Hot mineral springs are considered liquid gold in the name of health and relaxation. Soothing your body and gently losing up stressed muscles, hot springs deeply penetrate lactic acid, erasing years off your body. The temperature of the water increases your blood circulation, and oxygen flow, allowing your body to absorb the calcium and sodium bicarbonate within the water. Iran is known for its abundance of hot springs and tourists flock to these top 6 watering holes, in hopes of finding the fountain of youth.

As one of the most developed nations within the Middle East, Iran has many great deserts to visit for explorers seeking safari adventures. Many of the most enjoyable outdoor experiences that one could enjoy in this nation stem from Iranian desert safaris. Where, though, should you look to visit first?

What are regarded as the best deserts in Iran for safari exploration? Where offers the most breathtaking views?

Many visitors on their first trip to Iran are afraid they will have difficulties finding vegetarian food. This is based on the idea that Persian cuisine is based on meat, which is partly true. Yet, typical Persian cuisine includes a great variety of yummy vegetarian dishes, which combine vegetables, fresh or dried fruit and the most amazing herbs you’ve ever tasted.
Let’s have a look at Persian vegetarian cuisine and some of the best places in Tehran where you can find it.

When you visit a foreign country, the trip is wasted if you don’t try the local cuisine, especially the desserts, all those fabulous treats that make life sweeter.

If you have a sweet tooth, prepare for a feast when you go to Iran as the country is famous for its Persian desserts.

Like all Iranian cuisine, the country’s favorite desserts bear the influence of the surrounding cultures and their gastronomy.

Here are just a few examples of delicious Persian desserts, just to tickle your appetite.