Sistan-Baluchestan, Iran’s large southeastern region that has long been associated with instability, is now taking the initial steps toward becoming a popular tourist destination, but the initiatives will take several years to completely pay off.

The local authorities have made efforts to identify and promote potential attractions, including Chabahar with so many exceptional natural wonders, like Darak Beach where the desert meets the sea and the Martian Mounts, Mud Volcano and stunning Beris Bay. Shortly we will provide all information you need about the Chabahar travel guide and tourist attractions.

Chabahar is a free economic zone with a bustling port. Chabahar is one of the key east-west corridors, according to the United Nations, and it is located in the southernmost portion of the corridor. It is also Iran’s only oceanic port, positioned on the Makran Sea (Oman Sea) and the Indian Ocean’s coastlines.

How to get there – Chabahar Travel

How to get to Chabahar - Exotigo
How to get to Chabahar – Exotigo

Chabahar stands at a height of 7 meters above sea level. The average annual temperature is 24°C, with 10 mm of precipitation on average. It has a tropical environment with a high level of relative humidity.

Different ways to get to Chabahar:

Ground travel:
The most well-known nearby cities to Chabahar are: Zahedan(650km), Kerman(800km), Bandar Abbas(600km). the first alternative is to take a car with a driver or reserve a bus ticket from one of these mentioned cities to Chabahar.
For those who love road trips and experience off-beaten of Iran, there is another alternative to rent a car and explore the Chabahar and nearby with more flexibility.

Air travel:
Chabahar and Tehran are 1,456 kilometers apart and take roughly 2 hours to fly between them. Flights are available from Chabahar International Airport to Dubai, Muscat, Mashhad, Tehran, Shiraz, Bandar Abbas, and Zahedan.

Iran Domestic Flight

Chabahar Tourist attractions

Martian mountains or Merikhi mountains

Martian mountains Chabahar, Iran - Exotigo
Martian mountains Chabahar, Iran – Exotigo

Martian Mountains, dragged along the beach from Kachu Area to Gowater Gulf, are one of the geomorphological phenomena in Sistan Balouchestan province that have been submerged in the Oman Sea for many million years, and so include diverse fossils of organisms like shells and fish.
Martian Mountains is around 40 kilometers away from Chabahar. Unlike Mars, the Martian Mountains are colored between Goldsmith and white, and they change hues during the day. This mountain range is created by the Zagros Mountains and has varying heights throughout; some are 5 meters high, while others are up to 100 meters high, making it difficult to explore.

Lipar lake – Pink lagoon

Lipar lake Chabahar, Iran - Exotigo
Lipar lake Chabahar, Iran – Exotigo

Lipar lake also known as Pink lake or Pink lagoon is situated along the Chabahar-Gwadar coastline route. The water in this lake is mostly pink, though it can change to orange or red on occasion. Observing diverse species like as coots, flamingos, grebes, herons, and western swamp hens is one of the main attractions you should not miss during your visit to the lake.

Due to the types of algae, planktons, microbes and some mineral materials in the lake, its water surface seems pink color.

Beris port

Beris Port, Chabahar Iran - Exotigo
Beris Port, Chabahar Iran – Exotigo

Beris Fishing Port, in the Sand-e Mir Suiyan Rural District, is well-known for its steep cliffs that overlook the Oman Sea, giving the region a dramatic appearance and making it look like something out of a novel. Beris has a strong strategic location and is a major fishing hub, delivering seafood to the surrounding area.

Darak Beach Chabahar, Iran - Exotigo
Darak Beach Chabahar, Iran – Exotigo

Darak Beach

Darak village, which is located where the Sea of Oman meets the Indian Ocean, is made up of hills and palm trees on the beach, which provides for beautiful scenery. As a result, the village has the potential to become a popular tourist destination, with cliff, sandy, and coral beaches nearby. The waters of the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean clash along the shore.
As one of the Iran natural wonders, the collision between desert and sea make exceptional scenery that not easy to find in any other part of the world.

Mud volcano

Mud Volcano Chabahar, Iran - Exotigo
Mud Volcano Chabahar, Iran – Exotigo

In this phenomenon, the mud flows out of the underground and takes the form of a hill. The volcanic mud of Tang-e Konarak, located 110 km from Chabahar, is the most famous and active volcanic mud plunging spot in Iran.

Tis Mangrove Forest

120 km away far from Chabahar, after the harbour of Bris you will find a wonderful natural and beautiful sea forest that has exposed the landscape and fantastic view in the Guader in Chabahar.
Hara Forests, also known as Mangrove forests in Chabahar in the flowage of the Oman Sea, the crown of trees evaporates from the water offers a gorgeous view and landscape that attracts many tourists from different parts of the world. You can enjoy leisure activities like boat rides and the unique pleasure of this forest.

Mugger crocodile, Sarbaz county, Chabahar Iran - Exotigo
Mugger crocodile, Sarbaz, Chabahar Iran – Exotigo

Gandu crocodile – Mugger crocodile

The eastern half of Chabahar and the southern section of Sarbaz County are home to Gandu crocodile. The name of the mugger crocodile that inhabits in this area is the source of the name.
Gandu Area includes Sarbaz and Bahu Kalat, the living area of the mugger crocodile and the coastal lands of the Gulf of Oman.

Accommodation in Chabahar

Lipar hotel Chabahar Iran – Exotigo

If you plan on staying in Chabahar for a few days, you have a variety of possibilities. Tourists choose to rough it along the shoreline and put up their tents in the open air. Others, on the other hand, choose to live in an eco-friendly environment and rent local homes. If you want to stay at a hotel, Lipar, Laleh, or Venous beachfront hotel are all excellent choices.
Lipar Hotel Chabahar
Lipar Hotel is a 5-star hotel located in Chabahar Free Zone near the Sea of Oman. Founded in 2007 and renovated in 2015, it offers full facilities with convenient access to Lipar beach and shopping centers.
Lipar Hotel is located in the best part of Chabahar, in the vicinity of several shopping centers like Salehyar Shopping Center and Tis Shopping Center, Lipar Stone Park, Chabahar Diving Cottage, and Marina Lipar, where you can walk in the evening and enjoy sunset views.
Book Lipar hotel Chabahar here.

Restaurant and food in Chabahar

Baluchi food, Chabahar Iran - Exotigo
Baluchi food, Chabahar Iran – Exotigo

You can try fresh seafood for a meal. Restaurants around the city are of high quality, and most of the tourists would rather taste it once. Baam restaurant, Balouch restaurant, and Makran restaurants are among the best.
Baluch Restaurant is not fancy restaurant but Food is amazing, if you looking for traditional food just go and enjoy it. If you are the fan of spicy food try shrimp (called MEIGOO BANDARI) and KERAYI (a main traditional food in Chabahar) and both are delicious!

Bazaar and handicraft in Chabahar

Balouch Clothing, Chabahar Market, Iran - Exotigo
Balouch Clothing, Chabahar Market, Iran – Exotigo

Tourists can discover a variety of local marketplaces almost wherever. The bright colors of Balouch’s clothing are the first thing that everyone attracted to. Other items to buy as a souvenir include trinkets and traditional jewelry.

Needlework, tent weaving, fancywork, mat weaving, mosaic tile work, pearl, and precious stones will thrill you if interested in their handicrafts and if you look for food, Landu pastry, fresh fish and shrimp, spice, medical herbs, and tropical fruits, are available for you.


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