Iran is home to some of the most historically important and beautiful mosques in the world. For travelers interested in art, architecture, culture, or heritage, visiting a few Iran mosques should be high on the things to do list during your Iran travels.
There are historic and beautifully designed mosques across the country. Some of the best surviving examples of the Safavid era in Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz and Tabriz are well worth seeking out.
Visitors should be dressed modestly and take off shoes before entering the indoor area. Mosques are open for visitors, most of the year except for some public holidays. The entrance fee is usually quite cheap around 2-3 Euros for international travellers, some mosques like Jameh mosque of Yazd are free of charge to visit.
Begin your journey into the rich heritage of Islamic art with our list of the most beautiful mosques in Iran.

Shah Mosque Isfahan

Shah Mosque Isfahan - Exotigo
Shah Mosque Isfahan – Exotigo

Shah Mosque, also known as Abbasi Great Mosque and Imam Mosque, is one of the mosques in Naghsh Jahan Square that was built during the Safavid era. This work is one of the most important monuments of Islamic architecture in Iran and is one of the most famous sights of Isfahan. Imam Mosque is an eternal masterpiece of architecture in the eleventh century.
Imam Mosque is located on the south side of Naghsh Jahan Square in Isfahan. This building is adjacent to important buildings of the Safavid era such as Aali Qapo and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque.
You can visit the Imam Mosque every day except Fridays and public holidays. Visiting hours of Imam Mosque is from 9 to 12 and 14 to 17 (13 to 16).

Kabood Mosque Tabriz

Kabood Mosque Tabriz - Blue Mosque - Exotigo
Kabood Mosque Tabriz – Blue Mosque – Exotigo

The Kabood Mosque (Blue Mosque) of Tabriz is one of the most prominent examples of Islamic architecture in East Azerbaijan Province. This historical monument in Tabriz is considered by many architecture lovers in the world. Although, unfortunately, many parts of this mosque have been destroyed in recent years.

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Among the cultural elements left from the past historical period in Iran, historical mosques are the most prominent examples. By paying attention to the historical signs left in these mosques, it is possible to obtain significant information about the culture and thought of the Islamic rulers in Iran. In the past, mosques had a place beyond their current use, and in the historical mosques of Iran.
Kaboud Mosque is located in East Azarbaijan province and Tabriz city. This mosque is located on Imam Khomeini Street in Tabriz, next to several historical buildings.

Vakil Mosque Shiraz

Vakil Mosque Shiraz - Exotigo
Vakil Mosque Shiraz – Exotigo

In the western part of Vakil Bazaar, there is an old and beautiful mosque that was built during the period of Zandieh by Karim Khan Zand. Wider than Nasir ul-Mulk, Vakil mosque counts some 48 imposing pillars and a menbar (pulpit) with fourteen marble stairs that completed the scene of luxury and royal majesty.
Vakil Mosque is located near Vakil Bazaar on Taleghani Street in Shiraz. To access the Vakil Mosque, you will not have much trouble finding public transportation.
Visiting hours of Vakil Mosque in Shiraz start at 8 am and continue until 8:30 pm. The mosque is closed on public holidays.

Jameh Mosque Yazd – top Iran mosques

Jameh Mosque Yazd - Exotigo
Jameh Mosque Yazd – Exotigo

Yazd Grand Mosque is one of the most beautiful, unique and important sights of Yazd, which was built in the sixth century and the renovation of its various places has continued until the last decade. There are six entrances to this large mosque, each of which is located in different parts of the mosque.

Jameh mosque of Yazd with The tallest minaret in the world, is titled as one of the most distinguished and unique architectural works. Visiting the Yazd Grand Mosque, you can see its treasure as well including tiles and bricks, a stone pulpit, a wooden clock, the old door of the mosque, a charcoal samovar, the curtain of the Kaaba donated by the King of Saudi Arabia to Iran, and other objects obtained from the Grand Mosque.

The mosque located in Fahadan neighborhood, Imam Khomeini Street, Yazd – Iran. It takes 1 to 2 hours to visit this mosque and if you really into historical topics, we recommend visiting this mosque with tour guide. It is free to visit the Jameh Mosque of Yazd.

Jameh Mosque Isfahan – top Iran mosques

Jameh Mosque Isfahan - Exotigo
Jameh Mosque Isfahan – Exotigo

The oldest historical building in Isfahan. The current appearance of the mosque is mainly related to the actions of the Seljuk period; But its repairs and additions are related to the later period, especially the Safavid era. However, archaeological excavations have uncovered artifacts from the Alboyeur period and the third century AH. The various sections of the Isfahan Jameh Mosque, which were added to the World Heritage List at the last meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, have been formed for nearly 2,000 years and have been renovated or rebuilt over the years.

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Isfahan Grand Mosque, also known as Atiq Grand Mosque, is located in Ghayam Square, Allameh Majlisi Street. In other words, this mosque is located in the old part of Isfahan, on the west side of Hatef Street and at the end of the Grand Bazaar.
You can visit the Isfahan Jameh Mosque every day. Visiting hours of the mosque is from 9 to 11 in the morning and from 13 to 16 in the afternoon.

Amir Chakhmaq Complex Yazd – top Iran mosques

Amir Chakhmaq Complex Yazd - Exotigo
Amir Chakhmaq Complex Yazd – Exotigo

Amir Chakhmaq is one of the most famous tourist places in Yazd and is one of the historical squares of the country, which shines like a jewel in the old part of the city. The square, which has several attractions from the bazaar to the reliance and the mosque, is a great option for tourism; Especially during the night, which offers a very beautiful view. The most attractive part of this square is its three-story building, which dazzles tourists before any other attraction.
The three-story Amir Chakhmaq leaning is located on the east side of the square, which was once used for kings to sit in the royal section and women in other pavilions to watch mourning and religious ceremonies.
It can be estimated to be about 180 years old. This brick structure has two large minarets that are said to have been added during the Qajar period.
The remaining part of the main wall of the Amir Chakhmaq reliance has pavilions that are stacked on top of each other. These pavilions are in the form of two-storey arches in eight vertical rows, which are built symmetrically facing each other. In addition, there are three-story pavilions in two vertical rows and the main pavilions in a vertical row in the middle.

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque Shiraz – top Iran mosques

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque Shiraz - Pink Mosque - Exotigo
Nasir al-Mulk Mosque Shiraz – Pink Mosque – Exotigo

Nasir Al-Molk Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Shiraz, which dates back to the Qajar period. This mosque is located in a neighborhood that used to belong to the Ghavam family and a number of historical monuments of that time are located there. Today, this lovely mosque, also known as the Pink Mosque. With dazzling stained glass, thousands of painted tiles on the ceiling and Persian rugs covering the floor, this place of worship is a gorgeous rainbow of color in every direction, like stepping into a kaleidoscope.
Nasir Al-Molk Mosque is located in Goodarban neighborhood and Lotfali Khan Zand Street. You can use public transport or a private car to access this place. The closest metro station to the mosque is Valiasr station, which is about 1.5 km away. You can travel this distance by taxi or on foot.
The best time to visit Nasir Al-Molk Mosque and watch the play of light and color is from 8 to 10 AM o’clock. In the meantime, you can take the best photos of the lovely nave of the mosque


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