Have you ever heard about delicious Persian vegetarian dishes? Yes! Kebab is one of the most famous Iranian cuisines you can see on menus of restaurants in Iran. However, there are a lot of tasty vegetarian foods you can find amongst appetizers, main course, or desserts.

Besides, some vegetarian restaurants offer a special menu with a variety of Persian vegetarian dishes on their menus. Here you can find some information about the most delicious vegetarian food in Iran and also some restaurants offer them.

Persian vegetarian appetizers

persian vegetarian dishes
boorani esfenaj

You can find different types of appetizers like dips, side dishes as well as light bites with different tastes and ingredients. Here we name some of the most famous Persian vegetarian dishes.

Some of these foods are based on yogurt. You can use it as a dip or a side dish with your food. Ab doogh khiar is one of them. It is composed of yogurt, walnut, dried herbs including dried mint. Another one is boorani esfanaj (yogurt and spinach) and boorani bademjan (yogurt, eggplant, garlic, and dried mint). You can also find the famous mast o khiar (yogurt and cucumber) as one of the most delicious dips.

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Persian Vegetarian side dishes

persian vegetarian dishes
kookoo sabzi

Eggplant-based Persian vegetarian side dishes are delicious experiences you can have in Iran. Kashk-e bademjan (eggplant and kashk), and yatimcheh (eggplant, tomato, zucchini, and onion) are renowned side dishes.

Another popular side dish is kookoo. Kookoo is a combination of whipped eggs and different kinds of vegetables.

This frittata-like dish is also served as a starter as well. It is also a great option for dinners.

Kookoo sibzamini (egg and potato), kookoo sabzi (egg, mixed herb, walnut, and barberry), kookoo loubia (egg, green bean, potato, tomato) are some of the delicious kinds of food.

Khagineh is another vegetarian dish made with flour, milk, and egg. You can also try nargesi, a kind of dish made with egg, spinach, and onion.

Persian rice

persian vegetarian dishes
dampokht gojeh

You can find a variety of mixed rice in Iran, which are vegetarian dishes.  Dampokht is a meatless dish and is a good choice for vegans.

You can try dampokht baghali (rice, broad beans, dill), and dampokht gojeh (rice, tomato, potato) in Iran.

Loubia polo (rice, tomato, green bean), adas polo (rice, lentil, raisin), havij polo (rice, carrot, walnut), and Estanboli (rice, tomato paste, potato) are some mixed rice with different tastes for vegetarians.

Persian vegetarian khorak

Khorak is the main group of Persian dishes that are served with bread. They have different combinations in different parts of Iran.

Some renowned foods are eshkeneh (a soup-like dish made with potato and egg), kaleh joosh (walnut, dried mint in soup-like kashk), khorak loubia chiti (tomato sauce and pinto beans), and adasi (lentil, onion).

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iran vegetarian food
aush reshteh

As one of the most traditional cuisines in Iran, Aush can be categorized as one of the vegetarian Persian dishes with its unique taste! In fact, it is a kind of thick soup and has different styles. In each region of Iran, you can find it with a special recipe. Here we name some of the renowned ones in Iran.

Aush reshteh is one of the most delicious and renowned kinds of aush in Iran. It has legumes, herbs, a kind of noodles known as reshteh, and kashk.

Aush jo (legumes, barely), aush balghour (bulgur, legumes, herbs), and aush doogh (doogh, legumes, herbs) are other kinds of these foods.

Gilani vegetarian foods

iran vegetarian food
baghali ghatogh

In northern Iran. Gilan Province has a lot to offer you as Persian vegetarian dishes. There are a variety of meatless khoresh (stews) as well as side dishes in this region. Besides, the center of the province, Rasht, is recognized as the Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO. So you can find a wide range of local food there. In addition, you can find Gilani food in other cities of Iran as well!

One of these foods is mirza ghasemi. This stew is made of eggplant, tomato, egg, and garlic. Some people eat the food with bread while others prefer rice. Baghali ghatogh or baghali khoresh is another vegetarian cuisine of Gilan Province. Lima bean, dill, egg, and garlic are the main ingredients of this cuisine.

There is a variety of food you can find in different cities of Gilan as well. Or you can find its recipes on the internet and try a hand!

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Best vegetarian restaurants in Iran

In recent years, you can find vegetarian restaurants in most major cities of Iran. Besides, you can find some Persian vegetarian dishes on the menus of most regular restaurants as well. However, here we introduce you to some of the best vegetarian restaurants in different cities of Iran.

In Tehran, you can find several cafes and restaurants for vegetarians and vegans. Here we name some of them with their address and some details:

Ananda Vegetarian Restaurant, Tehran

Opened in 2006, it is one of the pioneers of vegetarian restaurants in Iran.

You can find a variety of rice, stew, soup, salad, dessert, and drinks there.

The ever-green spacious place of the restaurant is another reason for choosing the place.

Address: Tehran, District 3, South Ekhtiyariyeh, No. 18

Zamin Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant, Tehran

You can find the Persian imitation food for vegans there.

There is also a wide selection of soups and other organic vegan foods to choose from there.

Address: Tehran, blvd sima-ye- Street Street، Farahzadi Boulevard

Iranian Artist Forum Veggie Restaurant, Tehran

You can find Persian vegan food as well as western fast food at the restaurant.

It has a dining hall, a veranda, and a ground-floor porch overlooking the green park.

Address: Tehran, Baghe Honarmandan، Iranshahr St.

Zima Vegetarian Restaurant, Isfahan

As the first vegetarian restaurant in Isfahan, Zima is one of the favorite choices for veggie foods. You can find a variety of vegetarian food, hamburger, and pizzas. You can also find no-bake vegetarian desserts.

Address: 81464, #44 Bozorgmehr St., Isfahan

Joulep Cafe Restaurant, Shiraz

It is a great choice for vegetarians in Shiraz. You can find tasty vegan food. Shiraz is proud of different kinds of aush, which are meatless. So do not forget to try aush while traveling Shiraz.

Address: Joulep Cafe, Shiraz

Yazd Art House, Yazd

This beautiful café includes an art shop, art gallery, workshop, and a cafe on the rooftop. The café serves different Iranian traditional tea and cold drinks and enjoys some home-made vegetarian dishes.

Address: Next to Chehel Mehrab Mosque, Fahadan quarter, Yazd

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