Iran is a land of natural wonders and cultural attractions. You can find traces of civilization in different parts of the country. From Persepolis to Tabriz Grand Bazaar, from Lut Desert to coastline of the Persian Gulf there is a lot that you can enjoy from beauties and uniqueness.

Besides, you can find some delightful places in Iran that are considered scarce attractions in the world. You can find some of these attractions below. So traveling Iran, do not miss these world wonderful attractions in Iran.

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Darak, where desert meets sea

iran wonder

As a coastal village in the most southeastern part of Iran, Darak is one of the places that you should put on your bucket list. Its sandy coast is the place where the desert meets the Sea of Oman. In fact, the place is between two ports, Chabahar and Bandar Abbas.

The dunes on the coast make it an extraordinary place and a good place for all water activities like swimming, surfing, and diving. You can also enjoy the shadow of palm trees. Don’t miss the scenic sunset.

It looks like Namib, a coastal desert in southern Africa. It stretches for about 2,000 kilometers. In fact, the sand seas and dunes near the coast are mesmerizing. It is between 9 to 20 at all times of the year and is shaped by the winds.

Aladaqlar mountains, Iran wonder


In northwestern Iran near Tabriz, there are breath-taking Aladaglar Mountains.

This colorful masterpiece is dated back to some 15 million years ago.

In addition, you can find red, copper, green, blue, and brown in these mountains.

It is like the rainbow mountains of Peru, Vinicunca. The minerals create layers of different colors of gold, lavender, red, and turquoise.

It is really scenic views and tourists enjoy hiking, walking and nature trips.

Stairway spring, Badab Soort


This wonderful stairway spring, Badab Soort, is a must-see in Iran.

Located near Sari of Mazandaran Province in northern Iran, Badab Soort is the second saltwater spring in the world after Pamukkale spring in Turkey.

It has two springs one is very salty in 15-meter diameter. Its water is used as treatment. The other is red and orange because of iron oxide brought from the ground to the surface.

In addition, you can enjoy the beauty of layers in different colors and sizes. This beautiful phenomenon is surrounded by pines, bushes in an interesting landscape.

The Pamukkale, which means cotton castle, is located in Denizli, Turkey. The thermal spring is snow-white and that is the reason that is ‘cotton castle’. There are also Roman ruins and a museum left on this site. The mineral water cascade down the mineral terraces.

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Beauty by thousand, Hezar Darreh

In the heart of forests in northern Iran, you can find Khaled Nabi hilly region. Known as Hezar Darreh (thousand valleys), it is a great place to visit in May.

You can also visit Khezr spring and enjoy the beauty of nature. Khaled Nabi cemetery is another attraction that you can enjoy in this region.

It is like Dzukou Valley, which is on the border of Nagaland and Manipur in northeast India.

You can visit hill rocks during the summer. During the monsoon season, the place is covered with flowers.

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Khazineh Valley, Iran wonder

Known as the Grand Canyon of Iran, Khazineh Valley is formed by million years of erosion and geographical changes.

It is midway between Pol Dokhtar and Andimeshk cities. Khazineh Valley also boasts the longest bridge in the Middle East.

The place looks like Grand Canyon in Arizona, U.S. Colorado River carved this steep-sided canyon.

Besides its greatness and beautiful landscape are well-known. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the renowned landmarks of the country.

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Pink beauty, Maharloo lake

Have you ever seen the photos that are shot near pink lakes? Do not miss Maharloo Lake, as one of the natural wonders, while visiting Shiraz.

If you visit Shiraz from autumn to mid-spring, remember to go to this seasonal-salt lake in the highlands near Shiraz. It is the Pink Lake of Shiraz due to the high salt concentrations.

In Western Australia, there is Hutt Lagoon, which resembles Lipar Lake.

The nice lake with a pink hue is the fishing village of Port Gregory. In mid-morning and sunset its beauty doubles.

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Mars on earth, Chabahar mountains

On the coastline from Chabahar to Gwadar port are Mars Mountains. These are in fact under the Sea of Oman for millions of years and gradually came out of the water and are highly resistant. They are back to the third period of the tertiary geological period.

 Its name come from their appearance which is red and light grey. In fact, various underwater fossils make mountains. The height of mountains ranges from 5 to 100 meters. There are similar mountains in other parts of Iran including South Khorasan Province, Qeshm island, Khuzestan Province, and Bandar Abbas port.

It resembles the incredible geological formation of the Atacama in Chile. It is a unique landscape and is one of the driest places in the world. The aridest region of the Atacama Desert is between two mountain chains and prevent moisture advection from either the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean.

Fairy chimney of Zanjan

Also known as Behestan Castle,  it is located 10 km the southeast of Mahneshan in Zanjan Province.

This great erosion is the result of millennia of rains, winds, and temperature change. The local people also call this phenomenon Takht-e Div (throne of demon).

 Locals believe that Mahneshan is one of the residences of Medes, ancient Iranian people who lived in the late second millennium BCE.

In addition, the castle is dug into the mountains and has corridors, staircases, vaults, and shelves.

You can visit the same phenomenon in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, U.S. It is known for its geological structures, hoodoos. The fantastic colors of red, orange, and white on the rocks mesmerize visitors of the place. Wind, water, and time erosion during centuries create this beautiful phenomenon.

Living in the rocks, Kandovan village

This ancient village in the heart of rocks is located in northwestern Iran. In the foothill of Sahand mountain. At least the village is back to 800 years ago. People still live in these manmade cliff dwellings. Its rocky architecture results from volcanic activities. Kandovan is also a safe shelter from cold weather and invaders. About 670 people live in this beautiful village.

Kandovan resembles Cappadocia in Turkey. It dated back to six century BCE. Cave dwellings and rock formation is renown in Kandovan. Enjoying history, walking, and experience hot air balloons are some activities that you can have in Cappadocia.

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