Covid-19 updates: Iran is issuing tourist visas from October 23, 2021! Any questions? Read Iran Covid-19.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  Can I book Iran hotels online?

Yes. Although many international hotel booking websites do not work in Iran, you can book hotels in Iran online with Exotigo.

Use your Visa or MasterCard to make a secure online payment. Exotigo offers the best price guarantee so you can book with confidence.

  What are the best Iran hotels?

Iran Luxury Hotels: Espinas Palace (Tehran). Ghasr Monshi (Isfahan). Zandiyeh hotel (Shiraz). Saraye Ameriha (Kashan)

Iran Budget Hotels: Saina hotel (Tehran). Setareh hotel (Isfahan). Karimkhan hotel (Shiraz). Darbe Bagh Residence (Kashan) 

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