What are the best things to do in Iran? Enchanting historical monuments, captivating nature, and tourist spots is a long list of to-dos in Iran. However, Iran tourist attractions are more than what you think. Besides, there are more than tourist places and sightseeing; you can have great experiences in the country!

In addition, to visit architectural wonders, you can stroll in the alleys of traditional houses. Even spend nights at traditional houses turn into hotels. You can also buy souvenirs at old bazaars.

Don’t forget to eat Iranian foods like Abgoosht in the Persian manner. Also, enjoy natural wonders. In this way, you make sure that you check all items on your bucket list, all amazing Iran activities and experiences.

Iran is the land of historical wonder. Hence, put historical attractions on the top of your list of best things to do in Iran.

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Golestan Palace

The Golestan Palace is a lavish residence of the Qajar era (1789- 1925). It is at the heart of Tehran is on the UNESCO list. The green garden and its tranquil atmosphere mesmerize you while entering the palace. It is located near the crowded Tehran Grand Bazaar.

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Persepolis, Shiraz

In Shiraz, You can find Persepolis. It is the ceremonial capital of the 5th century BCE Achaemenid Empire. In addition, the site is on the UNESCO list and one of the Shiraz attractions.

Visiting Persepolis is a great experience! Hence, the remaining of the magnificent city enlighten you with the old civilization of Iran.

In addition, the magnificence of the place reminds you of the great Persian civilization.

Pasargadae and Naqsh-e Rostam can also make you feel the past Persian civilization. They are also located near Shiraz.

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Things to do: Embrace magic of bazaars

Tabriz Historic Bazaar

If you travel Tabriz, don’t forget to spend time at the Tabriz Historic Bazaar. The bazaar is considered one of the oldest ones in the Middle East. It has different sections. Each section allocates to a special market and all the sections are connected to each other.

Visiting the carpet section of Bazaar, Mozaffarieh, is also one of the best things you do in Iran! Since it is one of the most interesting parts of Bazaar. There you indulge in the pattern and color of Persian carpet. Besides, you fascinate by its beauty and diversity. Tabriz Historic Bazaar was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage site in 2010.

However, it is not all about the UNESCO list! Iran with a rich civilization and diverse culture has great spots to surprise you!

Traces of different religions in the country

Haunting churches, mosques, and Zoroastrian fire temple in Iran is great evidence of religious diversity during history. Among them, the Church of St. Stephanos near Tabriz and Yazd Zoroastrian fire temple is must-see spots. In addition, the Imam Mosque of Naqhs-e Jahan complex in Isfahan enchants you with beauty and history.

Church of St. Stephanos

Church of St. Stephanos near the Iranian border city of Jolfa is beside the Aras River. Around 62 CE, a single generation after Christ, St. Bartholomew founded this magnificent church. It is known as one of the very first orthodox monasteries. Besides, the impressive location and architecture of the church are unbelievable.

Yazd Zoroastrian Fire Temple

Zoroastrian Fire Temple

Would you like to see a 1500 year burning fire? So plan to visit travel Yazd Zoroastrian Fire Temple.

The fire burns since 470 CE and protected by loyal Mogies. The fire has been in this building since 1934.

in this temple, you can visit this everlasting fire. In addition, there is a small museum that you can visit.

Besides, a beautiful Farvahar (Forouhar), a winged deity of the Ahura Mazda, adorns the entrance of the building.

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Imam Mosque in Isfahan

One of the best things to do in Iran is visiting the Imam Mosque in Isfahan. It is another architectural masterpiece of the Qajar era. It was built between 1611 and 1629 as a part of the Naqsh-e Jahan Square complex. the mosque is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Things to do: Meet different ethnics

A woman in traditional dress in Qeshm Island

Kurds and Lurs in the west, Azeri people in the northwest, and Turkmen in the northeast are people of Iran. Besides, Baluch people are in the southeast and Arabs live in southern Iran! These are some of the different ethnicities who live in this country.

In every region, you can enjoy delicious cuisines, colorful costumes, and their culture. They are very different in every region. Such diversity makes your trip full of different experiences and memories!

Nomads in different parts of the country have also great rituals and lifestyles. You can find nomads in central and western parts of Iran. The good news is that you can accompany nomads with some tours! Book it on Exotigo!

Natural wonders are waiting for you

From Martian mountains in southwestern to magnificent waterfalls in the northwestern part of Iran there are different natural beauties that you can choose to enjoy!

You can enjoy Kavir Lut and its tranquility, beautiful and scenic Persian Gulf, the green Hyrcanian forest in the north according to your preference.

These are also amongst the best things to do in Iran that cannot be ignored

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Deserts haunt you!

Iranian deserts are great destinations since you can enjoy tranquility and silence under the starry skies. Hence, you can plan to stay at desert camping in Iran.

Safari, camel riding, and walking barefoot in the desert are some experiences that you can have while traveling desert spots of Iran.

Go green!

Masal, Giulan Province

Traveling northern provinces is one of the best things that you do in Iran. This is the place where the proximity of the forest and the Caspian Sea create great sceneries.

You can camp in the forests or enjoy water sports. Besides, Ramsar cable in Mazandaran Province connects you from the seaside to the peak of the mountain. In all, the green nature and blue sea create breathtaking beauty, which cannot be ignored.

Hence enjoy the nature beauty by planning a trip to northern provinces or Iran.

Walk in alleys of Yazd Old Town

Old City of Yazd

The beautiful desert city Yazd has fantastic alleys with clay walls. Hence, it is a great opportunity to walk in the city in which, all the walls, domes, and houses are made from the earth!

The old neighborhoods in Yazd have water cisterns (Abanbar), bathhouses, and mosques.

Walk in the alleys and think about people who found a way to deal with harsh climate centuries ago.

The beautiful architecture of Yazd is reminder of friendship between human and nature.

Persian gardens, paradises on earth

Pahlavanpour Garden, Meybod

You probably heard about Persian gardens. It is known as the manifestation of Eden on earth.

The Persian garden is composed of the four Zoroastrian elements of sky, earth, water, and plants.

The sound of water, the shadow of trees, and beautiful edifice mesmerize you.

Nine Iranian Persian gardens including Fin Garden and Shazdeh Mahan are registered on UNESCO Cultural Heritage List.

All the Persian gardens have four gardens and water is an important element.

Stay at traditional houses

Ameri House

In many cities like Kashan and Isfahan, several traditional houses turn into accommodation.

Staying at the traditional houses with their magnificent architecture and modern facilities is a great chance!

You can enjoy history and beauty at the same time with spending nights at these wonderful accomodations.

Besides, eco lodges in every part of Iran provides the chance for you to have a great different experience.

Hence do not miss the chance to live like an Iranian and enjoy history with staying at the traditional houses!

Eat like Iranians!

Don’t forget to try Abgoosht! An Iranian cuisine which means meat broth. Meat, pea, bean, potato, and sometimes tomato are the ingredients of this delicious food. 

Dizi is a special dish for Abgusht. For eating, the broth and other ingredients are separated. You should pour little pieces of Persian flatbreads in the broth (Tileet). Then, you must mash the ingredients mash together, which is named Koobideh. 

Last but not the least

Iran is the land of wonders. The best thing you do in Iran is living the life of people who have been in this land for centuries. Be a part of what you visit and what you experience. Certainly, you would leave Iran with unforgettable memories. 

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