Milad tower is also known as the Tehran Tower is one of the most prominent landmarks of Iran, located in the capital city near the Gisha neighborhood. It is a multipurpose tower standing at the height of 435 from the base to the tip of the antenna. It is also the tallest tower in Iran and in world ranking stands at number 6 as the tallest telecommunication tower.

Although when it was constructed in the early 2000s Milad tower was ranked at number 4 as the tallest freestanding telecommunication structure in the world but now ranks as the 24th tallest freestanding structure worldwide. It is also the 13th tallest building in Asia.


The construction of the Milad tower not only brought the world’s spotlight on Iran but also became a symbol of modern Iranian architecture. The structure of the tower can be loosely divided into 5 main parts including the foundation, the lobby area, the shaft, the steelhead structure as well as the antenna mast at the top.

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The lobby area or otherwise known as the transition structure alone consists of six floors, with the first and second underground floor housing a data center and installing sections, while the ground floor is dedicated to the entrance and the rest of the 3 floors house an impressive 63 units for trading purposes as well as multiple food courts, a cafeteria and a grand hall for exhibition purposes. The shaft boasts 6 elevators, with an impressive speed of 7 meters per second, connecting the base to the head of the tower. The tower head is a mammoth steel structure weighing a whopping 25,000 tonnes and consists of an impressive 12 floors as well as a skydome.


The top floors of the tower head house a VIP restaurant, a revolving restaurant as well as two observation decks that offer breathtaking sweeping views of Tehran city as well as the imposing mountains surrounding the city. Furthermore, a public art gallery, a cafeteria, telecommunication, and mechanical floors are also situated in the steelhead. Lastly, the antenna mast consists of four floors and is about 390 ft. high.

Milad tower observatory deck

The bottom floor of the mast is used for public users’ telecommunication adjustment purposes while the top three floors are reserved for the antennas responsible for broadcast for the use of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The tower complex also features a grand parking area of approximately 290,000 sq. ft., a cultural unit as well as a scientific unit, a spacious library, a wax-work museum which is home to famous Iranian wax figures including the former president of Iran.


Milad Tower is not only an exciting place for adults but also for children, which makes it a great place to visit with the whole family. The tower is also home to the Tehran dolphinarium where the dolphins and seals have entertained countless spectators of all ages since 2015 and even now is one of the most popular attractions in Tehran.

Milad Tower, Tehran – Iran

Exclusively for kids, Karbazia the work and play center, opened in 2018 to allow children to not only enjoy but learn about different professions including a mechanic, a pilot, and a policeman among others. It is a great experiential place to educate your child about the adult professions while also having fun as they have set up an imitation police station, fire station, hospital, aircraft, music academy, and many others. 

Additionally, aside from the indoor play area Milad tower also has outdoor climbing frames for the kids as well as mini push cars to keep your little ones entertained. While in Tehran, Milad Tower is a must-visit place for local as well as foreign tourists.

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