Welcoming people, breathtaking cultural heritage sites, unique experiences, and natural wonders await you in Iran. So how do you want to spend your vacation in Iran? Do you wish to walk into history at heritage sites, and touching the dunes of the desert barefoot? Or living a few days with nomads? Here we introduce you with the best Iran tour packages.

A tour package brings you peace of mind that you don’t miss any attraction during your trip. Accommodation, transportation, and planning are arranged! With a tour package, you can meet the expectation of your trip. In this way, you save your time and energy to enjoy more.

Besides, living a busy life, we may not have enough time to research the next destination.  A tour package provides you with a planned trip that covers all your favorites.

Iran is home to 22 world heritage sites and two natural heritage sites, however, that is not all! Besides sightseeing, tour packages introduce you with great experiences in Iran. You can choose your favorite tours from different categories of historical or classic, nature and adventure, special interest, daily excursion, and experience. 

Here are some best tour packages offered by Exotigo for visiting Iran. Exotigo liaises with the best Iran tour operators and we also give you an insight into different tour categories in Iran. Remember that all tour packages can be customized as you wish.

Classic Persia: Deep in history

Ali Qapu castle,Isfahan

Shiraz, Isfahan, Kashan, Tehran and Yazd are on the wish list of most tourists who plan to travel Iran. Who can leave the country without visiting Persepolis? Who can overlook the beauty of Naqsh-e Jahan? What about walking in allies of the Old City of Yazd?

During Iran classic tour you visit with these magnificent gems of Iran. During the classic Persian tour package, you indulge in the beauties of Iran during centuries. It is a great opportunity to explore Iran’s magnificent culture and civilization.

During the tour package, you visit UNESCO-inscribed sites the Historic City of Yazd, Meidan Emam (Naqsh-e Jahan Square) in Isfahan, and Masjed-e Jame of Isfahan, Pasargadae, and Persepolis in Shiraz and Lut Desert.

The magnificence of Persepolis, the vibrancy at Naqsh-e Jahan, and the tranquility of Lut desert are what give you a true picture of this ancient land. With its great history, it is still full of life and beauty.

In all main cities en route, there is a city tour. You also visit some of the greatest UNESCO heritage sites in Iran. During the tour, you stay at Jandagh caravanserai, one of the fantastic places in the heart of desert,  and visit the traditional village of Abyaneh. Camel riding in the central deserts of Iran is another experience you can have during the tour.

Special interest: Iran as you wish

A family of Iranian nomads

Special interest tours provide the chance for you to enjoy your trip as you wish! You can find your favorite tour package to spend your time in Iran. Hiking in the forest, traveling by rail amid nature, birdwatching, and harvesting tours can be amongst your choices.

What about experiencing living with nomads? If you are interested in distance from everyday life in cities, it may be a great option for you. There are different tribes of nomads in Iran living near Isfahan, Shiraz, western and northwestern parts of the country.

Traveling Isfahan, do not miss this great opportunity. Experience a deep touch of some nomadic lifestyle at Zagros Mountain, the second-highest in the country, with booking this tour package.

During a three-day tour, you are with nomads during their routines of everyday life like shepherding, collecting woods, baking bread, milking sheep & goats, and preparing fire for making bread.

Living in the heart of nature and being with people who find the way to adapting to their environment is a great experience amid modern life.

You can also visit the stunning waterfall of Absefid and exploring the beautiful village of Sar Aqa Seyyed. Tent camping, organic food, and hiking are great experiences you can have during this tour package.

Nature and adventure: white tranquility

tour package
skiing at Damavand

Nature and adventure can be one of your best picks while traveling in Iran. Iran has a lot of natural wonders that you can enjoy during your sojourn in the country. Spending time in the desert, mountain climbing, hiking in Hyrcanian forests in the north, skiing, and water recreation in the Persian Gulf are the adventures you can experience while visiting Iran.

The seven-day skiing in Damavand Mountain tour package covers one of the most amazing adventures in Iran, skiing.  You can enjoy skiing in different ski resorts in Alborz Mountain Range and Mount Damavand, the highest mountain and volcano of Iran and the Middle East. It is located in the north of the country and the south of the Caspian Sea.

Good to know that Damavand peak is situated in the central part of the Alborz mountain range with 5609 meters height. Hence, the weather temperature would be 60 degrees below zero in winters and the air pressure is half of the air pressure on the sea level.

On this tour you will ski by the companionship of a professional guide, enjoying the scenery and wonderful landscape. It is a great time to have an adventure in nature and enjoy the tranquility and silence in the mountainous region. Lasem village, ski-trek to Dobarar peak, and Changizchal peak in Rineh are some of the itineraries of the tour.

One-night excursion: Starry desert camping

Desert in Yazd

While traveling from Isfahan to Yazd, one of the best things you can do is spending a night in the central desert of Iran. The tour provides you with a unique experience of visiting an oasis village all its natural and cultural beauties, unique local lifestyle and spending a quality time in the desert.

During the tour, you will visit Salt Lake and the sand of dunes. After visiting the sunset and its breathtaking view, we will set up a tent for night camping. Overnight, you will enjoy the outstanding starry sky and the silence of the desert till falling asleep.

There are camping facilities and warm tents for the whole night equipped with a 100 percent safe heater. The next day, after eating brak fast spend some time in the desert. Leaving the place, you will visit Chak Chak Fire Temple and Kharanaq village near the city of Yazd.

Experience: Novel activities in new destinations

You learn cooking an Iranian dish at a purpose-built kitchen

Do you think traveling is a chance for new experiences? So maybe experience tour package is your choice while visiting Iran. In Iran, you can have some unique experience and have great memories of the moments you involve these new activities.

Culinary tours, tours related to different ethnicities and religions like Zoroastrians in Iran bring you an unforgettable memory of your trip.

Here in Exotigo, we hold shopping on a cooking tour in Tehran. You explore the local food market at Tajrish bazaar and in this way, you get introduced with Iranian food ingredients, and then at a purpose-built kitchen, you learn cooking an Iranian dish and enjoy eating it!

The tour provides you with the opportunity to explore a local market in the uptown Tehran while getting introduced to the ingredients of Iranian cuisine. Accompanied by your guide you can discover the wonders of eastern cooking in the best foodie stops.

Last but not least

Booking a tour package organizes your trip. In this way, you can enjoy your moments because a professional team arranges all the other stuff for you. Tour packages assist you to highlight your favorites through the journey. So what are you waiting for? Find your favorite Iran tour package and book it!

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