Middle Eastern cuisine to many people, is about charcoal-grilled meat, Kebab and giant food portions, designed for sharing and sometimes come with Shisha and sweet dessert especially at traditional restaurants. Likewise, you can probably find the same cuisine on your Iran trip, but we recommend reading this post to know about some best Iran restaurants.

Iranian food is one of the enduring highlights of any visit to this beautiful country. Iran is a fascinating mix of ancient and modern culture, complete with a dining scene to match. From traditional Persian dish Chelo Kabab, to globally inspired food.

Almost all meals here are dominated by kebabs and stews accompanied by nun (breed) or berenj (rice). Desserts are also present aplenty. There are some good choices for vegetarians as well. So here’s a rundown of some of the best restaurants in Iran to eat at. Hope you try and enjoy it.

Shandiz Jordan restaurant, Tehran-Iran

Jordan Shandiz Restaurant, VIP area, Tehran - Iran
Jordan Shandiz Restaurant, VIP area, Tehran – Iran

One of the best Iranian restaurants in Tehran definitely is Shandiz. With glorious architecture come with well-trained staff makes this restaurant a top-rated dining place in Iran. Jordan Shandiz is located in Jordan Street, Tehran. They offer a variety of Persian cuisine and stews accompanying dessert.

Shandiz serves beautifully presented kabab platters with, especially, very toothsome lamb. The salad bar is brilliant – worth the trip in itself. There are lots of nice touches. One of their best dishes is shish kebab.

Shandiz restaurant has always hosted many domestic and foreign guests. The unique architecture and interior of this restaurant, along with its special service, is one of the attractions of this complex for foreign tourists.

location: Tehran Province, Jordan، District 3, Saba Boulevard، Iran

Alborz Restaurant, Tehran-Iran

Alborz Restaurant, Tehran Iran - Exotigo
Alborz Restaurant, Tehran Iran – Exotigo

Alborz restaurant is rather a classic restaurant and is one of the oldest restaurants in Tehran which is providing its famous kebabs. Alborz is clean with professional staff. You can have original Iranian Kebab with large size and good taste in this restaurant. However various meals with tastes of different nations are available as well.

Alborz restaurant was established in 1967 as a small barbecue in one of the neighborhoods of Tehran, but four years later, in 1971, this restaurant was moved to North Sohrevardi Street, at the corner of Niko Ghadam Alley. Now, after more than 40 years, Alborz Restaurant still welcomes customers in the same location.

They insist that they only have one branch in Iran, the one located at Sohrevardi street in Tehran. their idea is, instead of increasing the number of branches, increasing the quality of food in one branch.

Location: Tehran Province, Tehran, District 7, Nikouqadam St, Iran

Shahrzad restaurant, Isfahan

Shahrzad Restaurant, Isfahan Iran - Exotigo
Shahrzad Restaurant, Isfahan Iran – Exotigo

The “Shahrzad” restaurant, which is more than fifty years old, is one of the oldest and most prestigious restaurants in Isfahan, located on Charbagh Abbasi Street. Traditional Persian cuisine, Iranian and European cuisine, steak, barbecue, seafood, and other dishes are among the restaurant’s offerings.

Every day, this restaurant is packed, indicating that the cuisine is of great quality. This restaurant serves a wide range of Iranian and Western cuisine. The most renowned dish, of course, is “Chelo Gardan” (In English means: Rice and neck). Rice cooked with Iranian saffron and roasted sheep’s neck make for a delicious meal.

The mirror, plaster, and mural arts were employed in the interior design of this restaurant, implying that you are dining in an art museum.

Location: Abbas Abad street, Isfahan, Iran.

Haft Khan restaurant, Shiraz

Haft Khan Restaurant, Shiraz Iran - Exotigo
Haft Khan Restaurant, Shiraz Iran – Exotigo

Khan is Persian means Table, and Haft Khan means seven tables, The restaurant complex has seven dining options, consisting of five restaurants and two coffee shops.

Haft Khan’s architecture is a magnificent blend of modern and traditional elements, with breathtaking views of the Zagros Mountains’ foothills. There is two menus to choose; first is Foroud, which provides local traditional foods including Bakhtiari kebab; and the other menu is Nofel, which provides foreign cuisine like chateaubriand; and the Gissia Coffee Shop, which provides a variety of hot drinks and snacks and smoothies.

Location: Shiraz, No. 17، Ayatollah Rabbani Blvd, Iran

Baghe Raaz restaurant, Shiraz

Baghe Raaz Restaurant, Shiraz Iran - Exotigo
Baghe Raaz Restaurant, Shiraz Iran – Exotigo

Baghe Raaz (Persian for “secret garden”) is a beautiful garden, turned restaurant, located in Ghasr-Dasht, Shahid Blvd, Shiraz. As you enter the garden, a magnificent building constructed of wood and glass pops up.

You can pick from two dining areas. The Bam-neshin portion is an amazing roof garden with the most beautiful view of the city at night. The Bagh-neshin portion is a garden that resembles a peaceful green woodland full of flowers. With elegant black and red seats and adorable lights, all areas are arranged to perfection.

The Fattoush Salad, which is special offer of this restaurant, is a delicious combination of crisp fried flatbread, tomatoes, cucumbers, and vegetables.

Location: Fars Province, Shiraz, Shahed Boulevard، Iran

‌‌Marcopolo restaurant, Yazd

Marcopolo Restaurant, Yazd Iran - Exotigo
Marcopolo Restaurant, Yazd Iran – Exotigo

The Restaurant which belonging to the Orient Hotel, undisputedly is one of the top choices in Yazd for dining, meeting other travelers or just relaxing.

Visitors may dine on a superb assortment of stews, kebabs, and freshly baked bread while seeing the city’s beautiful skyline of minarets and domes. The lentil soup from Yazd is delicious, but it’s not available every day.

Rooftop exploring is one of must-dos activities in Yazd. the spectacular hidden part of this jewel will be uncovered when you stay on roof and observing the city.

Location: Orient Hotel, Yazd, Iran

Saraye Ameriha hotel/restaurant, Kashan-Iran

Saraye Ameriha Restaurant, Kashan Iran - Exotigo
Saraye Ameriha Restaurant, Kashan Iran – Exotigo

Saraye Ameriha is one of Kashan’s most beautiful and historically significant residences. This house boasts lovely Iranian traditional architecture that has attracted travelers’ curiosity. Despite the fact this restaurant is quite upscale and luxurious; it is set in a traditional atmosphere in a hall full of eye-catching mirrors.

You do not need to have a hotel reservation to use their restaurant, although staying in Ameriha house is an amazing things to do in Kashan.

The restaurant’s most popular dishes are Ghorme sabzi and Shefte-bademjan. Highly suggested are Koofteh Somagh, Kashk o Bedemjan, and Fesenjan. Ghorme sabzi, Jooje Kebab, Zeresk polo, and Shirin polo are served as a buffet on weekends and holidays.

Location: Kashan, Isfahan Province, Iran


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