So welcome to Iran! At this point, knowing about public transportation in Iran helps you to enjoy different attractions of the country.  

Using flights, having road trips, or traveling with railways as the main parts of public transportation of Iran are your options during your trip through Iran.

Each of these ways has its advantages and disadvantages. So you can choose your way of transportation according to your budget, destination, and of course time limitation.

Here you can find information about public transportation systems in Iran namely flights, buses, subways, and taxis.

Public transportation in Iran: flights


As the second-largest country in the Middle East, Iran has an area of over 1,600,000 km2. You can also take a plane between cities like Isfahan, Shiraz, Tehran, and Yazd.

Iran boasts 319 airports and is the 22nd country in the world with the most airports. You can also choose your domestic flight from 16 active airlines in Iran.

The good news is that you can find flights between major cities in Iran without any problem! Most major cities of Iran have airports. However, Mehrabad, Mashhad, and Imam Khomeini international airports are one top of the busiest airports in Iran.

Also the others are Shiraz International Airport, and Ahwaz International Airport according to 2018 statistics.

All airports in Iran have taxi line. So you can ride a taxi to your destination as a part of public transportation in Iran. Otherwise, you can rent a car and it delivers to you at your selected airport.

But what about the cost of the ticket? It very depends on your date and time of flight and the cities you want to take flight. For example, to have a flight from Tehran to Isfahan, which takes about 90 minutes, you should pay from ‎€ 30 to ‎€ 80 for a one-way ticket.

You can get your favorite flight via the Exotigo website! You can buy your domestic flights before entering Iran. On Exotigo, we provide you with different destinations for domestic flights in Iran. So you can book with your credit card without any problem.

Public transportation in Iran: Trains in Iran


In general, you can use the train as an affordable choice to travel to different parts of Iran. In fact, to get a train, Tehran is the main hub.

You can also find daily service to the main cities of Iran like Isfahan, Mashhad, Kerman, Tabriz, and Bandar Abbas.

You can find two classes for the train for most destinations.

On a first-class train, you can more space and you can enjoy a less crowded carriage. On first-class ones, the meal is also served. Although in trains for long-distance destination there is a restaurant car as well.

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Public transportation: Buses

public transporation in iran

There are VIP and economy buses for road trip transportation in Iran. Besides, at the terminals in the center of provinces, you can find buses to other major cities and even small cities of that province.

The VIP buses or first-class ones have 25 half-bed seats. In fact, these Scania or Volvo brand buses have a good air conditioning system.

In fact, economy buses have 44 seats and are equipped with an air conditioning system. If you want to travel less than six hours, it is a good choice for you.

There are four terminals in Tehran. In Terminal-e Gharb in western Tehran, you can find buses to the north, west, and center of Iran. Terminal-e Shargh in the east of Tehran have buses to the northeastern part of Iran as well as Mazandaran, and Golestan provinces. You can also find buses to the south and southeast at the Terminal Jonoob in the southern part of Tehran.

There is also Beihaqi terminal where you can find buses heading to Shiraz, Yazd, and other major cities of Iran.

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Public transportation in the cities

In fact, you can find a taxi, buses, subway, and ride-hailing taxi as public transportation in cities of Iran.


First of all, there is no meter for Iranian taxis. In fact, most of the time, the yellow taxis have a sticker on their front window that contains the price. In general, taxi is not private in Iran.

Most of the time, the shared taxi is used for local transportation. So if you want to take a private taxi, talk about the price and not agree with the initial quoted price, bargain!

There are also savari, which are unofficial taxis. They are also some ordinary cars that may stop at your feet and ask about your destination. Be careful about riding this kind of car!

There are two popular ride-hailing apps in Iran with affordable price and availability in almost all Iran’s main cities. Snapp and Tapsi. You can download and set up these apps on your IOS and Android phone after you purchase an Iranian SIM card.

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Tehran BRT: Bus Rapid Transit

Most cities in Iran have a bus transportation system as public transportation of Iran.

In fact in big cities like Tehran, there is Bus Rapid Transportation (BRT) system as well.

You can also buy a debit card for your urban transportation.

In cities with the subway, the card can be used on the subway and bus.


Tehran Metro
Tehran Metro

In big cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, and Mashhad there is a subway.

In fact, it is one of the most affordable and comfortable ways for urban transportation.

You can also ride the Tehran subway from Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran to other parts of the city.

Tehran Metro (Subway) Map

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