Here you are, we opened up and answered to top most asked questions by travelers who intent to travel to Iran. From Iran Covid travel news to some general questions about Iran language, currency, and visa application. If you already have decided or tempted to travel to Iran, this article highly will be useful as we minified all the necessary basic information you will need soon.

1- Can I visit Iran during Covid pandemic? (Iran Travel)

At the time of updating this post (April 2022), there are no travel restrictions for traveling to Iran except having a vaccination certificate and holding a negative PCR text 72 hours prior to your flight to Iran.
To being updated on Iran Covid 19 news and when Iran visa will be issued again, you can check here or submit your Iran visa application here. Our customer service will be in touch with you closely.

2- Are US citizen allowed to travel to Iran? How about UK citizen?

Besides from two countries’ political tensions, visiting Iran as a US citizen is easier than is assumed. The number of US citizens who visit Iran annually is 3000 to 7000 and the demand still is increasing.
Although applying Iran Visa for US, UK, and Canada citizen is slightly different from other countries, you can read this post regarding how to proceed for applying visa and get an authorized travel agency to help. Hopefully, your case will be ended up as an approved case between one or two months.

Tabatabaei House Kashan Iran
Tabatabaei House Kashan Iran

3- Can you drink alcohol in Iran? (Iran Travel)

The answer is a definite No! Consuming, buying, and selling alcoholic drinks are illegal inside the borders of Iran. Hence, there is no bar or liquor shop inside Iran providing alcohol.
As a tourist, there is no exception to use alcohol in Iran. It is a law in the country, which banned drinking, buying, and selling alcohol in this land for everyone. Maybe you heard about the myth that hotels and cafes in Iran provide alcohol for foreigners. It is not true! There is no place that you can order alcohol in this country.

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4- Is it Safe to Travel to Iran?

Statistics talks! If you prefer facts to narrations, this section may help you to understand Iran is safe.
According to the Travel Risk Map, Iran is listed in the Medium Risk category in 2020 and is a safe country. It assesses political violence (terrorism, insurgency, politically motivated unrest, and war), social unrest (sectarian, communal, and ethnic violence), violent and petty crime.
Interestingly, popular destinations like Turkey, Indonesia, and Egypt, and Russia are also in the Medium Risk category. Maybe this categorizing helps you to have a true picture of Iran!

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5- Can I visit Iran after visiting Israel?

Israeli citizens are the only nationality who are not allowed to enter Iran according to Iran’s visa policy. For those tourists who already visited Israel and have an Israeli stamp on their passport, although there are no official rules in Iran that the visa will be rejected, we highly recommend that apply your Iran visa authorization code through one of the authorized Iranian travel agency in advance and ensure about the result before traveling Iran.

To be added, neither Iran nor Israel recently does not stamp on the passport anymore, and they will give an entry visa on a piece of paper. that’s for facilitating the incoming tourist procedure on borders for both countries.

Iran E Visa sample – Stamp will be on Visa paper like this picture (not on the passport)

6- What is Iran Language? (Iran Travel)

Persian or Farsi. Hearing the Persian language while someone reciting a poem or song, it may seem soft and ear-catching. Persian language is one of the oldest ones in the world and has a great impact on world literature with great poets like Hafez (1315-1390) or Rumi (1207 – 1273). Most Iranian young people can speak English and help you during your trip. However, if you planning to travel to Iran, it is better to know more about this language to have a better trip.

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Star Valley Qeshm Iran
Star Valley Qeshm Iran

7- What is Iranian currency and how can I buy?

Rial (IRR) is the official currency in Iran. The currency is what you see on the banknotes, coins, and uses in banks and administrations. The price tags and prices printed on packaged foods are in rials as well.
However, people in everyday life use other currency named ‘toman’. One toman equals 10 rials. In other word, you should drop a zero from rial in order to understand it in toman.

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8- What Iran is Famous for?

Iran is famous for: ancient civilization with more than 3000 years of history, Architecture like Naqsh e Jahan Isfahan, Persian food like Kebab, Adventure activities like desert safari, Bazaar like Grand Tehran Bazaar, Traditional hotels like Ghasr e Monshi, Persian Carpet, Saffron, museums like Iran national museum and so on.

Persian Carpet rug
Persian carpet is one of Iran cultural elements

9- Iran visa for Indians and Pakistan?

Indians are eligible for Iran Visa on Arrival (VOA). They can easily apply for their Iran VOA through one online travel agency and wait for 2 to 3 business days to receive their visa authorization code. Once you arrive in Iran, you need to show this authorization code to the immigration officer at Airport to easily get your entry visa on your passport.
Pakistan citizens are not eligible for VOA, therefore they need to apply for a pre-arrival visa from Iran in Islamabad.


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