To be able to travel to the third-largest city of Iran and be able to stay in its luxury hotels is a dream come true for many. Isfahan is a city that is considered a creative world city under UNESCO.
Did you know that the city you plan to visit and stay in has many historical monuments and places worth visiting that belong to the Islamic era? Aren’t you tempted already to visit and see all these magnificent artworks by yourself?
So let us help you more by getting you closer to your dream city and showing you some of the best luxury hotels in Isfahan where you can enjoy your stay with your friends and family.
Do not worry; we will elaborate on everything in detail for you. So make sure you read till the end to know everything you desire from Isfahan and its 5-star luxury hotels waiting for you.

Abbasi Hotel, Isfahan

Abbasi Hotel Isfahan Iran - Exotigo
Abbasi Hotel Isfahan Iran – Exotigo

In this historic city, you will be able to stay at the Hotel Abbasi, which is a 5-star hotel. A place where you will get the feeling of culture, heritage, and a unique feeling that you are in Isfahan.
Friendly staff who are ready to help and assist at any time of the day. Not to forget the delicious food prepared by the Iranian chefs in the Abbasi hotel. It’s an out-of-the-world feeling for all the visitors.
Staying in Abbasi hotel, you can boost and be proud as you stay in one of the oldest hotels in Isfahan, filled with fantastic architecture. We are sure you have heard about the Safavi era, haven’t you? Well, Abbasi hotel is a luxury hotel that was made during their period.
Do not worry about booking. You can book any room you desire with the help of Exotigo. There are enough rooms for all, but the golden rule of first-come, first-serve, works everywhere. You need to hurry and book your rooms in this luxury hotel in Isfahan, especially during the peak seasons, as the rooms get occupied quickly.

Ghasre Monshi Hotel, Isfahan

Ghasre Monshi Boutique Hotel Isfahan - Exotigo
Ghasre Monshi Boutique Hotel Isfahan – Exotigo

Walk everywhere in Isfahan, and you will see a masterpiece that will drop your jaw. How can a city be so elegant, beautiful, and historical yet very lux and modern?
You will fall in love more with the old traditional houses that have been renovated and made into guest houses and hotels, keeping their historical sense and structure to date.
You can find romantic five-star luxury hotels such as Ghasr Monshi, a boutique hotel. Some tourists think that if it is traditionally a boutique hotel, there might be some issues with the services compared to the other standard 5-star hotels. It is, in fact, a wrong concept.
The Ghasr Monshi hotel provides everything to all its guests and allows you all to feel like you are at home. Come out of your hotel and take a walk around the city.
You will see that life has more to offer humankind. So many areas to pay a visit to, so much happiness and fun, unlimited laughter and joy in the youth, and finally, the friendly nature of Iranians makes you return again.
Do not forget to visit the Vank Cathedral, the Royal Mosque, and the most visited Naghshe Jahan Square. Once you are in Isfahan, there is a lot you can do and never get tired of. So make your trip memorable and stay in the excellent 5-star Ghasr Monshi hotel.

Parsian Kowsar Hotel, Isfahan

Parsian Kowsar Hotel Isfahan

The final and the best five-star hotel that you will find in Isfahan is the Parsian Kowsar hotel.
If you desire to stay in a great hotel and lay your weary head, then the Parsian Kowsar hotel is what you are looking for. Lux, modern, and at the same time highly demanded both by natives and tourists.
It is a fantastic place to rejuvenate and relax once you are in Isfahan.
We organize trips to change our mood, make a change, see new places worth visiting, and create memories. Isfahan is the perfect choice for all along with its historical sites and the Parsian Kowsar hotel.
Do not worry about traveling around as you can walk off the hotel, and you will find the Naghshe Jahan Square lying entirely under the vast open sky.

How Much Does A Isfahan Luxury Hotel Cost Per Night?

For all those international tourists, we should add that based on the high value of Euro in Iran, the cost of the luxury hotels in Isfahan is seriously nothing compared to that of other countries.
You can easily enjoy staying at the top five-star luxury hotels in Isfahan for around 70 to 200 Euro per night. Keep in mind that based on the location of the hotel and the services they provide, the cost may vary.

Can I Rent A Car From Isfahan Luxury Hotels?

It is a common question among all tourists today. Yes, you can rent a car in Isfahan from the luxury hotel you are staying in. Do not worry about the traffic; Isfahan has less traffic than other cities such as Tehran. So the traffic is almost identical to other Asian countries.
You can ask your hotel for renting purposes, or if you desire, you can get a rental car from the agencies in Isfahan for this purpose.
You need to follow a formal process for renting your desired car.
The cost of renting a car can vary based on the type of car and the duration you desire to use the vehicle.

How Far Is Isfahan Luxury Hotels from Historical Monuments?

Once you get in touch with Exotigo, they will try to find the best luxury hotels in Isfahan that are even close to the historical monuments. You can save more cash for yourself and spend it more on visiting many places or buying souvenirs for your loved ones at home.
For example, the famous Naghshe Jahan square is close to the Hotel Abbasi. It is simply a very short walking distance. You can walk in the streets of Isfahan, have ice cream or cold natural juice under the sun’s scorching heat, yet enjoy every step you take.
According to most visitors, traveling to Isfahan and visiting the historical monuments are worth every penny.


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