As Iran’s capital, Tehran seems a city with traffic jams, crowded streets, and speedy life. But Tehran is in fact a vibrant city. It embraces several attractions including historical buildings, modern shopping malls, and recreation centers. It boasts also great nature. All these characteristics make you spend time in this Iranian metropolitan.

You can enjoy vibrancy, history, and entertainment in this beautiful city. We, at Exotigo, provides you with the bests of Tehran in a one-day tour so book the tour and enjoy the historic Tehran and read on:

Tehran museums, walking into history

National Jewelry Treasury

You can spend several days in Tehran visiting museums in Tehran. Tehran is home to modern artworks by renowned world artists like Monet and Picasso and also historical tilework and buildings.

Visiting the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts (TMCA), you can enjoy modern paintings, sculptures, and fine arts created by renowned modern artists. It is also a great place to spend time in a modern atmosphere.

The Carpet Museum, which is located near TMCA, mesmerizes you with patterns and colors of Persian carpet. Besides, the building of the museum resembles the loom and it houses several exquisite carpets.

At the National Museum of Iran, you can find relics dated back to millennia ago. Hence it houses unique Iranian jewelry. You can find some relics and artworks in the Reza Abbasi Museum. In addition, Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran (Abgineh Museum), as its name suggests, manifests the abgineh artworks, as one of the main arts prevailing in Tehran.

All these museums are located in the heart of Tehran with very easy access and are excited you with history and beauty.

Tehran palaces, the glory of the past

As the capital of the Qajar dynasty (1789-1925), Tehran is home to several beautiful palaces. For example, Golestan Palace in the heart of Tehran. It is composed of several buildings and it takes hours to visit it completely. That makes you wonder about the tranquility of the place, which is adjacent to Tehran Grand Bazaar.

Niavaran cultural complex and Saadabad Palace in the northern part of the city are two places that you should not miss during your sojourn at Iran’s capital. They are both in use today with different functions. However, you can visit the historic parts of the palaces.

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Bazaars, beating hearts of the city

During the past, bazaars were not just the marketing place but important locations for different social and even political movements. Tehran bazaars are not exceptions. However today they are not as effective as before. Still, they fascinate you with the odor of spices, the vibrancy of color, and people who passes the aisles fast.

Tehran Grand Bazaar is also another attraction of the city. Constructed 200 years ago, it is composed of covered lanes, each of them specializes in one commodity just like other Iranian bazaars. Do not miss the carpet section of the bazaar. There are also some good kebab shops near the bazaar where you can enjoy eating delicious food.  

Tajrish Bazaar is another beautiful market that you can indulge in color and beauty walking through its lane. There, you can find fresh fruits of all-season at its center and shops selling different items all through the bazaar. With our tour, you can have a great experience of buying and strolling in this great bazaar.

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Tehran towers, beauty from above

Azadi Tower

Azadi Tower in the western part of Tehran was considered as the symbol of Tehran for several decades. With its fantastic architecture of the ivory-color tower, it was built in 1971. it also has the museum in its underground is very interesting.

Visit Milad Tower as the most iconic building of Iran’s capital. Built 2007, it has 435meter height and you can enjoy panoramic views of Tehran. You can have a great experience in this building with different hobbies, museums, and restaurants. If the air is clean, you can see Tehran from above and enjoy the scenery of this magnificent city.

Tehran ski resorts, white beauty

If you are an avid skier, Tehran is the best place to spend time. In winter, you can enjoy ski resorts near Tehran. They are Tochal, Darbandsar, Ab-Ali, and Shemshak. You can stay at the ski resort and enjoy skiing on Persian snow!

The resorts are located two hours from Tehran. In addition, they have some accommodation. So you can stay and live in the tranquility of snow.

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Mountainous hobbies, Tehran nature

Darband, Tehran

Darakeh, Darband, Tochal, and Ghalak are mountainous resorts of Tehran where you can enjoy fresh weather and beautiful sceneries.

In these beautiful mountainous places, you can enjoy nature and do sport.

There are several cafes in the places. So you can rest and empower yourself to continue your way.

There is some telesiege in Darband and cable car in Tochal that you can use going up the mountains.

Don’t miss cafes and galleries

Tabestan Gallery at Iranian Artists Forum

Tehran is the city of cafés and galleries. You can find different types of café in every corner in downtown Tehran.

You can enjoy wide-ranging food and drink menu and socialize with young Tehran citizens there.

There are several galleries in Tehran in which you can visit the artworks by Iranian artists.

Iran Artists Forum with several galleries is a good choice if you are interested in today’s Iranian art.

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Tehran parks that you should visit

Tabiat Bridge is another symbol of the modern architecture of the city. However, it is better not to visit the place at the weekend. Since the citizens flock into Tabiat Bridge to spend their holiday

Pardisan, Nahjulbalagheh, Chitgar, and Mellat Park are other places where you can find tranquility. In fact, they are a great place to hike, spend time with friends, and have a break!

Shopping malls, today’s glory

Arg-e Tajrish Shopping Center

You cannot overlook shopping centers and malls while walking in Tehran.

In recent years, several luxury and interesting malls are established in Iran’s capital. So you can find different recreational activities, and food courts as well.

Iran Mall, Palladium Mall, Bamland, Opal Shopping Center, Mega Mall, and Arg Shopping Center are some of the renowned malls in Tehran.

In addition, you can find some brand shops, theaters, and different modern facilities there.

Rey, a civilization near Tehran

Located in the south of Tehran, Shahr-e Rey has predated Tehran in political history. So you can reach the place by subway. There you can visit the remaining of a Seljuk tomb, a Sassanian fortress, and a traditional bazaar.

Although the shrine of Imamzadeh Shah Abdol Azim, a descendent of Shia Imam, is considered as one of the main attractions of the city that attract several pilgrims through the year to the place. If you visit the place, do not forget to try kebabs provided by the shops at the bazaar of Shahr-e Rey.

Last but not the least

Tehran is the city of history, art, vibrancy, and tranquility. Maybe this is the reason that it does not attract people at the first sight. But if you have time just walk along Vali-e Asr street. This long beautiful street from north to south, with cedars along with it. Hence the street connects you to one of the most interesting attractions of Tehran. Three different lifestyles in uptown, downtown, and southern Tehran. This city, with a range of variety and different kinds of attractions, is a place that you love it!

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