Iran Nature


When they think about the Middle East, most people imagine wide sandy deserts and unbearable heat. Few pay attention to the word gulf, as in Persian Gulf. Where there’s a Gulf you have water and beaches. You will be surprised to hear of the wonderful beaches that you can find in Iran. After visiting the famous cities and all the historical monuments this beautiful country has to offer, why not head for the beach and relax for a few days. Here are the best beaches around the Persian Gulf that you should include on your travel list.

Tour operators and enterprises in Iran offer bird-watching trips as one of the most popular nature activities. These brightly colored feathered companions arouse wanderlust and are occasionally used to select trip destinations. In recent years, bird-watching has become one of Iran’s most popular eco-tourism activities. Contrary to popular belief, you do not require a precise skill for bird-watching, all you need is a great set of binoculars and cameras to focus on these incredible and sometimes rare creatures. The best places to go bird watching in Iran are listed below.

Hot mineral springs are considered liquid gold in the name of health and relaxation. Soothing your body and gently losing up stressed muscles, hot springs deeply penetrate lactic acid, erasing years off your body. The temperature of the water increases your blood circulation, and oxygen flow, allowing your body to absorb the calcium and sodium bicarbonate within the water. Iran is known for its abundance of hot springs and tourists flock to these top 6 watering holes, in hopes of finding the fountain of youth.