As one of the most developed nations within the Middle East, Iran has many great deserts to visit for explorers seeking safari adventures. Many of the most enjoyable outdoor experiences that one could enjoy in this nation stem from Iranian desert safaris. Where, though, should you look to visit first?

What are regarded as the best deserts in Iran for safari exploration? Where offers the most breathtaking views?

Maranjab Desert, Isfahan

Maranjab Desert

Based within the Isfahan Province, the Maranjab Desert is the natural phenomenon that surrounds the city of Kashan. This stunning oasis is enriched by its gorgeous sand dunes and salt lakes. It is also home to many gorgeous plants, many of which thrive in this salty environment alone.

You will also find that your safari trip here will introduce you to many species. Eagles, snakes, lizards, and various other desert birds are here to be seen, snapped, and inspired by. You should definitely take a safari tour, though, if you wish to these special creatures up-close without any potential risk.

Khara Desert, Isfahan

Khara Desert, Isfahan

The Khara Desert is a truly special place, offering a desert to explore around 100km to the east of Isfahan. The gorgeous sand dunes here can reach well into the region of 100m in height, making them truly special sights for exploration.

You will often find that the main attraction here is the natural formation of so many special sand dunes. Still, one can easily find many safari species out here. Especially if you stick to the more populated routes near the salt mines. Definitely a place for more exploration of nature than pure safari, but you will see many creatures of the desert roaming around.

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Mesr Desert, Isfahan

Mesr Desert, Isfahan

The Mesr Desert offers another great experience for anyone looking to do a spot of exploration. Around 400km from Isfahan itself, this desert offers a gorgeous exploration experience. Many come here to enjoy safari trips using bikes, SUVs, and camels. The sand hills are truly special experiences, shaped into unique shapes by the natural climate of the desert.

Mesr Village also offers a great place to stop off to meet locals, mingle, and see some sights. The scenery of the desert here is among the most unique that you will find in any of the many Iranian deserts.

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Abouzeid Abad Desert, Isfahan

Abouzeid Abad Desert

If you want a classic camel-ridden safari experience, then this desert near Isfahan is the best place to start. This is a location that feels almost untouched by civilisation in certain points. Your camera will be filled with pictures of its winding sand dunes, natural fauna, and the various desert creatures that eke out an existence in the baking heat of the sun.

This desert is among the best for those who want to go stargazing, with the night sky here something that has to be seen to be believed. Trips to the underground city of Oui is common, too, though most stick to hiking trips and photography sessions when they are visiting this famous expanse.

Kalut Desert, Kerman

Lastly, we highly recommend you make time to visit this desert in Kerman. Many tours can be taken here, giving you a chance to see the winding paths and the gorgeous, unique sand dunes of this particular expanse. You can travel here using camels, while many choose to use bikes or SUVs to get around its more developed road networks.

Large parts of this Kalut desert feel totally untouched, though we do recommend traveling with a local tour guide to make sure you can always stay on the right path. Locals are kind, friendly, and all too happy to share local stories and legends.

If you wish to see rural Iranian life and truly unique desert landscapes, the above deserts in Iran make the ideal places for safari exploration. Be sure to add each of the above deserts to your itinerary if you wish to see more of Iran outside of its spectacular cities.


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