When they think about the Middle East, most people imagine wide sandy deserts and unbearable heat. Few pay attention to the word gulf, as in Persian Gulf. Where there’s a Gulf you have water and beaches. You will be surprised to hear of the wonderful beaches that you can find in Iran. After visiting the famous cities and all the historical monuments this beautiful country has to offer, why not head for the beach and relax for a few days. Here are the best beaches around the Persian Gulf that you should include on your travel list.

Mokassar Beach – Bandar Mogham

Mokassar beach is situated in the Hormozgan province, on the southern coast of Iran. At first glance, it’s a daunting experience. How am I going to get to the beach? Makassar beach is located in a place where the mountains meet the sea. The beach was carved patiently over millions of years of silent erosion. The waves carved a beautiful sandy refuge for the weary traveler right at the foot of the rocky mountains. Do not worry, there are safe routes to take you down to the beach and the sand is as soft as you can expect. Make sure to schedule your trip in autumn or winter as during summer the air is too hot.

Location: Mokassar Beach

Beris Beach

Beris Port, Chabahar Iran - Exotigo
Beris Port, Chabahar Iran – Exotigo

Located in the Hormoz Straights area, Beris beach is considered one of the most underrated tourist attractions in Iran. Once again, you have high cliffs dominating the pristine beach. Best time to visit Beris is November-April, otherwise you won’t be able to spend much time on the beach under the merciless summer sun. Speaking of the sun, do not miss the incredible view of a sunset in Beris.

Location: Beris Beach

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Benood Beach

Benood Beach

The cliffs that stand guard over the stunning Benood beach, near Assaluyeh are less imposing than those in Beris, but the contrast between rock and water is just as striking. Benood beach is the perfect place to relax, dip your feet in the water and then head out to one of the many little restaurants in the area to sample local delicacies.

Benood beach is popular for camping among locals. Rent a car and tent at a cheap price and get there and camp on the Benood sandy beach with a stunning view to the Persian gulf with relaxing wave sound. what else is better than an eco-adventure

Location: Benood Beach

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Teben Beach

Teben Beach

Situated in the Hormozgan province, Teben is an ancient port now famous for its amazing beach. The water here is crystal clear and you can swim all you want while admiring the stony walls all around you. One of the best things about the Persian Gulf beaches is that they are little known outside Iran and you won’t see crowds of noisy tourists milling around. It’s just you, the sea and the sun.

Location: Teben Beach

Darak Beach

Darak Beach

Darak is situated in the southernmost tip of Iran, along the Sea of Oman. In the local language, Darak means to settle by the sea and after a few days on this stupendous beach you will feel you could live there forever. Maybe that’s not an option, but at least you can return every time you want.

Darak beach is one of Iran’s natural wonders, as the sea and desert meet each other on this seashore. Unique amazing phenomena which rarely can be found around the world.

Location: Darak beach

Nayband Gulf

Nayband Gulf

Another hidden gem. Nayband Gulf beach is near the port of Assalouye. The cliffs are a challenge, but once you get down to the beach you will understand it was all worth your effort. Take a few photos of the sea from the top of the hill and your Instagram friends will be green with envy.

Location: Nayband Gulf


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