Iran is the land of tastes and recipes! Cooking in Iran introduce you to the kitchen secrets of different regions of the country. Due to the variety of climates and cultures in different regions of Iran, you can taste a wide range of tastes and recipes.

To have this great cooking experience in Iran, you can attend some culinary tours in different cities of Iran. So you can book some of these tours and have a great tasty experience in Iran!

On Exotigo, we have culinary tours in Shiraz, Yazd, Tehran, and northern Iran. Here you can find more details about these delicious experiences:

Cooking experience in Iran, Tehran

cooking in iran

During this six-hour tour, you can explore the local food market in Tajrish, uptown Tehran. A guide accompanies you to stroll through the market and you have the chance to learn about new ingredients and their usage in Iranian cuisines.

The tour begins from 9:30 to 15:30. After buying the ingredients, you are transported to the kitchen and experience cooking one of the delicious Iranian food with each other. Then you can enjoy eating the cuisine and additional side dishes and tea.

Cooking the Zoroastrian style in Yazd

cooking in Iran

In the village of Taft near Yazd city, you can have a unique experience of cooking with the Zoroastrian community during a seven-hour tour.

During the tour, you have the chance to stroll in the village and buy your ingredients at a local bakery and grocery store. Then you will move to a private garden and prepare a traditional breakfast and experience picking fruits. Good to know that Taft is known for its beautiful fruit gardens as well.

Then you start cooking one of the Zoroastrian meals. During the cooking, you can also get introduced to some Zoroastrian rituals and cultures as well. The tour begins at 9:00 and lasts until 16:00.

Cooking experience in northern Iran

Koofteh tabrizi iranian food
koofteh Tabrizi

During eight-day Persian Food Tasting in Northern-Iran tour, you travel in northern and north-western Iran and explore the local foods of every region. You visit Tehran, Tabriz, Ardebil, Fooman, Rasht, and Qazvin during the tour. It gives you the chance to explore some behind-the-scene food experiences that are not available in other classic tours!

The tour starts from Tehran with one of the most traditional foods of Iran named Abgousht. The next destination is Tabriz in northwestern Iran. There you can get introduced to Azeri cuisine. Koofteh Tabrizi is one of the most delicious and famous food that you experience cooking in this city. The city is also known for its sweets.

Moving to Ardabil, you experience cooking Aush-e dough (a thick soup made from herbs and yogurt), Aush-e miveh (a thick soup made with different fruits), and Torhsi garma (a stew made from meat, onion, tomato paste, prunes, and black-eyed pea).

Northern taste of Iran

Iran cuisine
Torsh Kebab

Fooman is the next city you visit. Close to the Caspian sea, this green destination is well-known for its koloucheh (cookie). Rasht is the next city, which is registered as the creative city of gastronomy on UNESCO. There you taste kateh kabab (rice), baghali ghatogh (made with lima beans, dill, eggs, and garlic), mirza ghasemi (made with eggplant, eggs, and tomato), and torsh-e kebab (sour kebab made with pomegranate paste, walnut, and meat).

The last city is Qazvin, where you can taste Qeimeh nesar, a stew made with different kinds of nuts like pistachio and meats.

So Abgousht, Koofteh Tabrizi, Aush-e dough, Aush-e miveh, torshi Garma stew, mirza ghasemi, Baghali Ghatogh, Qeimeh nesar as well as other snacks and sweets are on the menu during this tour.

Besides you can shop for food souvenirs and the most important highlights of the cities. You can also pay a visit to the kitchens where the foods are getting ready.

Cooking class in Shiraz

During the four-hour tour, you experience cooking popular delicious food in the home-like atmosphere in the beautiful city of Shiraz. A chef introduces you to the simplified recipe so you can experience cooking the food again in your homeland.

During the tour, you cook three different dishes as the starter, main course, and dessert. Dopiazeh (made with potato and onion) or Kashk-e badmejan (made with eggplant, onion, and kashk) are the starters. The main course is Shirazi Kalampolo (cabbage rice with meatball).

The dessert can be either halva or Ranginak (date and walnuts). The duration is flexible for lunch (10:00 to 14:00) or dinner (17:00 to 21:00).

Family dinner in a Shirazi home

This experience is a true authentic dive into the Persian culture while learning about the lifestyle and daily routines. During this three-hour tour, you dine with a Persian family in their home, having the opportunity to have cultural exchange and get to know how they spend their life as a local.

The tour starts with your arrival at their home and has a welcome drink, tea, or a local beverage. Then you spend some time while dinner is getting ready and you can socialize with the family.

The food is started with an appetizer. All the meals are Iranian local food, however, you can ask for customization depending on your favorite tastes. The main course and desserts are also served along with side dishes like yogurt, salad, and olive. It starts from 19:00 to 22:00.

By booking these tours, you provide a great chance to get introduced to new tastes and recipes. So do not miss the chance to taste all these cuisines. The new tastes are complementary to all other experiences you have in beautiful Iran!

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