Iran is the land of a variety of cultures and traditions! Iran souvenirs range from tasteful desserts to eye-catching handicrafts! Here we list some of the major handicrafts and edibles that you can find in Iran with their special characteristics.

However, you can find a range of different tasty and beautiful souvenirs in different parts of the country. For example, traveling Isfahan, do not forget to try Gaz and Poolaki. Or in Tabriz, you can find delicious nuts and sweets like Nogha and ris. Yazd is another destination where you can find different kinds of sweets. However, here you can find some of the famous Iran souvenirs you can provide during your trip to the country.

Persian carpet, a great Iran souvenir

iran souvenirs

The Persian carpet is one of Iran souvenirs that bring vibrancy to your home. So buying a Persian carpet as a souvenir is a great decision!  Persian carpets are commonly woven according to pre-planned patterns, which are composed of layouts and motifs on a loom.

There are different motifs and layouts for Persian carpets. Certainly, you can choose your favorite motifs among them. According to space, you want to use the carpet and your decoration you can decide about the motifs.

According to different cultures, rituals, and lifestyles in different parts of Iran, you can find different types of Persian carpets in different regions in Iran. So you can find your favorite ones according to different schools in different regions. Nomadic carpet as well as different rural carpets including Gabbeh, Kilim, Jajim, Ziloo, Hasir, and Namad.

Set and budget for yourself and consider the space you want to youse the carpet there. In this case, you can narrow down your choice and have a great Persian carpet to make your space homey and elegant!


iran souvenirs

 Iranian saffron with its unique taste, color, and scent remind you of the country. Traveling to Iran, you would understand that many Persian cuisines, desserts, and even beverages owe their mesmerizing taste to the Persian saffron.

Saffron or “red gold” comes from the crocus sativus flower. The flower’s red stigmas, which are like the thread.

The product you buy at the market is in fact the dried threads of saffron, which are separated from the flower by hands. You can also find it in powder. It is slightly sweet and has a great fragrance and color.

The eastern part of Iran, with a dry and cold climate, is the hub of saffron harvesting in Iran.  Several cities in Khorasan provinces are known for their products of Iranian saffron.  

Qaen, Gonabad, Torbate Heydarieh, Taybad, Birjand, and Khaf are some of these cities. However, the saffron of Qaen is the most popular saffron among Iranian for its high quality.

Iranian saffron adds color, taste, and aroma to your visiting to Iran. So do not miss this colorful tasty experience while visiting the country.

With booking Road Trip throughout Iran on the Exotigo, you have the chance to visit different regions of the beautiful country during three-week trip. During the tour, you have the chance to visit saffron farm and pistachio gardens in central Iran.

Pistachio, a delicious Iran souvenir

iran souvenirs

In fact, pistachio is one of the tasty souvenirs you can buy in Iran. It is another color of gold for Iranian, the green one! You can find premium pistachio in Iran. Interestingly, you can find shelled pistachio as well as kernels in Iran.

In-shell pistachio is a popular kind. It has different kinds named Fandoghi, Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, and Kaleh Ghoochi. They are categorized through their length. The naturally opened pistachio is the best kind of this nut!

Rafsanjan, Sirjan, and Zarand in Kerman Province and Damghan in Semnan Province are well-known for their pistachio production.

Iranian handicrafts

You can find a variety of handicrafts in Iran made from different materials like metal, wood, or clay. Each region of the country has some handicraft productions, which can surprise you with its beauty and delicacy in the process of making! Here we name some of these handicrafts you can choose as your souvenirs.

Metal handicrafts

To find a metal handicraft, Isfahan is the best choice! Isfahan is the city of handicrafts like Minakari (metal enameling), Qalamkari (stamp printing), Khatam Kari (Inlaid objects), and Ghalamzani (engraving).

There are some workshops that you can witness the process of making handicrafts and try a hand!

You can also find unique works on copper in different cities of Iran like Kerman and Zanjan.

Different kinds of dishware and decoration are available with copper from bracelets to big pots! So do not miss the chance to get introduced to this Persian art!

With Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Beyond the Highlights tour on Exotigo, you can explore downtown in Isfahan and all monuments of Naqsh-e Jahan. Visiting the whole bazaar and a few handicraft workshops is another part of the tour.

Pottery and ceramic handicraft

Hamedan and Meybod are the best places where you can find clay dishware with breathtaking patterns! Lalehjin near Hamedan and Meybod near Yazd city are the best places where you can find pottery and ceramic artwork!

The designs of the pottery in Yazd are about desert life and are Khatam Sun and chicken and Fish. The sun is a symbol of the desert and the chicken is a reminder of a kind of sparrow living in the desert. Fish is the symbol of life and an anecdote of the dehydration of Yazd.

The reason for flourishing this kind of art in Yazd is the fine-grained clay that can be found in Maybod. High-quality clay and the desert climate mingle in order to find these elegant ceramics in this area.

On Exotigo, you can book Making Persian Blue Beads tour in Qom. During the workshop, you can learn about the history of Persian beads (kharmohreh) and get familiar with the tools, materials, and techniques of the beads. In addition, you walk around a live production area and engage in making your own kharmohreh.


Yazd city has another handicraft, which can surprise you with pattern and color, Termeh! The fabulous traditional handwoven silk and wool fabrics, known as termeh, is another souvenir that you can buy from Yazd. Khan Bazaar of Yazd, an old market in Yazd that dated back to the 9th century, is a vibrant place full of colors in which you can find different kinds of termeh.

Today most of the termehs in the market are made with machines and are not from silk.

However how minds? The patterns and colors still mesmerize every visitor and you can make your house more lovely with a piece of termeh!

Turquois, a gem as Iran souvenir

This semi-precious blue beauty has been mined in Iran for more than 5000 years. The best turquoise is a rich blue with less matrix.

It is only mined in Neyshabur near Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi Province.

Traveling through Iran, you see this gemstone on domes and in the royal palace. That is because of its color, which is the symbol of heaven on the earth.

Iranian sweets, a tasty souvenir

In different Iranian cities you can find a variety of sweets as souvenirs.

For example in Isfahan, you can find Gaz or Ghottab in Yazd city is a great option as a souvenir. In Tabriz, you can find Nogha or Ris.

These are great souvenirs that remind you of the culture of Iran as well.

Last but not the least

You may choose your souvenir from the above-mentioned item or you can choose an item during your trip to a lesser-known destination in Iran. The important thing is that your souvenir is a moment you recall your dear ones and find it kilometers away whether in an edible or a precious piece of handicraft!

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