Don’t underestimate food when you travel to a country! Since foods, their cooking procedure, the ingredient used in foods, and the way they served telltale you about the culture and civilization of a society. Iranian foods have a lot to tell you about this beautiful country! Hence, don’t miss Persian food while traveling in Iran.

Persian foods, with a great variety and different tastes, are a great feast and you, as a traveler, are invited! The Persian foods generally cook slowly on the fire or oven. The cooking procedure and various mix of ingredients create a fabulous taste in Persian cuisines!

There are some different types of Iranian foods. One of the most popular types of food is Khoresht or Khoresh, Persian stew that is mostly served with rice. Besides, Iranians have a variety of mixed rice usually made with beans.

Besides, Iran is the land of kebabs. You can try different kinds of kebabs with different tastes and seasonings in Iran. Chicken and meat kebabs are offered in different shapes and tastes in most Iranian restaurants.

Abgoosht (Dizi), which means meat broth, is another favorite Iranian food. The way it is served and eaten is also different from other kinds of food. There is a variety of Abgoosht in different parts of Iran.

Aash is another kind of Persian cuisine, which is popular in most parts of Iran. Aash, the thick soup, is sometimes the main meal and sometimes an appetizer.

To make your mouth water, here is a list of top Iranian foods that you should try in Iran. In this way, you can enjoy delicious food while traveling to different parts of Iran.

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Kabab Koobideh, Persian-style kebab

Koobideh and Joojeh Kebab

You can find different types of kebabs in Iran hence you can find the one that you like very easily.  Kabab Koobideh is the most famous Iranian kebab. It is made from ground lamb or beef and minced onion. some people eat kebab with rice and some others with bread.

Joojeh Kabab, an Iranian alternative

Joojeh Kebab, a kind of kebab with chicken, is a delicious kebab. People cook Joojeh Kabab in picnics and campings by and it is also on the menu of most restaurants. The chicken is marinated with lemon, salt, pepper, and saffron.

Ghormeh Sabzi Stew

Ghormeh Sabzi and Rice

This is one of the most famous and most delicious Iranian food. herbs, beans, and lamb are the main ingredients of this tasty stew.

Ghorme Sabzi usually is served with rice and usually it’s cooked with red meat rather than other types of meat. Ghormeh Sabzi is kinda the most favorable dishes among so many Iranian.

Fesenjan Stew

Fesenjan Stew

The magic mix of ground walnut, pomegranate molasses, and chicken is a delicious Fesenjan. The sour and sweet taste of stew is great!

The Fesenjan or Fesenjoon gravy is the yummiest part of this food as while it is being cooked, the walnut will pass out some natural oil and makes the food quite delicious.

Gheymeh Stew

Gheymeh is another stew, which is very famous in Iran. Besides, it is one of the most delicious cuisines in Iran. Cubed meat, split peas, dried lime, and onion are the main parts of the food. The Persian cooks usually add fried potato or fried eggplant to Gheymeh, both are delicious.

Iranian food
Ash Reshteh Iranian food

Aash Reshteh, heavenly taste

This delicious Persian thick soup has two main ingredients: Reshteh and Kashk. Reshteh is a kind of Persian flat noodle with a salty flavor. It also includes Kashk a dried, drained yogurt or whey. Chickpeas, dried white beans, and herbs are other ingredients of Aash.

Some Iranians spills fried onion, fried garlic, and fried mint on Aash Reshteh more delicious.


Persian turmeric rice or Dampokhtak is a fast, easy, and delicious Iranian dish. Onion, turmeric, rice, and fava bean are the ingredients. Most of the time it is served with a fried egg.

Loobia Polo

Loobia Polo

Green beans, ground meat, tomatoes, and saffron results in another Iranian food, a tasty Loobia Polo. This comfort dish has a great taste that you cannot believe!

For this dish you first prepare the sauce for the rice, then parboil the rice and finally combine the two and let the rice absorb the tasty sauce while they’re steaming together over low heat.

kookoo, an Iranian food to taste

Kookoo is a kind of Persian thick omelet. It is a mixture of egg with another ingredient. Kookoo Sibzamini is a mixture of eggs and potatoes. Kookoo Sabzi is another type of Kookoo, which is some kinds of herbs and eggs.

Kookoo also known as Kuku is considered a vegetarian Persian dish as it is entirely free of any animal products.

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Abgoosht (Dizi)

Abgoosht is a delicious combination of meat, pea, bean, and potato. Special dishware named Dizi is for eating Abgoosht. This one-pot Iranian dish has two delicious parts: Tileet and Goosht Koobideh.

Tileet is the flavorful broth, in which Persian flatbreads like sangak or taftoon soaked. Goosht koobideh is the remaining part. it is actually the mash of meat, beans, and potato.

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persian vegetarian dishes
Kashk e Bademjoon

Kashk-e Bademjan

If you are a vegetarian, Kashk-e Bademjan is a great choice for you. The food means Kashk and eggplant. With fried onion, ground walnut, and mint you will have delicious Kashk-e Bademjan.

KASHEK BADEMJAN can also easily be made GLUTEN FREE if you serve it on a gluten free pita equivalent or vegan if you do not add the yogurt.


This Persian rice cake, Tahchin, is one of the beautiful Iranian food. Rice, saffron, yogurt, and chicken are the main ingredients of the food. The chicken fillet layered at the bottom of the pot.

Khoresht e Karafs

Khorosht-e Karafs

Khorosht-e Karafs, celery stew, is another Iranian dish. In this stew, meat, evenly sliced celery, chopped parsley and mint, and fresh-squeezed lime juice are the ingredients.

Fresh lemon juice allows you to add sourness to your liking.

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Sabzi Polo

This delicious mixture of herb and rice with fried fish is actually a ceremonial food. Sabzi Polo is the first lunch of the Iranian New Year (Nowruz).

Baghali Polo, Iranian food for ceremonies

Persian dill rice with fava beans (Baghali Polo) is one of the traditional Persian food Baghali Polo. It is a meal of many ceremonies and weddings. It is very delicious mixed rice with chicken and lamb,.

Koofteh Tabrizi

Koofteh Tabrizi

Originated in Tabriz, this delicious food is a kind of big meatball. Ground meat, split pea, and herb form the meatball. This delicious Iranian food is consists of walnut, barberries, and fried onion.


One of the most delicious parts of rice and Iranian cuisine is Tahdig.  It is also a pan-fried layer of crust at the bottom of the rice pot. potato and bread Tahdigs are other versions of this delicious food.

Zereshk Polo

The colorful combination of rice, barberry, and saffron is Zereshk Polo. Tomato sauce and chicken are beside the rice to make Zereshk Polo more delicious.

Last but not the least

The list of Iranian foods is longer than what you read here. Besides, you can taste different types of fast foods like pizza and sandwiches or even sushi when you travel to Iran. Interestingly, they become localized you can have a memorable experience of eating Italian pizza in the heart of Tehran.

Taste the cuisines of other nations provide a chance to understand their culture more. Don’t miss Iranian foods, they do not only help you to understand Persian culture but it is a great tasting experience for you!

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