At Exotigo, we show Iran travellers any Exotic experience might they have in Iran. Choosing a unique lodging option, such as a historic caravanserai, may transform your trip into an unforgettable adventure and that is what we looking for here.
From thousands of years ago and after the formation of civilizations in different parts of Iran, travel was one of the inseparable phenomena of people’s lives. But at that time, due to the difficulty of the road, most travels were limited to business trips. At this time, one of the most important issues for travelers was accommodation on the way. This is how the caravanserais of Iran prospered one after another
Caravanseraiinns also are known as inn. Long-distance travelers, or caravanners, need such accommodations to relax and prepare for the rest of their voyage. The Silk Road, which was one of the most significant commercial routes at the period, is where the most significant caravanserais may be located.
If you are ready for traveling in time, join us to explore some of Iran ancient Caravanserais for your exotic journey!

Abbasi Hotel, Isfahan – Iran Caravanserai

Abbasi Hotel Isfahan Iran - Exotigo
Abbasi Hotel Isfahan Iran – Exotigo

Although the Abbasi Hotel Isfahan was built in the late Sassanid period, it quickly became one of the most popular residences for Silk Road traders due to its convenient geographical location. The mother of Shah Sultan Hussein Safavid built this caravanserai in the eastern part of Chaharbagh school. About 60 years ago, the Pahlavi government restored this building and set up a luxurious guest house for travelers to keep its place among the caravanserais of Iran.

Moshir Caravanserai, Yazd

Moshir Caravanserai Yazd Iran - Exotigo
Moshir Caravanserai Yazd Iran – Exotigo

Moshir Caravanserai dates back to 150 years ago. This hotel, located in the city of Yazd, was built during the reign of Muzaffar al-Din Shah Qajar. Moshir Caravanserai, once the residence of weary travelers, is now known as a beautiful hotel with a traditional texture and modern facilities. This caravanserai was converted into a hotel and renovated in 1996.
The distance from Moshir Caravanserai Hotel to Amir Chakhmaq Square is less than one kilometer and you can reach the Grand Mosque, Dolatabad Garden and Khan Bazaar in less than five minutes on foot. The combination of traditional textures with rooms around the courtyard, old-fashioned windows and stained glass reminds travelers of the past.

Zein O Din Caravanserai, Yazd

Zein O Din Caravanserai Yazd Iran - Exotigo
Zein O Din Caravanserai Yazd Iran – Exotigo

The trade route from Yazd to Kerman was one of the busiest ways for caravans to cross, and this Caravanserai in Yazd accepted the reception of passers-by in this area. Yazd was recognized from the beginning with its unique and special architecture. Therefore, Zein-O-din Caravanserai was able to separate its architecture from other caravanserais in Iran with a circular plan. This building was built during the Safavid era and today, after renovation, it has become a popular ecotourism resort in the hot and dry province of Yazd.

Khanat Caravanserai, Tehran – Caravanserais in Iran

Khanat Carvanserai Tehran Iran - Exotigo
Khanat Carvanserai Tehran Iran – Exotigo

Although Tehran was not the capital for many years, caravans were built in this small, bustling city. This caravanserai was the largest inn in the city, which was built by order of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar. This quadrangular building has a central courtyard and angular corridors that lead to it. The name of Khanat Caravanserai is registered in the list of national heritages of Iran and today it is a place for dried fruit market.

Bistoon Laleh International Hotel, Kermanshah

Bistoon Laleh Hotel Kermanshah Iran - Exotigo
Bistoon Laleh Hotel Kermanshah Iran – Exotigo

The original founder of this building is not known. But historical documents say that Shah Abbas Safavid contributed to the prosperity of the Bistoon Laleh international hotel Caravanserai. Of course, the building was renovated during the Qajar period and is now a well-equipped hotel where tourists can stay.

Ghasre Bahram Caravanserai, Garmsar – Iran Caravanserais

Ghasre Bahram Caravanserai, Garmsar Iran - Exotigo 1
Ghasre Bahram Caravanserai, Garmsar Iran – Exotigo

Historical documents do not have a reliable account of the time and manner of construction of this building. But some writings show that Bahram Gour built this caravanserai to show the beautiful Sassanid architecture to history. Perhaps one of the important aspects of this caravanserai was its location between the cities of Qom, Tehran, Firoozkooh and Garmsar, and it was also a good way to reach Kashan from Tehran. This caravanserai has been renovated today and you can stay in it like you did in the past

Deyre Gachin Caravanserai, Qom

Deyre Gachin Caravanserai Qom Iran - Exotigo - 1
Deyre Gachin Caravanserai Qom Iran – Exotigo

As mentioned, Iranian caravanserais are dated to about 2000 years ago. Deir Gchin Caravanserai is a 1,800-year-old building located in the Kavir National Park. This building was renovated many times during the Qajar rule and it can be considered the most complete welfare complex for travelers in the past. Because it did not have any of the restrictions of other caravanserais, travelers could easily use facilities such as mosques, mills, courtyards, baths and toilets in the desert area. There were 43 rooms in this caravanserai that received more than 100 passengers at the same time.

Maranjab Caravanserai, Isfahan – Iran

Maranjab Caravanserai Isfahan Iran - Exotigo
Maranjab Caravanserai Isfahan Iran – Exotigo

This place was built by Shah Abbas Safavid in 983 AH. The Marnjab Caravanserai was located on the Silk Road and was frequented by many travelers.
The caravanserai also has a fresh water well that you may be interested in watching.
In 2001, they started the reconstruction of the caravanserai and 4 years later, it returned to its original state and, as expected, became one of the most beautiful caravanserais in Iran.
If you pass by Maranjab Caravanserai, you can stay there at night and enjoy watching the desert sky.
To visit Marnjab Caravanserai, you have to go to Aran and Bidgol deserts to find one of the most famous caravanserais in Iran next to the salt lake.

TiTi Caravanserai, Gilan – Iran Caravanserais

TiTi Caravanserai Gilan Iran - Exotigo
TiTi Caravanserai Gilan Iran – Exotigo

TT is an inn in the heart of the lush forests of the north. That is why its mysterious beauty is more prominent.

The TT Caravanserai was built by the Timurids about 600 years ago. Later, the Safavid government ruined it and now only its appearance remains a memory for us.
TT in Gilaki means blossom. In ancient times, the route from Lahijan to Diliman was used for transportation. The TT Caravanserai is on one of the hills along the same route.


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