A boutique hotel is often a small, intimate accommodation with a trendy design and a personal touch. Iran Boutique hotels have a distinct personality that sets it apart from other hotel chains. It stays loyal to its roots by providing excellent and ultra-personalized service to visitors and is often located in a stylish metropolitan setting.

The above definition was tempting enough, but still yet to come. When it comes to Iran boutique hotels, you will be expected something special as well; the Iran boutique hotel owners usually decorate and furnish the hotel tastefully based on Persian traditional element that comes with modern decorations.

Let’s go through some of the best boutique hotels in Iran. Gathering all Iran’s interesting items including culture, Persian tradition, local food, architecture and etc at the same location is amazing enough to persuade us to stay in Iran’s boutique hotels at least for one night.

Surijan Hotel, Kashan

Surijan boutique hotel Kashan - Exotigo
Surijan boutique hotel Kashan – Exotigo

The Sourijan Boutique hotel dated back to more than 250 years ago during the Qajar dynasty. The mansion is located on Sourijan corridor, in an authentic, old neighborhood of Kashan.
To enter Sourijan, you pass through an aesthetically stunning Sabat, a corridor covered with astonishing arches, while the pavement adorned with grey setts; afterward, you reach a tranquil place with four platforms to unwind at the door.
To maintain the peaceful atmosphere, there is no television set in the rooms, and to observe privacy for people’s peace of mind, no children under 7 are allowed in the hotel.
Surijan traditional hotel is located in an old neighborhood in the heart of Kashan in a short distance from tourist attractions of this city.
Sourijan hotel is a place for serenity. It is an atmosphere where all elements of nature have gathered to bring you peace and relive you from the burden of life even for a few minutes.

Hanna Boutique Hotel, Tehran

Hanna boutique hotel Tehran - Exotigo 1
Hanna boutique hotel Tehran – Exotigo

Hanna Boutique Hotel is a restored 90-year-old building located on Lolagar Street, one of the oldest streets in Tehran. Lolagar Street is a symmetrical alley in downtown Tehran. The buildings of this alley were commissioned by two brothers to Hassan Banna, a master builder, as one of the first examples of modern, outward houses in Tehran. Hana is considered one of the best Iran boutique hotels by so many travelers.
Other spaces include a coffee shop and a restaurant serving innovative dishes by mixing Iranian and international flavors. A rooftop hall is a spacious place for gatherings and events with its own green space while offering modern pieces of equipment.
One of the best features of Hanna Boutique Hotel is its good location. It takes 10 minutes to the nearest bus station and 15 minutes to the nearest metro station. Many cultural centers are within walking distance, makes it a great choice for travelers interested in arts and culture.

Orosi Boutique Hotel, Tabriz

Orosi boutique hotel Tabriz - Exotigo
Orosi boutique hotel Tabriz – Exotigo

Orosi Boutique Hotel was opened in March 2019 to the public after years of meticulous work and construction. Its owner Mr. Kalantari decided to build a house mixing modern and traditional architecture several years before and went to great lengths to deliver an authentic project, like collecting bricks of the building from 21 old and demolished houses in Tabriz.
The premise consists of five bedrooms with a maximum capacity of 10 persons. Each room is named after a precious stone, including Amber, Azure, Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond; all equipped for two persons and furnished with handmade furniture. A lobby, cafe-restaurant, a common area for hanging out, several terraces and a yard, and a den are parts of this thoughtful construct.
Located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Tabriz, namely El Goli, Orosi Boutique Hotel is a 15-minute walk from the famous El Goli Park, makes it perfect for an afternoon stroll in pleasant weather. Sahand Metro Station is 3 km away from the boutique hotel.

Ghasr Monshi Boutique Hotel, Isfahan

Ghasre Monshi Boutique Hotel Isfahan - Exotigo
Ghasre Monshi Boutique Hotel Isfahan – Exotigo

Constructed in the 1820s, Ghasr Monshi Palace is a remainder of the Qajar Dynasty. This magnificent edifice was one of the few houses of Fath’ Ali Shah (1772 – 1834). Ghasre Monshi is considered one of the best Iran boutique hotels by so many tourists.
There are king/queen size bed, and exquisite furniture in the rooms, which are decorated with magnificently detailed mirror works, stuccowork, paintings, and painted glasses. The south-facing rooms catch sunlight throughout the day, and have all-round windows, overlooking the garden. The rooms have a safe box, mini-bar, bathroom, hairdryer, closet, and free Wi-Fi.
The staff hosts an excellent breakfast every day. Ghasr Monshi is proud of Persian culture, history, and cuisine. Delicious Persian food that is enjoyable for all, including vegetarians, is served at the place. To ensure convenience and comfort for guests, the hotel collaborates with multiple local tour guides that provide private tours for the guests.

Shirazi House, Shiraz

Shirazi House Boutique Hotel Shiraz - Exotigo
Shirazi House Boutique Hotel Shiraz – Exotigo

Shirazi House was constructed over 200 years old and is probably the most ancient building in the historical part of Shiraz. Shirazi House, which was partially ruined, was bought in 2015, and architect experts and masters restored it in 30 months.
The house consists of five rooms named Toranj, Mogharnas (two rooms), Tarab, Samae are on the northern, western, and southern part of the central courtyard. The residential rooms are decorated with stained glass windows as well as ornamentally vaulted shelves (mogharnas) and plaster string course (ghatar bandi), and strapwork tiles.
In the basement, which is extended to its northern and western part, there are two residential areas, piscine, and Jacuzzi, which has been operated with the same system of warm-water reservoirs of bath traditional bathrooms. The piscine and the room next to it serve as an exhibition with old pictures of Fars and give guests the chance to visit them.


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