Hot mineral springs are considered liquid gold in the name of health and relaxation. Soothing your body and gently losing up stressed muscles, hot springs deeply penetrate lactic acid, erasing years off your body. The temperature of the water increases your blood circulation, and oxygen flow, allowing your body to absorb the calcium and sodium bicarbonate within the water. Iran is known for its abundance of hot springs and tourists flock to these top 6 watering holes, in hopes of finding the fountain of youth.

Geno, Bandar Abbas

Geno Hot Spring

Considered one of the tourist and treatment attractions of the entire region, Geno Hot Water Spring and Geno Tourist Complex are located close to Bandar-e-Abbas. The facility boasts 10 thousand square meters of male and female pools, a Jacuzzi, residential complex with 23 rooms, a traditional Iranian restaurant and even an amusement park. Not only is there plenty to do, the facility has provided exceptional resources for people to enjoy the holistic benefits of the hot springs. The Geno Protected Area has about 40 springs that supply the region throughout the year.


Baliran, Mazandaran

Baliran Hot Spring

Baliran is a small village about 20 km southeast of Amol in the Mazandaran province. Beating in the heart of the forest lives a mineral water spring, known as Lalehzar Baliran spring. This hot spring remains untouched, only altered to create a natural pool for travelers to experience. As one of the sulfur hot springs, the smell of the water radiates hundreds of meters from the spring. The water itself is only a few degrees warmer than the river downstream, however it is noticeably warmer than the air.

Location: Baliran, Amol, Mazandaran, Iran

Mir Ahmad, Bushehr

Mirahmad Hot Spring

Nestled in the province of Bushehr, this spring lies 77 km on Ahram – Khormoj Road. Be sure to pack your mud boots because the road that leads to the spring is about 1 km of a mud track. The dirty walk or drive will be well worth it when you arrive to Mir Ahmad. Thoughtfully designed, two separate pools are presented for the ladies and gentleman.

Location: Mirahmad, Bushehr, Iran

Sarein, Ardabil

Sarein Hot Spring

Protected in the Ardabil province, Sarein is the city of gushing hot springs. Known for its historic sites, natural landmarks and charmed springs, Sarein has been a popular spot among travelers. Sarein is the largest and most vital hot spring in the Middle East, which is why those who have suffered from illness travel in droves to be healed effortlessly by the heavenly. Modern equipment like roofed pools, dry and steam saunas and physiotherapy sections have been restored in the complex, labeling Sarein the top tourist attraction.

Location: Sarein, Ardabil, Iran

Bandar Khamir, Hormozgan

Bandar Khamir Hot Spring

Located in the heart of Hormozgan, Bandar Khamir mineral spring is one the oldest and most cherished hot springs in the Middle East. Well known and trusted, many visitors go there for treatment, returning home restored and rejuvenated. Labeled as a sulfer hot spring, many locals and travelers recommend the healing trip to Bandar Khamir.

Location: Bandar khamir, Busheher, Iran

Sari Badab-e Surt, Mazandaran

Badab e Surt Hot Spring

This natural water wonder flows in the Mazandaran Province in northern Iran, about 95 km south of the city Sari. Over time, dissolved carbonate minerals created travertine steps that descend into soothing mineral water. Badab-e Surt’s terraces are caused by two distinct mineral springs, consisting of differing natural characteristics. The first spring is salty, known to cure rheumatism and certain skin diseases and conditions. The second spring is orange in color and sour in taste. The scenery is exquisite, a true jewel beheld in Iran.

Location: Badab e Surt, Sari, Iran


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