Some people’s idea of a dream holiday is to soak the sun on a beach somewhere, while others prefer a holiday filled with adventure. If you belong to the latter group, here’s a look at the most interesting and most thrilling caves in Iran.

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Ali Sadr Cave

Ali Sadr Cave, Hamedan

Situated in Hamedan province, in Western Iran, Ali Sadr cave is a cave included on the UNESCO world heritage list. It is the world’s largest water cave. If you don’t fancy the idea of making your way through a dark cave, you can take a tour by boat along the 11km long canals system. Just sit back and enjoy the spectacular views of the stalactites and the 40m high waterfalls all around the cave.  

Location: Ali Sadr Cave, Hamedan, Iran

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Katale Khor Cave

Katale Khor Cave, Zanjan

The Katale-Khor, situated 120 km south of Zanjan was discovered some 90 years ago and, in recent times, it has become an important tourist attraction. In some parts of the cave, the roof is very high, while in others you’ll have to watch your head while holding firmly to the handrails of the wooden bridges.


Katale-Khor, which means ‘mount of sun’ boasts numerous layers, ancient fossils dating back to the Jurassic period and several underground tunnels for the adventurer in you. Katale Khor is the largest wet and dry cave in Iran.

Location: Katale Khor Cave, Zanjan, Iran

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Karaftu Cave

Karaftu Cave

Located right between Saqqez and Divandarreh, the Karaftu caves is an ensemble of artificially cut rock chambers dating back to the 3rd or 4t century BC. Once you get through the man-made caves, you will reach the real cave. The whole trip will take at least one hour and you must make sure to wear suitable shoes as you have to climb several stairs, and some trails are quite slippery. Don’t forget your camera as there are many impressive views inside.   

Location: Karaftu Cave, Kurdistan, Iran


Quri Qaleh Cave

Quri Qaleh Cave

Located in the Ravansar area, the Quri Qaleh is one of the longest caves in western Asia so a complete tour is no easy fit The Quri Qaleh cave system is made of three chambers which will amaze you with their stupendous stalactite formations and waterfalls.  Bats might not be very popular following the pandemic, but the Quri Qaleh is home to a little-known Mouse-eared bat, very cute and quite harmless. If you’re passionate about history, it might interest you to know that the cave is believed to have hosted a Mithra temple in the late Sasnian period, which explains the numerous artifacts found there.

Location: Quri Qaleh Cave, Kermanshah, Iran

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Kharbas Cave

If you make your way to the Straits of Hormuz, take a trip to the island of Qeshm where you will find the amazing Kharbas cave, one of the main tourist attractions in the Hormozgan province. This hidden gem of a cave has impressive stalactites that look more like chandeliers than a natural formation. It also one of the most pristine caves in the whole country.

Location: Kharbas cave, Qeshm, Iran


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