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Latest Iran visa and Covid-19 news: Iran is open to all travelers subject to being fully vaccinated or holding a negative PCR test 72 hours prior to your flight to Iran.  Apply for Iran visa here.

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Latest Iran tourism and Covid-19 news:

24th May 2022

The Iran deputy head of the ministry of cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism said on Sunday that Iran has eased conditions for travelers to the country. From 24th May 2022 onwards the visitors to Iran have to present either a vaccine certificate or a negative PCR test within 72 hours of the flight to Iran.

15th Feb 2022

The airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Homa) announced the new conditions for accepting incoming passengers on international flights to Iran, which are as follows:

All passengers over the age of 12 on incoming flights to Iran must have a negative PCR test certificate in English within 72 hours of the flight. 

Passengers over the age of 12 with non-Iranian citizenship, in addition to the PCR test, must have a Covid vaccination card in English that 14 days have passed since their last injection.

Travelers who have been vaccinated for more than 9 months must have received the supplemental vaccine dose and bring their card in English.

26th January 2022

In order to control the spread of the Omicron variant, foreign tourists from England and South Africa are not allowed to enter Iran till further notice. The air and land borders for other nationalities are open and they can enter Iran with the Covid vaccine report and PCR test.

12th January 2022

Iran opened the land borders to travellers from today. In order to control the spread of the Omicron variant, Iran closed the land borders for two weeks from 25th December 2021 to 8th January 2022. It is noted that air travellers, can travel to Iran through international airports with no restrictions.

25th December 2021

In order to control the spread of the Omicron variant, Iran is closing the land borders for two weeks from 25th December 2021 to 8th January 2022. During this period, tourists are not allowed to enter Iran through land borders. It is noted that air travellers, still can travel to Iran through international airports.

23rd October 2021

Iran is issuing tourist visas from October 23rd, 2021. Foreign tourists from the land and air borders are allowed to enter Iran from November 2021. Travellers need to be either fully vaccinated or hold a negative PCR test 72 hours before their flight to Iran.

27th September 2021

Iran tourism minister announced on 27th September 2021 that, the issuance of Iranian tourist visas for foreign tourists from the land and air borders will be resumed in October 2021 by the order of the President.

1st August 2021

Iran targeted to speed up the vaccination rate by 500,000 doses per day. Experts believe that increasing the vaccination rate will reduce the number of infected cases rapidly. They hope that Iran's borders will be reopened to foreign travelers in September.

15th July 2021

Iran authorities: Iran will reopen its borders to visitors, from July 2021 onwards, subject to the pandemic situation. Accordingly, to enter Iran as a tourist, you need to be either fully vaccinated or holding a negative PCR test certificate taken no more than 96 hours before departure.

10th June 2021

Austrian airline said that it would resume flights to Tehran from 17 July 2021.

6th June 2021

Iran will reopen its borders to visitors! Foreign tourists will be able to apply for a tourist visa from early July 2021, according to authorities.

6th April 2021

German airline Lufthansa said on Friday that it would resume flights from Frankfurt to Tehran from April 16.

1st March 2021

The Iran Tourist Visa will not be issued due to Covid pandemic till futher notice. Currently, only medical and business visa are issued. 

15th December 2020

The Iran foriegn ministry states that they will issue medical visas to patients and buiness visa to business traveller to Iran from now on subject to having negative PCR test 96 hours before arrival flight 

18th August 2020

Turkish Airline will launch its international flight to the cities of Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz, Mashhad and Isfahan September 11, 2020 onward with health protocols

17th August 2020

IranAir Airline anounced the relaunch of its weekly Madrid-Tehran flights from September 2nd 2020 after 17 years of suspension 

5th August 2020

Mahan airline will launch its international flight for Tehran-Moscow route from 5th July 2020 onward with health protocols

17th July 2020

Emirate airway will launch its international flight to Tehran from July 17th 2020 onward with health protocols

20th June 2020

Mahan airway will launch its international flight for Tehran-Dubai route from July 9th 2020 onward with health protocols           

20th June 2020

Iranian cinemas, theaters and cultural centers open their doors since  from June 20th  2020 regarding health protocols

15th June 2020

Iran monitors proper implementation of hygiene protocols in tourism facilities observing health protocol to ensure the safety of guests and staffs 

1st June 2020

Qatar airway launched its international flight to/from Iran from June 1st 2020 onward with health protocols

27th May 2020

Iran’s museums opened their doors to the public since May 27th  2020 onward observing health protocols 

25th May 2020

Restaurants and cafés were opened since  May 25th, 2020 with health protocols

19th May 2020

Outdoor recreational activities and parks are opened with health protocols

24th April 2020

All hotels and accommodation operated under the ministry of tourism are allowed to provide services to the tourists and locals observing health protocol.

