“ Is Iran safe ?” Ask this question from someone who traveled to Iran before, you probably find the answer with a big smile: Absolutely, yes!

Reading different travelogues and interviews on the internet confirms your findings! Since the travelers describe Iran as one of the safest destinations they have ever traveled. Even many of them miss Iranian friends at the country!

Those traveled Iran agree that it is safer than many other countries. The country boasts one of the loveliest people in the world. The travelers would tell you that they left Iran with great memories shared with locals. 

So why are to be travelers concern about whether Iran is safe or not? One of the main reasons is the decades-long political tensions between Iran and the U.S. that create myths on Iran’s safety!

But what is the truth? Truth is what is going on every day in Iran and it is inconsistent with Iran’s news on mainstream media and some travel advisories of western countries.


There is no reason to feel unsafe in Iran. Since crimes against foreigners and terrorist activities are rare in the country. Many foreign travelers backpack through Iran safe and sound.

In general, as a traveler, you should have information about the rules and culture of your destination. A great way to be safe and sound during exploring new places! Iran is a safe destination with a breathtaking historical monument and natural wonders.Hence, If you are a to-be traveler to Iran, this article helps you can decide about your next visit to this country.

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Is It Safe to Travel on Your Own to Iran?

Of course, it is. You can travel on your own since there are enough English signs on the roads and streets. Do not underestimate welcoming Iranians who are around to help you to discover new attractions.

Of course, a professional guide always can help you to have a deeper experience during your travel. However, Iran is a safe country and you can discover on your own.

Even you can backpack through the country without any problem. All you need is to observe the precaution, which is necessary for any foreign country.

You can explore safe all parts of Iran on your own without any problem. However, if you are alone, travel some border regions with caution. In fact, It is better to visit these parts of the country with a tour or in a group.

Traveling to Iran gives you the chance to meet the friendliest people of the world. Enjoy their hospitability and kindness during your trip!

What Travel Risk Map Says about Travel Safe to Iran?

Statistics talks! If you prefer facts to narrations, this section may help you to undersand Iran is safe.

According to the Travel Risk Map, Iran is listed in the Medium Risk category in 2020 and is a safe country. It assesses political violence (terrorism, insurgency, politically motivated unrest, and war), social unrest (sectarian, communal, and ethnic violence), violent and petty crime.

Interestingly, popular destinations like Turkey, Indonesia, and Egypt and Russia are also in the Medium Risk category. Maybe this categorizing helps you to have a true picture of Iran!

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Is Iran Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

As a solo female traveler, you are very welcome in Iran! The day you leave the country, you would have great memories of people who do their best to create joyful moments for you.

Dressing modestly always is a great way to guarantee your safety. Besides, there is a dress code for women in Iran. Women should cover their hair with a scarf or shawl. They should cover their legs, and arms with long pants and long-sleeved dresses.

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To be safe in Iran, preferably ask for help from women. In this way, you can be safer and in line with Iranian culture.  Iranians are very hospitable and friendly. however, it is not common for a woman in Persian culture to accept invitations of single men.

Traveling in the brightness of the day is a must for solo traveling. Walking alone on the road in darkness may be dangerous in unknown places. Do not give personal information to strangers to protect yourself against dangers.

The more you know and respect the culture of your host country, the more you feel safe and enjoy your moments during your trips.

Nightlife in Iran

Restaurants and shopping centers are mostly open until midnight. However, nightlife is not the same in different cities. In Iran, you feel safe and enjoy more in metropolitans like Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz, and Shiraz on the streets at night. However, in small cities, the street may be emptied earlier.

Remember that in every part of the world brightness is important for safety. Hence, avoid empty streets and corners. You can experience Tehran’s nightlife on Si e Tir Street.

Credit Card for a Safe Travel to Iran

 As a traveler, you probably know about the danger of having cash during trips. International Credit cards are not working and you may be concern about bringing cash to Iran! As you know it is not safe. But don’t worry! The good news is that some tour operators provide debit cards for you in Iran.

At Exotigo, provide you with a debit card for your trip to Iran. With debit cards, you can decrease the risk of bringing cash with you everywhere. Hence, this is all you need! Apply for the debit card service at Exotigo and have a safe journey to Iran!

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Emergency numbers you must know

Here is a list of emergency numbers you must know while traveling Iran.

 Remember that you should drop the 0 when dialing an area code from abroad and replace it with +98, the Iran country code.


Fire: 125

Police: 110

Iran country code: 98

International access code: 00

Local directory: 118

Iranian Red Crescent Society: 112

These golden numbers are necessary for a safe trip to Iran. Good to know that the Iranian Red Crescent Society hotline provides medical facilities in nature and in mountainous regions.

Watch Out on the Streets!

Expect cars from any unexpected path! The terrifying part of your travel to Iran is driving cars on the street. Watch out when you want to cross streets especially in big cities.

Even in pedestrians, you may encounter motorists! Remember that motorists may ignore traffic lights and regulations in any part of cities.

Be careful crossing the streets for safe travel to Iran. If you have a car accident, remain at the scene until authorities have made an official report.

Public Transportation in Iran

Public transportation is the safest method to explore a new country. In Iran, public transportation is good in metropolitans. However, the case is not the same in small cities.

In urban public transportation, be aware of gender segregation in buses and metro in Iran. The bottom of the bus and is allocated to women and they have a special carriage of the subway.

If you prefer a taxi, try to hire taxies from agencies or hotels. Most taxis do not have meters so ask about the payment before riding.

Buses between cities and towns are available almost nationwide. You can use ‘VIP bus’ with more wide and comfortable seats. Hence, they are suitable for overnight trips or long distances. You can find rail travel is limited but is comfortable and punctual. By using Iran public transportation, you enjoy communicating with locals and have a safe trip!

Last But Not Least

Iran is a safe country and a place for an unforgettable trip with its glorious history and magnificent nature.Having more knowledge about culture and laws always helps you to have better moments. In this way, your travel to Iran can be the beginning of great friendships.

Do not hesitate to travel to Iran and meet one of the friendliest people in the world. Travel and share your moments with us!

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