The greatest places to dine in Tehran are as varied as they are excellent. At Shandiz Jordan, dine like a Persian emperor on wonderful traditional food, or sample cutting-edge fusion specialties at Milad Tower restaurant. For kebabs, visit Nayeb restaurant on Vozara Street, which serves the best kebabs in Iran’s capital. The city’s location in the Middle East allows for food that is influenced by worldwide styles and ingredients, yet fine Middle Eastern cuisine is frequently served at Tehran’s top restaurants. The following are our recommendations for the top restaurants in Tehran, Iran.

Koohpaye restaurant, Darband

Koohpaye Restaurant, Darband Tehran

Koohpayeh Restaurant is one of Tehran‘s most famous eateries situated in the Darband area. The Restaurant is based on 4 stories, and the lovely wellsprings on each floor give the café a breathtaking perspective. At this café, you can partake in a delicious supper while paying attention to the loosening up solid of water. While you are visiting Sa’dabad Palace Complex you may add this restaurant to your itinerary.

Koohpaye serves a wide range of Iranian and Western food, however it is not a good choice for seafood and vegetarian. the outdoor dining of this restaurant is remarkable and highly recommended.

Location: Koohpaye Restaurant

Nayeb restaurant, Vozara

Nayeb Restaurant, Vozara Tehran

Nayeb Restaurant is probably the most established café in Tehran has many branches all over Tehran; however, the best one is situated in Vozara. The kebab-e barg (sheep filet) is suggested. The menu has various kebabs like Soltani, Koobideh, and Bakhtiary that mostly incline toward Koobideh. The administrations are flawless, and the cost is a bit high; however, the food is worth the effort. Assuming that you don’t eat meat, this eatery isn’t appropriate. Nayeb café offers genuine Iranian food, and you certainly would partake in its incredible vibe.

Location: Nayeb restaurant, Vozara

Milad tower revolving restaurant

Milad Tower Revolving Restaurant, Tehran

This spinning restaurant is likely one of the biggest universally: situated at 276 m and it can have over 300 people. It’s on the sixth floor of the pinnacle structure. The restaurant has a fixed and a spinning segment, this one taking 60 min to finish an entire revolution of 360 degrees. Note that the Milad Tower is the sixth-tallest tower and the 24th-tallest freestanding structure in the world.

Milad tower restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. the restaurant has buffet and menu served options. they serve a wide range of Iranian and Western food, and the seafood and vegetarian are limited to a few choices.

Location: Milad Tower Restaurant

Moslem restaurant, Grand Bazaar

Moslem Restaurant, Tehran Bazaar

At the point when you visit Tehran’s Bazaar, you likely see a long queue. Try not to pass it and remain in line. This line is for lunch in the Moslem restaurant. It is one of the most mind-blowing Iranian cafés with hospitable and accommodating staff. Try not to stress over time, and the administrations are extremely quick, significantly quicker than others. It’s anything but an extravagant restaurant given its flavorful Iranian food. The café has a wide scope of Iranian food, yet kebabs Brag, kebab Kobide, Tahchin are insanely tasty. The costs are not extremely high in addition; each dinner is alright for two individuals, so it is exceptionally affordable.

Location: Moslem Restaurant

Shandiz Jordan

Jordan Shandiz Restaurant, VIP area, Tehran – Iran

You probably appreciate being aware of Shandiz restaurant in Africa road (known as Jordan) as one of the best spots to eat in Tehran, this restaurant serves one of the greatest quality kebabs in the capital. Shandiz restaurant has a fantastic entry architecture. It is well-known for its best shashlik kebabs (sheep chops) and other rib cooks. Chloe goosht is another top choice. The menu includes predominantly Persian, center eastern, and grilled luxuries.

Location: Shandiz Jordan Restaurant

Alborz restaurant

Alborz Restaurant, Tehran Iran

Named after the wonderful mountain range that accepts the city’s northern edge, Alborz opened in 1967 and has become referred to all through Tehran as one of its chief objections for quality kebab dishes. Notwithstanding kebabs, Alborz likewise serves grill food, steak, and fish dishes. An unquestionable Iranian favorite dish, the chelow kabab – presented with steamed basmati or Persian rice imbued with saffron.

The name of Alborz restaurant is known among many people as the best and yummiest Chelo kababi in Tehran. You will be expected average price of something between 7 to 10 Euro for one serving of Chelo Kabab and almost all the other dishes are in the same range.

Location: Alborz Restaurant


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