Traveling Smart 

Planning for a trip? Here you can find several tips to travel safely! Do research! Read on  travel advisories and travel restrictions specific countries of origin and destinations including on-arrival quarantine, preclusions of  non-essential travel, requirements or changes in visa-approval protocols.  

Book closer to your departure date. This makes you more flexible for any changes and saves your money. Or you can plan ahead by choosing travel agencies that offer free of charge cancelation or amendment.

Be aware of your travel insurance coverage due to coronavirus pandemic.

Consider the restrictions and make sure that  the activities and attractions you want to visit are open. 

Pack Personal Protective Equipment, including a mask and sanitizer, for your trip. 

Learn about new and updated cleanliness and safety measures announced globally. 

Important links 

To find out more about Covid-19 (COVID-19), how to protect yourself  from the sick and its  symptoms visit the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

 Frequently Asked Questions on COVID-19 in Iran

Iran Flights

1- Does Iran enforce any travel ban for foreign tourists regarding the Covid-19 pandemic?

Since June 21st 2020, foreign tourists have no travel ban or restriction to visit Iran.

2- Is there any domestic or international flight in the country at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic? 

Yes, there is. Both International flights to/from Iran and domestic flights within Iran operate observing  health protocols.

3-  Where can I find the latest restrictions on domestic or international flights? 

For international flights, you can refer to the met search engine like Skyscanner. You can find about your desired domestic flights in Iran on  .

4- How risky it is to travel by air during the Covid-19 pandemic?

By implementing several strict health methods still Air travelling is    considered as the safest travel mode during the outbreak.

- All airplanes are equipped with high-efficiency HEPA filters.

- After each flight, airplane will be fully sanitized.

- Special health protocols are implemented to eliminate virus spread.        

5- Is it necessary to issue a health certificate to ensure that the aircraft does not contaminate the Covid-19?

        After each disinfection, the health certificate will be issued for a plane, hence the plane is allowed to take off.                                                                                                                                     

 Iran Hotels:

1- Are Iran hotels providing services to foreign tourists during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Yes, they provide all accommodation services to international and local tourists during Covid-19 pandemic regarding health protocols  

2- What measures accommodations have been taken to guarantee room hygiene?

All Iran accommodations reopens in May 2020 have been ordered to follow new health protocol by Iran’s health ministry and are provided with a checklist to ensure the property hygiene. Beside Inspectors from the health ministry are keeping monitoring the disinfection procedure at the hospitality businesses. 

3- Are Hotel facilities open?

Most of the Hotels and other guest accommodation options in Iran are open and provide services regarding health protocols and keeping social distancing. 

4- How risky is it to stay in Iran hostels and ecolodges during the Covid-19 outbreak?

We are asking the hostels introduced on our website to follow the government’s health guidelines. This means extra cleaning, hand sanitization, social distancing (in both rooms and social areas) are all being followed. Otherwise, we remove the hostel from the Exotigo website.                                           

Experiences & Tours:

1- How I know the provided experience or tour in is     available to operate during covid-19 pandemic or not?

Our team constantly monitor our tour partners and suppliers and  check the availability of  tours during covid-19 pandemic; accordingly, we will update the latest available tour and packages on our website. Hence,if you find your desired tour or experiences on our website, you can book it without any worries. 

2- Are Iran’s cultural heritage site and historical monuments open to visit during the covid-19 pandemic?

Most of the cultural heritage sites and historical monuments are open since June 2020. You can find the latest news here. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. 

3- What measures Tour operators have been taken to guarantee tour hygiene? 

Mask and hand sanitizer are inclusive in all Exotigo Tour & Experiences. Tour guides are all well-trained on how to operate tours during the pandemic. The guides are responsible for measuring  the temperature of the tourists and implement Iran health protocols. 

4- Does my travel insurance cover Covid-19?

Please take a look at your insurance coverage policies. Covid-19 is a new case and insurance policies and your travel insurance may does not updated. Hence, in case you cannot find any information, contact them. Our travel insurance service will cover all medical and travel-related items within Iran boundaries.

 Free cancellation and Flexible travel options:

Our guests with reservations booked for arrival on or after July 1st 2021 and before end of 2022, will be allowed to change or cancel their booking without any charge. 

1- How do I cancel my booking in this situation?

It’s easy. If you signed up, you can find cancelation/amendment option in your account. If you booked as a guest, just send your cancellations request to Exotigo customer service via email or online chat. All the cancellation/amendments after July 1st 2021 and before end of 2022 are free of charge. 

2- Will I get charged additionally if I move my reservation to a future date?

No. All cancellation/amendments for Exotigo travel services are free of charge after July 1st 2021 and before end of 2022.