Tehran may not be a street food lover’s paradise but that would probably be a unique experience since you will immerse local culture in the most possible way. Tehran’s street cuisine is varied and wonderful, prepared with fresh ingredients and offered from carts, peddlers, street-corner stands, street vendors, and restaurants all around the city. From kebab to falafel, there’s something for everyone! This article was created to assist you to learn about the 5 best street foods in Tehran, Iran, as well as where to get them.

Si e Tir Street

Si e Tir Street, Tehran

Si-e Tir Street, also known as 30th Tir Street, is one of Tehran’s most touristic areas, with some of the city’s greatest museums and other tourist attractions. One of the best things to do in Si-e Tir Street, aside from sightseeing and visiting the region, is to eat!

On one side of the street, you’ll find a variety of street food vendor stores! You can also eat your dinner at the tables on the other side of the street. From Persian dishes like kebab to fast cuisine, there’s something for everyone. There are other stores selling Indian, Turkish, and Lebanese cuisine. These shops stay up until late at night, allowing you to partake in Tehran’s nightlife on this delectable boulevard.

Location: Si-e Tir Street, Tehran

Dolat Abad Street

Dolat Abad Street, Tehran

Dolat Abad Street in region No.20 is well-known for its Arabic cuisine, particularly falafel and samboseh. Perhaps you’re wondering why there’s Arabic food on this street! Because this district is densely populated by Arabs, this street is an ideal site to sample many types of Arabic cuisine.

To get to Dolat Abad St., take the subway to Rey and then walk down that street. Next to the metro station is a taxi and bus terminal.

Location: Dolat Abad, Tehran

Bahman Square

Bahman Square, Tehran

We should travel to one of the most amazing and well-known districts in Tehran where we can find street food. Bahman Square, at the town’s south end, is a hotspot for liver lovers. It’s a square with a slew of liver sellers who have been at it for a long time and have a steady stream of customers. You are free to go there at any time and eat liver kebab.

Location: Bahman Square, Tehran

Tehran Grand Bazaar

Tehran Grand Bazaar

The Tehran fantastic Grand Bazaar is perhaps the best excursion in Tehran; Here is an amazing maze of covered shops. Assume you are arranging this visit. It would be really smart to explore each corner and find all the stuff sold in this old-fashioned market. In any case, you will be tired after a long walk, so you want some yummy food and snacks. Here is loaded with various delightful things to dig in. From saffron juice to berries walnut shake and gaping with local in traditional teahouse all could be an amazing experience.

Location: Tehran Grand Bazaar

Bob Homayoun Street

Bob Homayoun Street, Tehran

It’s a pedestrian-only boulevard in Tehran’s south, near the Imam Khomeini metro station, that’s pleasant to walk down. You may easily get there from the Imam Khomeini metro station. The street takes on a different character in the evenings, when food carts provide a broad variety of new food, ranging from local and traditional foods to international menus. This, like 30 Tir Street, serves a small but excellent selection of Iranian cuisine. This street offers traditional Iranian cuisine as well as a variety of beverages, nibbles, and refreshments.

Location: Bob Homayoun Tourism Passage


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