For Nature lovers who seeking some adventure in Iran; we take you to the scenes beyond the high cliffs over the best canyons in Iran to visit Iran’s unspoiled and pure nature and increase your adrenaline.
Canyons are natural wonders cut amidst towering cliffs of mountains with water streams flowing through their swells, producing breathtaking sceneries, and Iran has so many of them. These natural wonders inform us not only about nature, but also about the earth’s history and what it has gone through.
Here we introduce those amazing best 8 Iran canyons and how you can get there. Join us to explore another exotic experience in Iran.

Hayghar Canyon – Iran Canyons

Best Canyon in Iran, Hayghar Canyon - Exotigo
Best Canyon in Iran, Hayghar Canyon – Exotigo

There are numerous areas in Iran’s enormous country that have yet to be fully explored. One of them is Hayghar Canyon, often known as Iran’s Grand Canyon.

You need to drive by your own car or take a tour to go almost 2 hours from Shiraz to south. On the route, you should not miss Qal’eh Dokhtar (also known as Ghale Dokhtar, Dezh Dokhtar, The Maiden’s Castle, The Girl’s Castle, and ) to see some beautiful sights.

and finally an the amazing Hayghar Canyon, This magnificent riverscape runs for roughly 13 kilometers in the Zagros Mountains in the Firuzabad area.

If you want to undertake canyon trekking and climbing, make sure you have extra supplies and water. The greatest time to visit this canyon is early in the spring, when you may be able to see the Qashqai nomads and spend the night with them if you’re lucky.

Location: Firouz abad, Fars, Iran

Kaferin Canyon – Iran Canyons

Best Canyon in Iran, Kaferin Canyon - Exotigo
Best Canyon in Iran, Kaferin Canyon – Exotigo

Kafrin Canyon is located in the beautiful and spectacular province of Ilam, which is known as the bride of Zagros. This province has many amazing and spectacular valleys, which are the best place to set up exciting tours and have an adventurous trip in the heart of the pristine and green nature of this region in Iran.

Kafrin Canyon is located in 80km from Ilam in South East. You need to search in google map: Tang e Kafari to find the exact location of the Canyon. You have to take a boat to reach the Kafrin Strait and cross the river to get to this place. same as other Iran Canyons the best time to visit Kaferin Canyon is in Spring. The above photo is taken in spring as well.

Location: Badreh, Ilam, Iran

Raghaz Canyon – Iran Canyons

Best Canyon in Iran, Raghaz Canyon - Exotigo
Best Canyon in Iran, Raghaz Canyon – Exotigo

Raghaz Canyon, in Iran’s Fars Province, is one of the country’s most adventurous canyons.
It is surrounded by mountains and has breathtaking beauty that is hard to believe. Raghaz Canyon is home to over 60 thundering waterfalls and several pools with crystal blue water.

Raghaz’s biggest waterfall, Azarakhsh (Thunder), is 65 meters high, and its deepest pool, Kabootar, is 20 meters deep. to make the most of Raghaz and have more excitment, we recommend to go there with expert equipment.

The greatest time to go canyoning in Raghaz is between April and August, when you may plunge into the turquoise pools and take advantage of the abundant springs.

Location: Fars Province, Darab, Darab-Hajiabad Rd, Iran

Shirez Canyon

Best Canyon in Iran, Shirez Canyon - Exotigo
Best Canyon in Iran, Shirez Canyon – Exotigo

A beautiful combination of rocky cliffs, flowing water and lush plains, and you will reach the waterfall and the cave after passing through the pleasing passageways.

The shirz canyon, a natural feature in Lorestan, is surrounded by rocks and cliffs that rise to 150 to 200 meters in height, and is renowned as Iran’s “Grand Canyon.” The natural shape of the strait’s rocks and steps has existed for thousands of years. In coping with moisture, wind, and snow, the sedimentary rocks here have become intriguing and distinct.

Again the best time to visit is late spring and This location allows swimming, so bring additional clothing in case your clothes gets wet. Because the cave is entirely dark, you’ll need to bring a flashlight. It’s difficult to cross the gorge and walk in chilly water, and you’ll need to be in good physical shape.

Location: Kuhdasht, Lorestan Province, Iran

Best Canyon in Iran, Chahkooh Canyon - Exotigo
Best Canyon in Iran, Chahkooh Canyon – Exotigo

Chahkooh Canyon

Chahkooh valley, also known as Chahkooh canyon, is located 70 kilometers from the city of Qeshm, near to the settlement of “Chahoo Sharghi” (Eastern Chahoo). Chahkooh is one of the seven marvels of Qeshm Island, according to legend.

The name Chahkooh Valley is considered to have originated thousands of years ago, and relates to the four wells created by the locals at the valley’s centre.

Best Canyon in Iran, Rageh Canyon - Exotigo
Best Canyon in Iran, Rageh Canyon – Exotigo

Location: Qeshm island, Hormozgan province

Rageh Canyon

This incredible natural marvel, located not far from Rafsanjan city in Kerman province, features 20-kilometer-long walkways and 100-meter-high irregularly carved cliffs.

Water springs have brought remarkable life to the depths of the desert, where the soil has been sculpted by alluvial erosion over hundreds of years.

Surprisingly, the sinuous hall, arches, and striped walls of Rageh canyon are still changing due to natural forces. The chilly days of spring and fall are the best times to explore this gorgeous canyon.

Location: Rafsanjan, Kerman Province, Iran

Kal-e Jeni Canyon

Best Canyon in Iran, Kal-e Jeni Canyon - Exotigo
Best Canyon in Iran, Kal-e Jeni Canyon – Exotigo

Kal Jeni is a very old valley, known to the natives as the Jinns Valley, located in the city of Tabas.
one of the most amazing and bizarre experiences you could possibly have. Very picturesque and authentic views. it has 30 minutes of simple hiking to reach to the water and the campsite.

Because of Tabas’ climate, most of the fall and winter seasons are ideal for tourism in Tabas, particularly in this region. As a result, when the north and west cities are experiencing cold and snow, this location will be mild.

Location: Tabas, South Khorasan Province, Iran

Tange Boraq Canyon

Best Canyon in Iran, Tange Boraq Canyon - Exotigo
Best Canyon in Iran, Tange Boraq Canyon – Exotigo

Tang-e Boraq, or Boraq canyon, is another hidden gem in Fars province’s verdant plains, located near a village of the same name. It is located 200 km northwest of Shiraz.

Spring and summer are the coolest times to visit the cliffs around the waterfalls, as they are 20 kilometers from Eqlid and at a height of 1940 meters above sea level.

This natural attraction has lately gained popularity among Fars residents and may be congested. Having some outdoors activities besides enjoying the rich Shiraz culture and history, makes Fars province a prominent Iran destination among tourists.

Location: Tanqe Boraq Village, Fars Province, Iran


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