How much money will you need to travel to Iran? You can answer this question if you have a big picture of Iran’s currency and costs. Then having average expenses on meals, accommodation, transit, and entrance fees would help you estimate the budget you need to bring to Iran.

Due to the high exchange rate of the dollar to the Iranian rial, Iran is an affordable destination for most foreign travelers.

You can travel to magnificent Iran which is home to several cultural heritage sites and natural wonders on a budget and meet the hospitable Iranians leaving the country with the best memories. Here you can find some details about the costs of your travel to Iran. Note that for the latest Iranian Rial exchange rate, you can check

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Intercity transportation

To travel from one city to another one you can use public transportation including bus (available in most cities), train (limited availability) and flights (available in most of the big cities).

Car rental is another option that you can use for your domestic travels in Iran. Here the prices of public transportation are mentioned for a road trip of 450 km between two favorite Iranian cities, Tehran and Isfahan in the shoulder season in Iran.

iran cost

Certainly, the prices vary a little during different times of the year.

  • Bus:

A Ticket bus from Tehran to Isfahan varies from 445,000 rials to 575,000 and you spend about five hours on the road.

  • Train:

If you want to take a train from Tehran to Isfahan, you can pay from 460,000 rials to 700,000 rials for you ticket and your journey takes seven hours.

  • Flight:

The one-way flight tickets for a one-hour flight from Tehran to Isfahan range from 2,400,000 rials to 500, 000 rials. On Exotigo you can book your Iran domestic flight with online payment.

  • Car rental You can rent a car daily or for a longer period of time in Iran. The price for daily rental varies from about $35 to $195.

The fuel price is $0.27 per liter in Iran. Besides, holding a tourist visa you do not require an International Driving Permit. We, at Exotigo, provide you with car rentals in Iran.

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Local transportation

ride-hailing apps in Iran
  • Taxi

There is no meter for Iranian taxis. Most of the time, the yellow taxis have a sticker on their front window that contains the price. In general, taxi is not private in Iran.

Most of the times, the shared taxi for local transportation costs about $0.5. if you want to take a private taxi, talk about the price and not agree with the initial quoted price, bargain!

  • Bus

Most cities in Iran have a bus transportation system. In big cities like Tehran, there is Bus Rapid Transportation (BRT) system as well.

The prices vary from 6,000 rails to 12,000 rials.  You can buy a debit card for your urban transportation. In cities with the subway, the card can be used on the subway and bus.

  • Subway

In big cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, and Mashhad there is a subway. The tickets range between 15,000 rials o 90,000 rials in Tehran. In other cities, the ticket is about 1,000 rials.

You can ride Tehran subway from Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran to other parts of the city.

  • Ride-hailing apps

If you have an Iranian SIM card, you can download one of the Iranian ride-hailing apps on your smartphone. Uber is not active in Iran however Snapp and Tapsi are renowned apps that work just like Uber.

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Darb-e Shazdeh Hotel, Shiraz

The cost of accommodation in Iran is very dependent on your choice. There is a range of accommodation from hostel to five-star hotels in different cities. According to your choice and travel time, the prices vary. However, we provide a rough estimation of your stay in Iran.

If you choose to stay in a dorm bed or a basic room with a bathroom, it costs from about 7$ to 40$ for you. Staying in a double room with a bathroom in a hotel costs 35$ to 150$.

The prices are different if you choose to have luxury accommodation in Iran. You should spend more than 100$ on staying in a renowned hotel, and some of their suits reach more than 500$ as well.

Food and meals

In Iran, you can try delicious food at very affordable prices. You can find tasty sandwiches and snacks at $1. A mid-range restaurant provides you with food at $3 to $5. Dining in top restaurant costs from $7 and higher.

You can buy bottled water 10,000 rials. Other eats are about one dollar. Spending some hours in a coffee shop and order some drinks or snacks costs you about $5.

Of course, the price depends on the location and quality of the coffee shop and your order.  Hence help yourself and enjoy Iranian cuisines at a reasonable price!

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Entrance fee

The entrance fee is different for different attractions. For example, the entrance fee for Iran National Museum and Archive in Tehran costs 1,000,000 rials for foreigners which equals about $5. The price for visiting Persepolis is 200,000 rials.

As you can see the cost of the entrance while visiting Iran is very low. Hence, the entrance fee is a small share of your budget for traveling to Iran.

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Iran Excursion

Pasargadea near Shiraz

For excursions, you have two choices. You can hire a taxi to your favorite place or you can visit the attractions with a tour guide or driver-guide.

For a short taxi drive, you may expense $10 or a little more. There is no meter in Iran so talk with the driver and make sure about the final price before starting the trip.

The driver-guide costs about $40 per day. In this way, you can visit the sites with a professional guide and make your travel more fruitful.

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Some more tips about Iran currency

  • The official currency in Iran is the rial however the prices in the market and everyday life are in toman. So what should you do to solve this problem? Remember that 10 rials = 1 toman, which means that you should drop one zero from the banknote or coin you have to reach the number that means.
  • Iran’s inflation is quite high and it’s an average of 40-50 % in 2022 ( That means the service prices increase as fast as 1.4 times each year.
  • Your credit cards cannot be used at Iran’s ATM or for shopping but there is another option for you, the Iranian debit card! In this way, you can recharge the card, which is a short-term credit card for tourists, whenever you want. You can easily refund your balance at the end of your trip.
  • You can exchange large banknotes in euros and dollars at a better rate in Iran. There are several exchange offices across border cities and big cities in Iran however, there is no currency exchange booth across the cities. Besides, the exchange offices are open only during business hours, and they are closed on bank holidays and weekends.
  • There are two different exchange rates in Iran. One is the official rate, and the other is the market rate. You, as a tourist, deal with the market rate! Secondly, the exchange rate is different on different dates and is not fixed like many other countries.

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Last but not the least

Iran is one of the affordable destinations that houses a lot of natural wonders and cultural heritage. The good news is that Iranian hospitality is another thing that saves your money! With open arms they welcome you in every part of the country.

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