When you visit a foreign country you want to get to know as much as possible of its culture and traditions. One way of doing that is choosing to stay in traditional hotels, built in the local architectural style and offering mainly local foods. Obviously, you’ll also want to enjoy all the comforts of a good hotel. Here are a few choices that might help you make your stay in Iran as authentic as possible.

Mahinestan Raheb Traditional Hotel, Kashan

Mahinestan Raheb, Kashan

Kashan is known for its gorgeous architecture and traditional residences. These mansions with unusual architecture allow us to experience what it’s like to live in an aristocratic residence. The Mahinestan Raheb Hotel is without a doubt one of the architectural wonders of the wonderful residence. This house, which is located in the center of Darb-e-Baagh area, was erected during the Qajar (1789-1925) and Pahlavi (1925-1941) eras.

A total of 16 accommodation units, ranging in size from one to four people, are located on two floors and are equipped with all modern amenities, including a safe, an indoor fridge with free water, a wardrobe, a phone, a private bathroom with a western toilet, shower, and toiletries in each room, and free high-speed Wi-Fi. The walls are adorned with stucco work and wonderful Iranian and old murals that extol Iranian art.

The hotel offers a lovely courtyard with a swimming pool in the center. The rooms are arranged around the courtyard, and visitors can relax on a pleasant balcony while watching the water dance. Every day, a full and delicious breakfast is served, and guests can dine at the hotel restaurant on Persian or foreign cuisine.

Fazeli Hotel, Yazd

Fazeli Hotel, Yazd

The Fazeli Hotel in Yazd is a brand-new hotel that first opened its doors in 2016. The edifice, which has an Islamic traditional design and architecture, includes the main yard, rooms, restaurant, and coffeehouse.

The restaurant’s skilled staff produces traditional Persian meals as well as western fare. Furthermore, the hotel is located in the heart of Yazd’s historical texture, also known as “old town” by locals.

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Keryas Traditional Hotel, Isfahan

Keryas Hotel, Isfahan

After repair and restoration in the spring of the Iranian calendar year 1397, the traditional Keryas Hotel in Isfahan, which dates from the Qajar Era (1789 to 1925), has been transformed into a beautiful and comfortable site to serve to Isfahan’s tourists (2018).

Every year, a considerable number of foreign and local tourists visit Keryas, one of Isfahan’s most exquisite traditional hotels. Hotel Keryas is directly across the street from Naqsh-e Jahan Square, which is home to the turquoise dome of the Shah mosque. It is possible to assert that no such experience exists in Isfahan! In addition, Ali Qapu Square, Hasht Behesht & Chehel Soton Palace, Vank Cathedral, and Manar Jonban are also close by.

Razzaz House (Arian Hostel), Tehran

Razzaz Hotel, Tehran (Arian Hostel)

Razzaz traditional home (Arian hostel) is one of the aristocratic residences of the Qajar period, located in the centre of Tehran. It is named for one of the ancient heroes during the Pahlavi and Qajar eras. In 2016, the house was refurbished and opened as Tehran’s first traditional residence.

The Razzaz hotel contains ten rooms, each with a range of amenities to ensure a memorable and enjoyable stay for guests of all interests and budgets. Shahneshin (1Double + 1Single), Gusheh (Twin), Pardis (Single), Alam Koh (1Double + 1Single), Damavand (1Double + 1Single), Delgosha (Quadruple), Cheshmandaz (Quadruple), Suite (Roof) 3 Single, Howz Khaneh (Double), and Sardab (Double) are some of the rooms available (Double). All rooms feature cutting-edge amenities such as air conditioning and heating, as well as private baths and bathrooms.

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Homayouni House, Shiraz

Homayouni House, Shiraz

Homayouni House is a Qajari hostel located in the heart of Shiraz, close to main tourist attractions. The attractive courtyard has created a soothing ambience for guests, complete with a small pool in the center and a classic sitting area.

For social events, a lovely rooftop with BBQ and Sharbat-Khane offering local dishes and beverages is excellent. Breakfast is served on the rooftop as well as in the courtyard and is complimentary. Throughout the day, guests can take advantage of complementary high-speed Wi-Fi and tea.


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