingredients and offered from carts, peddlers, street-corner stands, street vendors, and restaurants all around the city. From kebab to falafel, there’s something for everyone! This article was created to assist you to learn about the 5 best street foods in Tehran, Iran, as well as where to get them.